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Any of the women on the site want to answer a few questions on Bayonetta for a feature I'm planning?
Bayonetta seems to be an interesting game in that even among my "social justice warrior" and "feminist" friends there seems to be a divide on whether it has problematic / sexist elements or is empowering with its strong female lead (or in the opinion of some, both maybe?) I had some vague ideas of talking about this but didn't really have much of a sense of what to talk about when I noticed a female friend of mine on Twitter make a comment about how men should step back and let women's voices be heard more on these issues involving representations of women. So I thought... good point!

So I plan to basically just present the views of whatever women I can find who want to talk about the franchise, its representation of women, etc., with my input mostly being limited to setting up the feature and not really getting deep into my own opinions on the subject. (Which, frankly, are pretty unformed anyway, since I never played the first game and only vaguely know what the potential issues there would be.)

Keep in mind:

A. There will only be 5 or 6? questions, and you don't have to write long answers or anything. Can just give quick opinions.
B. You would not necessarily have to have played any of the games, just have some exposure to the franchise and some opinions on it.
C. You would not have to identify who you are in the article. I'm letting respondents choose how they identify themselves.
D. Depending on how many people actually respond (I'm looking in other channels too, already have a few maybes) I may have to use only parts of your responses in the feature itself, but I will definitely include a link to the full text of everyone's responses so nothing is presented without context.
E. This is open to anyone who identifies as a woman.
F. No one will be turned down based on beliefs, etc. Not trying to create an echo chamber here.

If anyone is interested, just send me a PM or post in here and I will PM you the questions. If anyone not part of the site has stumbled upon this, you can send me an email at zero@negativeworld.org and I'll get back to you.

Also if anyone here has a girlfriend, wife, sister, etc. who they think might be interested in talking about this, point them in my direction.

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Posted: 10/14/14, 23:33:41  - Edited by 
 on: 10/14/14, 23:46:16
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Good call on "E".

I was going to suggest that but you have it covered.
Posted: 10/15/14, 00:35:07
Anyone interested? I got 5 responses from other channels but no NW regulars!

You could even answer the questions anon if you want! No one here would ever know it was you! (Except me, of course.) Not that anyone here would be mean about anyone's answers anyway.
Posted: 10/16/14, 04:34:04
I dunno if there're enough women regulars here...! But I'm curious about this anyway.
Posted: 10/16/14, 04:46:57
Heh, yeah this site's member base (at least regarding regular posters) is practically all guys I wish I could give feedback, but I really don't have any real familiarity with Bayonetta, or opinions on it either way, so I don't think I could contribute much.
Posted: 10/16/14, 08:20:43
Nah, I don't want this to be something that defines me.
Posted: 10/16/14, 21:10:16
Zero said:
C. You would not have to identify who you are in the article. I'm letting respondents choose how they identify themselves.
Posted: 10/16/14, 21:43:44
Yes, I read Zero's post. Anonymity or not, this isn't the type of separation I want to get involved with when it comes to games. Though, I could probably be identified from my writing style anyway, especially since the potential number of people who can respond is very small. Not that I care about anonymity though, as I have no problem standing behind things I say.
Posted: 10/16/14, 23:48:28
Well I'm looking outside of the site too so I already have 5 people responding. Hope to add a few more in. Wouldn't be as easy to pick you out, so to speak. But yeah, no pressure, this is the kind of thing someone either wants to be involved in or doesn't.

Just to clarify this will have no message other than the things the various women say, so I'm personally looking at it less as "separation" and more as trying to give space to a variety of voices. Of course, how varied it ends up depends on the variety of the responses I get. I'm trying to reach outside my own channels too so it's not just a Zero echo chamber, but I think most responses so far have come from my channels, so hopefully they won't all be saying similar things. I've read two of the responses so far and they have very, very different views so... that's promising.

We'll see how it turns out.
Posted: 10/16/14, 23:59:16  - Edited by 
 on: 10/17/14, 00:06:06
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