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Did the Splatoon Global Testfire affect your opinion of the game? [poll]
More Favorably Than Before (15/20 votes)
Stayed The Same (3/20 votes)
Less Favorably Than Before (2/20 votes)
So a simple and obvious question now that all three rounds of the Splatoon Global Testfire have passed. Has your opinion of the game changed because of it?

If you choose option 2, 'Stayed The Same', please note below if that's more positive or more negative. Thanks Negative Worlders!

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Posted: 05/09/15, 23:58:27
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Where is the "didn't experience it" option?!
Posted: 05/10/15, 00:10:50

Why would we need one? This is for those who experienced it. But now you've got me curious about the spread of those who did or didn't play... but I don't want to make yet another poll...
Posted: 05/10/15, 00:12:59
Positive before, positive after. Still probably not going to buy it -- really don't need to be spending $60+ on another game right now -- but I'm sure I'd enjoy it if I did.
Posted: 05/10/15, 00:15:38
In the strict sense, I didn't really have an opinion of the game. I don't usually follow games much before release, and so aside from the reveal, I had not watched anything about the game. Therefore, the demo didn't "change" my opinion, but rather it formed it.

However, since the demo left me with a good impression, I chose the "favorably" option.
Posted: 05/10/15, 00:17:14
@Mop it up

I would say a good impression is more favorably than no impression, lol. So I think that's the right way to vote for your belief.
Posted: 05/10/15, 00:22:49
I caught the last session today and had a lot of fun.

I'm slightly more positive about it now because it was a very smooth online experience and playing feels very natural. I'm more of a singleplayer gamer but I know I'll be hitting the multi too now. : )
Posted: 05/10/15, 00:34:59  - Edited by 
 on: 05/10/15, 00:35:32
Didn't get around to it, myself. Guess I'll find out what I think when it releases.

Nice to see that the opinions are positive so far.
Posted: 05/10/15, 00:38:50
Hmm... hard to say. I mean, it looked fun. And it was fun. Improved, I guess? I was impressed at how solid it all felt. Super-smooth. That's the most impressive thing. The balance is kind of... actually, why don't I just post the rest in the Splatoon impressions thread?
Posted: 05/10/15, 00:44:54
I wish I got to play it. I'm jealous!

Stupid real life!!!
Posted: 05/10/15, 00:51:33
I had fun with the demo...but I'm still not sure if I'm sold on getting it at launch.

I almost want to wait til August when they actually add in the opportunities to team up with your friends...
Posted: 05/10/15, 01:35:49
I thought that the switching actually kept things kind of interesting. Watching foes become friends and vice versa.

Playing against a crack online team is kind of no fun sometimes.
Posted: 05/10/15, 01:43:08
I like the switching because it means there's a random spread of the best and worst players of a group, allowing for more fairness really per sit-down experience.

The idea you can't play as a squad of friends seems a little weird but it's maybe counter-intuitive? We can join our friend's rooms and just play with friends though right? It's not only pure random is it?
Posted: 05/10/15, 01:50:30
I dreamt I was playing it last night, so I'm going to say favorably.
Posted: 05/10/15, 02:01:20
Friends can join you, but you can't control how they get shuffled. Which is kind of cool. Imagine an 8-player NW match, where each round has different teams.
Posted: 05/10/15, 02:13:13

Ah, well I like that. That's the best-case scenario really and I think I'd rather do that overall but coordinating teams amongst friends might have been nice too.
Posted: 05/10/15, 02:41:02
I'd like to be able to play it both ways - an 8 person random Negative World Splatoon session sounds pretty cool. But I also like the idea of putting together a crack team of Splatoon players to take on For Glory battles for the honor of Negative World.

In August, we create the Negative World Splatoon Varsity Team.

I can tell you right now that Kenny's probably already in it.
Posted: 05/10/15, 03:03:01  - Edited by 
 on: 05/10/15, 03:03:35
It didn't grab me like I expected it to. Maybe when the full version comes out and there's more than the one game mode I'll be more in to the game. It's not that I think the game is bad now, I guess I just had somewhat high expectations coming in.
Posted: 05/10/15, 03:09:54

I didn't get a chance to play, I've been out all weekend since 10.30 Saturday morning- All of the sessions happened after that.

I did download the demo though, as I understand it, that still gives me access to a 10% discount even if I didn't play it.
Posted: 05/10/15, 04:21:16
Game was ridiculously fun. It certainly felt quite different from the standard shooter. Mechanics contributed to that no doubt. Visuals were very colorful and cheery and the ability to make your own paths and stunt the progress of others via the paint adds a lot of depth. It was fun flinging a streak of paint across an enemy's path to cut their stealthy approach.
Posted: 05/10/15, 05:26:07

It's going to be really tragic/funny if you end up hating the game after getting so excited to play it with us until we're all coming up with new Splatoon strategies in nursing homes .
Posted: 05/10/15, 06:00:26  - Edited by 
 on: 05/10/15, 06:01:14
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