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If you are getting the New 3DS, what are you doing with your old 3DS? [poll]
Keeping it (14/20 votes)
Gifting it (1/20 vote)
Trading it in (2/20 votes)
Selling it (1/20 vote)
Unsure (2/20 votes)
Whatever happens, I'm keeping my old 3DS. It'll help me with some of the Streetpass games plus I'd like to stop selling my old systems.

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Posted: 01/19/15, 21:45:43
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I dunno, it shorts out randomly a lot so it is "broken" but I might try getting it fixed. The only reason I didn't try right away is Nintendo couldn't guarantee they wouldn't lose all of my data. Once I transfer the data to a New 3DS though, it might be worth it.
Posted: 01/19/15, 21:47:04
Keeping it, though I may loan it out to a buddy. I have the Zelda themed 3DS'es's and I try to keep them in good shape, though my OoT 3DS is loaned out to a friend so who knows how that is now.
Posted: 01/19/15, 21:48:27
My old one is pretty busted, but I would have kept it anyway. Always useful having multiple DS systems around for Pokemon trading.
Posted: 01/19/15, 21:57:45
missypissy said:
Keeping it, though I may loan it out to a buddy. I have the Zelda themed 3DS'es's and I try to keep them in good shape, though my OoT 3DS is loaned out to a friend so who knows how that is now.

Same. I traded away my aqua blue launch 3DS, and my blue 3DS XL, but I'm keeping my OoT and ALBW units.

EDIT: Same, minus loaning it out.
Posted: 01/19/15, 21:58:27  - Edited by 
 on: 01/19/15, 21:58:43
Keeping it. The one I use now is the Limited Edition Fire Emblem Awakening unit. I'll keep it forever!
Posted: 01/19/15, 22:09:52
EB is giving 100$ for it so I'm tempted to trade in it. I already have 3DSs so getting it down to 2 is no big deal.
Posted: 01/19/15, 22:18:10
Traded mine in. Was kind of sad in a way, that OG 3DS provided some fun times.

But it was a little busted up (Dodgy shoulder buttons, slightly misaligned touch screen and a Circle Pad that kept losing the cover.) The $80 trade in credit seemed like a good deal to be honest.

It's OG spirit (along with my game collection! ) lives on in the new system. That's what really matters.
Posted: 01/19/15, 22:48:57
If I got one, it wouldn't be until down the road when there was a good sale on it. I would likely keep the XL I have and use it for StreetPasses and multiplayer games.
Posted: 01/19/15, 22:51:46
I was thinking of trading it in but my wife reminded me that I have a Nikko battery pack installed and the original battery is back in Connecticut. So not sure they would take it. Now I don't really know what to do or if I should upgrade yet at all.
Posted: 01/19/15, 23:47:36
I am keeping my unit.
Posted: 01/20/15, 00:37:29
I will be keeping my current model, but I'm thinking of trading in my wife's older OG model.

She can have my current XL, and I save eighty bucks on the NEW model.
Posted: 01/20/15, 02:55:42
I'm keeping mine as well. Collectors Edition!
Posted: 01/20/15, 02:57:28
Trading it in, for sure. I think GameStop gives you $100-something for an XL. If the 3D effect on the New is as solid as people say, I never, ever want to struggle to keep the correct viewing angle again.
Posted: 01/20/15, 04:15:47
Probably use it as a backup or as a second unit for transferring stuff between pokemon games.
Posted: 01/20/15, 07:39:25
I just gave it to my younger brother as he didn't have one.
Posted: 01/21/15, 03:29:35
I know it doesn't count because it is staying in the family, but I am giving my 3DS XL to my wife with a few of the eShop games she likes such as Plant's VS Zombies. She'll mostly use it as a Netflix box for the bedroom but this keeps her from wanting to use my system while I am playing.
Posted: 01/21/15, 04:23:51
Keeping it. I haven't sold any systems to get the latest and greatest, so I won't be starting now.
Posted: 01/21/15, 05:23:47
I voted 'unsure', because there's a glaring physical defect to my system, but nothing internally/hardware/software incorrect with it. As others may know, my control pad sheared off from playing Smash Bros. All I have left is a tiny nub to move around, which is ok, but not comfortable. If I ever do get a NEW 3DS, I may attempt to fix the pad myself by buying the part and watching youtube videos and whatnot. What could it hurt?
Posted: 01/22/15, 05:12:47
Probably keep it.
Posted: 01/22/15, 07:34:05
Keeping. I have he Zelda XL and I love love love love love that damn thing. Will NEVER sell.
Posted: 01/22/15, 21:52:27
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