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K-Mart... $200 PS4, $100 New 3DS XL, $30 Splatoon... CONFIRMED LEGIT BY SECRET TUNNEL!!!

Looks like it is nearly impossible to actually find the stuff AT a K-Mart, no surprise, but some people have been successful getting other stores to price match? It's sort of a weird hard to find link on K-Mart mobile though, so price matching is kind of here and there for it.

I'm too old and carless to run all over trying this kind of thing nowadays, but good luck to anyone who wants to give it a shot?

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Posted: 08/16/15, 04:35:03  - Edited by 
 on: 08/16/15, 04:34:57
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I'm young and broke enough to try this. Will let you know what I find.
Posted: 08/16/15, 00:28:12
I think this must be because KMart is phasing out video games. The one here on Guam has hardly anything left, but I'll check it out. Even I might bite on a $200 PS4.

Oh yea, Guam doesn't follow mainland prices anyway, so this doesn't help me, sadly. Plus I called and they have no PS4 or New 3DS and I'm sure they don't have Splatoon.
Posted: 08/16/15, 02:31:50  - Edited by 
 on: 08/16/15, 04:33:46

Price-matched at Wal-Mart.
Posted: 08/16/15, 03:16:50
Whoa! Insane deal!
Posted: 08/16/15, 04:10:10
@Jargon Yeah I know mine has like no game section anymore. Usually when these really insane deals happen you're almost never going to find them at the actual stores, but price matching can be pretty successful.

@Secret_Tunnel Sweet! How exactly did you get the price match, just show them the link on your phone?

Maybe I should try this after all. Not that I need any new hardware right now...
Posted: 08/16/15, 04:32:48  - Edited by 
 on: 08/16/15, 04:34:30
Man, if I was in the states I think I would do this, despite never having owned a Sony console. Mostly to play Madden.
Posted: 08/16/15, 04:34:33
@Jargon It's like such an awesome deal right now but... to be honest I have so many games to play it'd probably sit around not getting used much, and then by the time I can dig into it, PS4 would be around $200 (or at least easier to find on sale for that price) anyway.

I'm still tempted though. But I'll probably hold off.

Also tempted on that New 3DS XL for $100.
Posted: 08/16/15, 04:46:01
With my busted 3DS XL, that NEW deal (see what I did there?!) Is sooooo good. I'll have to check it out, depending on how long it goes for.
Posted: 08/16/15, 05:11:33  - Edited by 
 on: 08/16/15, 05:12:06
Wait I just remembered that The Last Guardian is actually releasing.


Do I need to give this a shot? I dunno.
Posted: 08/16/15, 05:26:58  - Edited by 
 on: 08/16/15, 05:27:12

Showed one of the electronic associates the page on my phone, yeah. He asked me to refresh the page, I did, he looked at it again, everything checked out, so my friend and I each walked out with a $200 PS4 bundle.

Really depends on who you end up talking to more than anything, I think. Up to the person working to make the call.
Posted: 08/16/15, 05:46:34
Some nice deals.


Posted: 08/16/15, 11:29:36
Secret_Tunnel said:
I'm young and broke enough to try this. Will let you know what I find.

Haha. I don't think I'll try this, but I'm happy it worked for you!
Posted: 08/16/15, 15:44:26
Oh man! I just called my local Walmart and they already knew what i was talking about even before explaining the deal. Sounds like they've caught wind of it. Boooooo!
Posted: 08/16/15, 16:07:01
My brother managed to score a New 3DS XL out of the deal. We forgot that they don't come with an adapter of their own though, and this is his first handheld system since the first-gen DS, so it's going to be a little more than just $100 in the end.

I'm tempted to go for the PS4 since it worked for the 3DS, but apart from Arkham Knight and some old PS2/3 games that I missed out on, I can't really see myself using it much, so I'm not yet convinced I should get it.
Posted: 08/16/15, 23:08:41  - Edited by 
 on: 08/16/15, 23:09:06
Winner!! Got my New 3ds!!! Details later!!
Posted: 08/17/15, 02:09:45
I tried two Walmarts, Target, Best Buy, and K-Mart and none of them would honor the price for the PS4.

