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ROUND THREE: Super Smash Bros. Stages Bracket! (SANDBAG BRACKET) Results

Metroid and Earthbound make it to the next round... and it's not the Earthbound I expected! Both are Melee stages!

Lives to Smash Another Day
(29) Brinstar Depths (Melee)
(32) Fourside (Melee)

While Fourside won with a large margin, Onett lost out with a mere vote.

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Posted: 10/18/14, 04:29:35
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Interesting to see two Melee exclusive stages go so far.
Posted: 10/18/14, 04:39:37
Bummer, I like Onett more than Fourside. Oh well, I do still like Brinstar Depths so it isn't so bad.
Posted: 10/18/14, 04:40:40
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