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Which New 3DS or 3DS XL COLOR are you getting? [poll]
White 3DS (1/18 vote)
Black 3DS (1/18 vote)
Metallic Blue 3DS XL (7/18 votes)
Metallic Black 3DS XL (1/18 vote)
Themed 3DS Models if available (screw faceplates) (1/18 vote)
Waiting for more colors or themes (0/18 votes)
Combination of the above (more than one New 3DS) (0/18 votes)
Not sure (2/18 votes)
No New 3DS for me (5/18 votes)
I'm getting the Black normal sized 3DS. I'm a sucker for black electronics. I do have to say, though, I really like how elegant the buttons look on the XL version.

Here's some pictures of the models. I'm sorry I couldn't find an open Black 3DS XL.

All models closed.

The normal sized Black and White New 3DS.

Metallic Blue 3DS XL

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Posted: 09/03/14, 10:25:00  - Edited by 
 on: 09/03/14, 10:24:16
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That Metallic Blue is super sweet looking. Wish it came in the smaller size, but eh. It's what I was hoping for for ages on the old models.
Posted: 09/03/14, 11:04:11
The metallic blue XL. It looks like the GC which I'm sure was completely accidental. While I'm on the subject, whatever happened to Nintendo releasing multiple colors of their home consoles. I know last time they eventually released a limited edition red Wii, but now for the most part is either black or white. I still remember the Revolution having like 7 colors to choose from. Now Nintendo is its Apple kick with standard, understated black or white to choose from (now mostly black with the lower end being phased out). I understand that logistics may be an issue but I would like at least a couple of more options.
Posted: 09/03/14, 14:31:16  - Edited by 
 on: 09/03/14, 14:35:28
The white 3DS appeals to me the most aesthetically, but I'm going with an XL for sure... so probably metallic black.

Why is green never a launch option? A metallic forest green would be really nice.
Posted: 09/03/14, 21:29:27
Shouldn't we wait until this is announced in more regions? No telling what colors North America and Europe will end up getting...
Posted: 09/03/14, 21:34:49
Assuming we get the same colors here, I'll get the blue XL.
Posted: 09/03/14, 21:48:55
I want the white one. The look reminds me of the original DS Lite, which is awesome.
Posted: 09/03/14, 21:53:37
The blue is okay, but I prefer something darker, like the midnight blue DSi.

I voted not getting one, but if I did it would probably be black since it goes with more of the faceplate designs.
Posted: 09/03/14, 23:01:18
No new 3DS for me. It's too much money for something that will only play a select number of games.

It looks cool and everything but I'll just wait for the next handheld. Not enough bang for my buck.

Also I say that keeping in mind that I COULD upgrade if the trade-in price was right. Still, I'd have to trade in or sell my XL AFTER getting a new 3DS, so at that point I don't know if I'm as interested.

There would have to be a really killer app on the New 3DS for me to bite. I'm fully expecting maybe a Twilight Princess port, or maybe Nintendo figured out a way to get a simple version of Skyward Sword's controls on the system. I don't think Xenoblade is going to be the only console port we'll be seeing on the system. I expect any kind of game that puts an emphasis on camera control (maybe this is the gateway having a huge Pokemon world type game??).

Random prediction - Square Enix will port Dragon Quest 8 to the New 3DS to get in on the fun alongside Monster Hunter and Xenoblade. Either that or maybe they'll wind up porting over FFX or Kingdom Hearts 1.5 as a quick cash grab.
Posted: 09/04/14, 05:06:26  - Edited by 
 on: 09/04/14, 18:37:26
You forgot the Monster Hunter one! Though I guess that goes in the themed option.
Posted: 09/04/14, 18:14:54
Tempted to go for the white n3DS.
Posted: 09/04/14, 20:45:12
I think I'm with @PogueSquadron. At this point, I'm more than happy with my 3DSXL, and I have Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii. Unless there's a killer app on there, I don't need to buy yet another 3DS. I'll just wait until the next console comes out (except if my 3DSXL dies...in which case, I'll go with a new 3DS, probably in white).
Posted: 09/04/14, 21:00:19
Overwhelming victory for Metallic Blue XL, eh? Actually, I like the aesthetics of the New 3DS better, but bigger screen trumps aesthetics.
Posted: 09/05/14, 15:04:33

What do you mean aesthetics. They have the exact same firm factor except for the color of the buttons.
Posted: 09/05/14, 15:28:33
Haha, what mostly attracts me actually IS the color of the buttons. But I like the whole faceplate idea, too.

Both of those, plus the standard color choices make the XL look kind of blah, while the 3DS looks like big, playable piece of candy. Just look at the difference in the packaging!

Posted: 09/05/14, 16:13:38  - Edited by 
 on: 09/05/14, 16:14:08
@Anand The black one is so pretty.
Posted: 09/05/14, 19:12:22
You mean the box? There are two more boxes, one each for both the New 3DS and New 3DS XL.

Posted: 09/05/14, 22:08:50
Interesting boxes. I'm sure the NA boxes will be a lot more plain.
Posted: 09/05/14, 22:17:58
@Anand I mean the 3DS itself. So, sexy.
Posted: 09/06/14, 00:24:53
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