The guy at K-mart said that they didn't stock electronics any more, which is why searching for PS4 Consoles on their website yields no results. Searching "PS4" brings up links to Consoles, Accessories, and Games, but clicking on Consoles will bring you to a page with 0 results. I was able to confirm that Kmart did indeed sell PS4's for that price back when they were clearing out their electronics inventory.

Both Walmart workers I talked to said they were contacted by their managers and told that the price was fraudulent ("screenshotted" as one of them put it). The one that said they were "screenshotted" refused to look at the webpage I had on my phone that definitely wasn't a screenshot.

The person at Best Buy asked his manager, who said that they wouldn't accept the price because Kmart is going out of business and that price is part of their closing sale and Best Buy doesn't price match closing sales.

The person at Target was really nice, and when he couldn't find the page on his phone he was willing to type in the exact URL that was on a printout I had of the page. But his manager said that they don't price match Kmart. So close!

I spent a few hours of my sunday running around and have nothing to show for it .

I also had two different people at Walmart and Kmart treat me as if I were an idiot for believing a price I found on Kmart's website. What a fool I am for thinking that Kmart would sell a product for the price they advertise on their own website. My mother must be so ashamed.

The information I got from the Kmart worker brings me to this conclusion: that page saying they're selling PS4's for $200 came into existence while Kmart was liquidating their electronics. After they sold all of their PS4's they removed the page from the website's search engine, but didn't delete the page itself. Some time later, a person stumbled across this page through google or an old bookmark or something and shared it with everyone else, which is how we've found it now. So the price and webpage are very much authentic, but when workers at other stores go to verify the price independently, Kmart's search engine doesn't bring up the page, leading them to think that the page we have is fake.

Now try explaining that off the cuff to a technologically inexperienced worker who is too tired, too overworked, and too underpaid to deal with this shit. Even if they understand what you're saying they're probably not going to be interested in trying to reexplain all that to their boss. I'm sure the managers aren't particularly open to hearing why store policy says they should sell me their product at half price either.
Posted: 08/17/15, 02:58:32  - Edited by 
 on: 08/17/15, 04:12:21

I, too, experienced this same exact situation at the Walmart I went to.

The barely-18-year old worker in the electronics department said people had been coming in yesterday asking about the price match, but her manager was turning them away because it was a "fraud" despite having the evidence of the mobile site. I kept pressing the issue until she got whoever the manager was today to come over. He looked at the site on my phone, refreshed the page, and said 'ok, sell it' without even a second thought or care. When the employee was telling him what she went through yesterday, he shrugged his shoulders like he didn't even care. I'm sure she could care less either, but she was surprised.

So I got my New 3DS XL for 46 bucks (I had a 60 dollar rebate card from some new tires we bought!!). What a score. I warned the girl about what else was being asked for, including Splatoon and the PS4.

So I guess it depends on the location and the manager that day. And how many fucks they give.

HoH, your conclusion makes a lot of sense. I could see how that would be the case. And in that case, that's on K-Mart. But maybe they just want to bring Walmart down with them....
Posted: 08/17/15, 03:49:17

Yeah, it seems like it comes down to being lucky enough to find the right person who will give it to you. I tried my luck 5 times and got nothing while everyone else here got through on their first try.

That's actually kind of funny.
Posted: 08/17/15, 04:15:19  - Edited by 
 on: 08/17/15, 04:36:41
I just remembered Metal Gear Solid V comes out soon right?

UGGGGGGGGGGGG. But nah, don't need a PS4 right now.

I guess.
Posted: 08/17/15, 04:31:58

It's also on PS3 if you have one.
Posted: 08/17/15, 04:37:36
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