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Would you buy a Gamepad Lite for the Wii U? [poll]
Yes (5/25 votes)
No (16/25 votes)
Unsure (4/25 votes)
I like the Gamepad but I feel that it is too large for most of my games. I would love to have a smaller version, perhaps the size of the New 3DS, with a similar design. It would also help to have a clam shell top, even if there is nothing on the top part, just to protect the screen. This way, you could put it in your pocket when not in use.

What do you guys think?

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Posted: 11/19/14, 20:29:53
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No, I like the size of the Gamepad. My main problem with it is the glossy finish that attracts all dust and fingerprints from a four mile radius, but I can live with that.
Posted: 11/19/14, 20:34:22
I think it's fine the way that it is.
Posted: 11/19/14, 20:50:32
Not if it included those changes. Remove the glossy finish and somehow find a way to not give the screen a border where the dust gets trapped and maybe.
Posted: 11/19/14, 20:51:24
Nah, those changes don't really appeal to me. I love the size of the thing, very comfortable to hold.
Posted: 11/19/14, 20:52:49
Battery life is the rub. If it had a longer battery, I'd probably go for it. But I wouldn't buy a new one just for the changes you mention.
Posted: 11/19/14, 21:02:36
No. If it's going to be super portable like that, there needs to be more reason for it to be so, to justify the cost.

Which is why for some reason when I saw this poll on the front page, my first assumption was that you were about to describe some sort of hybrid 3DS/Gamepad. (I guess 'Lite' had me thinking 'DS lite'?)

Answer would still be no though, because I'm a day away from buying a New XL and would be super pissed at being told to buy a new hybrid handheld . Also if Nintendo were to theoretically do something like that, then I would expect it to come on the form of a firmware upgrade that allowed the new 3DS to be used as a gamepad. Not a whole new dedicated hybrid unit.

Actually there IS control parity between the new 3DS and the gamepad isn't there? Touch screen, two sticks, double shoulder buttons, 4 face buttons and a D-pad, not to mention the microphone input...

I would actually be very shocked if Nintendo DOESN'T allow the new 3DS to be used as a Gamepad for the WiiU at some point down the track.
Posted: 11/19/14, 21:06:54  - Edited by 
 on: 11/19/14, 21:07:26
I don't think I'd want something like what's described in the OP, what I want is a smaller version that's like a normal/good controller with a screen in the middle, with handles and everything. The GamePad is just way too large and rectangular, making it a rather uncomfortable controller to hold and use. A smaller GamePad would also be a good idea for kids since they seem to have some trouble using it too.
Posted: 11/19/14, 21:20:05
I think the Wablet is quite comfortable and light enough. I don't have concerns over battery life, because if it starts to fade, I'm right next to an outlet for the cord. Or I'll just switch to the Pro controller. I do second Kris on the battery life though. It'd be cool if it was better, but like I said, it's not that big of a deal.
Posted: 11/19/14, 21:37:50

Prepare for the penis poll.
Posted: 11/19/14, 21:43:47  - Edited by 
 on: 11/19/14, 21:44:07
@Shadowlink The NEW 3DS doesn't have clicky sticks.

@kriswright @TheOldManFromZelda Is buying the extended battery from Nintendo's website too expensive for what you get? Or did you want even better battery life before you buy something like that?
Posted: 11/19/14, 21:47:11
@Mop it up

To be honest, I've heard about it but I haven't looked into that battery yet. If I'm honest, I'd probably buy something like that before I'd get a smaller gamepad. I'm kinda pissy that it's something I have to buy separately, though. To me, the battery length was unacceptable right out of the box and the inability to turn the stupid screen off in many games where I don't really use it makes me mad, too.

Wah. Now I'm just whining.
Posted: 11/19/14, 22:31:00
@Mop it up

Clicky sticks suck .

Still fairly close though. Maybe for some games?

Actually what I'd REALLY like to see is the ability to stream games from the 3DS to the WiiU, so they can be played on a bigger screen. (I suppose the low resolution might show horribly though.)

Kid Icarus using the WiiU tablet would solve a lot of people's issues with that game. And I can't help but think Ocarina of Time 3DS might actually look pretty good, at least compared to the N64 original which was pretty low res itself. Dad loved Skyward Sword, but the dated graphics of my GC version of OoT have discouraged him from playing that which is sad.
Posted: 11/19/14, 22:40:28
Nope. Happy with the gamepad design as is. Think it's pretty splendid.
Posted: 11/20/14, 01:03:22
Only if you could use two GamePads at once in games. Which I swear Nintendo said could happen but then it never did.

Even so it'd probably be too expensive for me to want.
Posted: 11/20/14, 01:23:53
Probably not. I don't use the gamepad if at all possible. I prefer standard controllers.
Posted: 11/20/14, 01:31:06
No, but I'd buy a Wii U Gamepad Plus.
Posted: 11/20/14, 01:39:03
Have to go with "unsure" on this. I once said something along the lines of "I'm perfectly happy with my 3DS XL and won't be upgrading to any new version they release so late in the 3DS lifespan."

Then I saw the new 3DS XL and "Gimme!"
Posted: 11/20/14, 01:47:31
I'd rather have something with a better battery and a longer reach. It gets to my bedroom but just barely. The battery isn't that much of an issue but yeah, I'd love more of a reach.
Posted: 11/20/14, 06:49:00
Yep I'm with you, a 720P screen, or even just a higher quality screen (I hate how the backlight is uneven and light leaks in around all the edges) would make a huge difference for me.
Posted: 11/20/14, 16:37:55
The screen is pretty blurry. The blur from the resolution is one thing, and the motion blur isn't the greatest either. It's nice to have for when I'm in bed but I would never pick the Gamepad screen over the TV if I had a choice.
Posted: 11/20/14, 19:51:58
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