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ROUND THREE: Super Smash Bros. Stages Bracket! (LIP'S STICK BRACKET) Results

Cue the opening chest jingle... Two Zelda stages make it to the next round!

Lives to Smash Another Day
(13) Great Bay (Melee)
(3) Hyrule Castle (N64)

It wasn't really that close either. Zelda stages just seem to make people happy.

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Posted: 10/17/14, 05:44:55
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Sad to see Fountain of Dreams go, just as I was sad when it wasn't included in Brawl. Fingers crossed for Wii U!
Posted: 10/17/14, 05:49:34
One of these two I've voted for since the beginning... can it keep going?!
Posted: 10/18/14, 02:43:55
I think these were my two choices? Yey?
Posted: 10/18/14, 03:02:14
I've been voting for both of these since the beginning. WHAT SHALL I DO NEXT?!?!
Posted: 10/18/14, 03:08:59

Same here... I think I know which I prefer... but I still need time to think about it.
Posted: 10/18/14, 04:19:56
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