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ROUND ONE: Super Smash Bros. Stages Bracket! (BUMPER BRACKET) Results

Well the first round was quite fun! It seems like choices were pretty easy for people, but still, many matches were pretty close. Here's who is moving on!

Lives to Smash Another Day
(60) Spear Pillar (Brawl)
(10) Brinstar (Melee/Brawl)
(53) Summit (Brawl)
(11) Corneria (Melee/Brawl)
(33) Kingdom II (Melee)
(59) Luigi's Mansion (Brawl)
(55) Shadow Moses Island (Brawl)
(5) Yoshi's Island (N64/Melee)

Close Call Award: Spear Pillar and Kingdom II both only won by a single vote. It was anyone's race... until it wasn't.

No Hope Award: Icicle Mountain wins this one! It gained only a single vote. I was not surprised to see this outcome. The Ice Climbers were not loved as much as other franchises generally and this vertical scrolling level didn't seem to connect with folks.

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Posted: 09/27/14, 03:36:27
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I'm happy with these results. I find the Snake stage boring and not fun to play in, so I would have liked to see it beat out a cool stage like Flat Zone, but nothing great was eliminated and my favorites moved on.
Posted: 09/27/14, 05:11:46
Don't you guys ever get tired of being wrong?!
Posted: 09/27/14, 15:45:35  - Edited by 
 on: 09/27/14, 15:45:58
If lovin' Spear Pillar is wrong, hey I don't wanna be right
Posted: 09/27/14, 16:25:10
Only half my choices made it, but it's no surprise, I usually do have eclectic tastes.
Posted: 09/27/14, 22:42:40
@Mop it up

You were the only one who preferred Icicle Mountain over the Summit. I thought for a second there it was going to go uncontested.
Posted: 09/28/14, 00:16:24
@Mop it up

Not sure why having eclectic tastes would make your choices unpopular. It's Smash Bros., it's made for people with eclectic video game tastes!
Posted: 09/28/14, 02:37:32
@DrFinkelstein Yeah but don't think I like it! Probably more of a pity vote.

@Jargon I s'pose "eccentric" would have been a better word (though it's a little of both really) but I think the word carries some negative connotations for some people.
Posted: 09/28/14, 20:58:16
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