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ROUND THREE: Super Smash Bros. Stages Bracket! (BUMPER BRACKET) Results

Star Fox and Super Mario Bros. 2 are the remaining franchises in the Bumper Bracket...

Lives to Smash Another Day
(11) Corneria (Melee/Brawl)
(33) Kingdom II (Melee)

Only myself and Mr_Mustache voted for Brinstar... poor Brinstar but Corneria won in a landslide. Kingdom II squeaked out by only two votes from Yoshi's Island for the N64 and Melee. It seems that version of a Yoshi stage just didn't have the staying power any further. Birdo-fans rejoice!

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Posted: 10/13/14, 07:50:28
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Sad to see the departure of Yoshi's Story, my first favorite Smash Bros. stage. At least Birdo lives on.
Posted: 10/13/14, 12:36:33
My two picks made it, though I kinda wish I voted Brinstar now...
Posted: 10/13/14, 21:07:41
Good, those were my votes. This'll be a tough choice next vote, though
Posted: 10/13/14, 21:29:25
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