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How much $ would you be ok with paying for a traditional battle mode as DLC in MK 8? [poll]
0 (don't care) (7/34 votes)
0 (care but won't pay for) (3/34 votes)
$0.01-$5 (8/34 votes)
$5.01-$10 (8/34 votes)
$10.01-$20 (4/34 votes)
$20.01 or up?! (4/34 votes)
Pick the MAX you would be ok with. Ok as in feel like it is a fair price.

Mario Kart 8 is pretty awesome, but the battle mode that is just battling on the regular courses... sorry, weaksauce. I don't particularly want to pay more money for a battle mode that should have been there but... I will! ADD A DLC BATTLE MODE NINTENDO!

By "traditional" I mean with the type of battle-specific maps that we have seen in the old games. And for the sake of argument, let's assume that there would be about 5-8 maps or whatever also like the (recent) old games. Including a few retro maps (Block Fort!) And maybe 2-3 varities... balloon battle as one, maybe bring back bob-omb battle and some new thing, I dunno.

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Posted: 11/22/14, 04:31:03  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/14, 04:30:57
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$5.00 is my gut feeling, $9.99 is likely my max.
Posted: 11/22/14, 04:37:20
I'd be happy if they brought back secondary items and fake question marks JUST for battle mode.

$10-20 If they included a good amount of maps and options.
Posted: 11/22/14, 05:01:33
I'm not a huge fan of battle mode, so I don't care. If they made it really cheap then I might buy it, but racing gets 99% of my attention.
Posted: 11/22/14, 05:18:45
10 - 20 bucks, but only if I was sure you guys would be buying it as well. I'd only be interested in online for that.
Posted: 11/22/14, 05:32:54

I'm not really a fan of the new battle mode. I don't like that there are no dedicated tracks for it.
Posted: 11/22/14, 05:37:25
@kriswright Oh you know we would be buying it.

Now, the question is, would I get around to playing it online with you guys often? Who knows.
Posted: 11/22/14, 05:45:48
$5 and no more. At this point they've sullied the idea for me and I'd only get it now for $5
Posted: 11/22/14, 05:48:33
$0 for me. Don't care about battle mode at all.
Posted: 11/22/14, 06:08:24
I've gone on record many times saying I'd pay $50 for just Mario Kart 64 battle mode with online added. So I'd be happy to pay that if it reached those heights. Unfortunately, I don't trust them to since there hasn't been a battle mode anywhere near as good since.
Posted: 11/22/14, 11:43:36  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/14, 11:43:57
I kind of feel like it should be free DLC... it should have been there in the first place. I guess I'd pay up to $10 for it, so long as it was well done,
Posted: 11/22/14, 12:35:12
I'd pay the equivalent of five bucks for four arena style battle mode levels, preferably including a version of Block Fort. I suppose I could have voted for prices upwards of ten bucks if they cram even more levels in there, but I think a first pack with four levels at about a fiver would be a good place to start.
Posted: 11/22/14, 14:03:32
I would probably pay $40 for what is essentially Mario Kart 64's Battle Mode in exact perfection plus HD. Because I loved it that much back in the day.

I however have complete doubt they could make it that level of brilliant at this point. Not after so many failures. I don't even think they could copy and paste the original code successfully, they'd mess it up somehow.
Posted: 11/22/14, 16:30:33
-JKR- said:
I don't even think they could copy and paste the original code successfully, they'd mess it up somehow.

Haha! ...its true!
Posted: 11/22/14, 17:24:41
$5-$10, but I would expect there would be a ton of battle arenas. I don't know what they're thinking with battle mode. Just do what you did before.
Posted: 11/22/14, 18:09:02
I'm really good at wasting money, so spending twenty or so on something that would be fun works for me. I'd also pay money to have an options menu in MK8, for being able to adjust the volume on music/SFX/etc, and other such settings.
Posted: 11/22/14, 18:38:22  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/14, 22:51:33
$5, but I haven't played Mario Kart in so long, is it really worth it? I haven't even been back to Mario Kart since they added multi-colored Yoshi and Shy Guys.
Posted: 11/22/14, 22:35:04
@Mr_Mustache It'd be tough to say whether this theoretical battle mode would be worth it since it would depend on how Nintendo managed it, but Mario Kart 8 is definitely one of my favorite Mario Kart games in track design / racing / etc. so if they could add that attention to a battle mode it could be great. Of course, some hate the new item balance so YMMV. And only holding one item at a time might make battle mode lacking a bit... I like it for racing and I know it used to be that way in battle mode long ago but I think getting to line up multiple items is better for battle mode.
Posted: 11/22/14, 22:46:30
If it included 3 characters, 4 vehicles, and 8 arenas, then $6.
Posted: 11/22/14, 23:40:19
I'd pay $5 to $10, although I think something like $8 would be a fair price.
Posted: 11/23/14, 01:46:42
I'll be the first to vote $0 care but won't pay for.

I care because the current battle mode is pretty crappy, but I would refuse to pay for something that should have been properly implemented in the first place instead of the half-assed effort we got.
Posted: 11/23/14, 02:48:37  - Edited by 
 on: 11/23/14, 02:49:02
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