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How do you feel about the revelations found in the Super Smash Bros. leak? [poll]
I'm pleased! (8/25 votes)
I'm somewhere in-between! (12/25 votes)
I'm disappointed! (5/25 votes)

We already have the Super Smash Bros. News Discussion thread and now the ALERT ALERT! Beware, there may be a Smash Bros Leak. Blackout people watch out. Avoid internet. thread so we don't need to go in depth here but...

I'm seeing some varying opinions about how it's being perceived.

Overall would you say that you're pleased, disappointed, or somewhere in-between?

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Posted: 08/26/14, 00:53:09
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Somewhere in between I guess.
Posted: 08/26/14, 01:05:12
In between.

But if the Ridley/Mewtwo/Dixie/Mach Rider/Impa addition is true, then I will be overjoyed.
Posted: 08/26/14, 01:06:45  - Edited by 
 on: 08/26/14, 01:07:00
I'm in between.

Bowser Jr, Shulk, and Duck Hunt are great additions.

But then we have Dr. Mario and Dark Pit (who should be called Pitoo dammit) who could have just served as alts....then again they were kind of expected I suppose seeing as we have Lucina already.

Also the other let down is Ganondorf just being a carbon copy of what he's already been. Is it really that hard to give him his own moveset?

I have no idea whether I should be blacking things out in these threads so I guess I'll just do the whole post just to be safe, heh
Posted: 08/26/14, 01:09:51

I'm really curious about people's thoughts but don't yet feel like I wanna know the leak so... your post helps me anyway!
Posted: 08/26/14, 01:18:05
Depends if the second half of the character leak is true. What has been seen so far isn't disappointing, outside of a certain character's lack of unique moveset again.
Posted: 08/26/14, 01:48:14
In between, leaning closer to pleased.

Want my fucking Ridley and Simon Belment for fucks sake! Happy with most of the cuts. I think Wario and Metaknight should have fucked off as well.
Posted: 08/26/14, 02:21:16
In between, but more towards pleased. Can't wait to play / hear the Xenoblade stage.

Assuming this is all official.
Posted: 08/26/14, 02:41:06
I'm somewhere in-between. At first I was irritated, as I usually am since there's really no pleasing me, but I've warmed up to some of the leak. I just need to tell myself and actually understand that just because this character or that character didn't make the cut and some other lame-o character did, doesn't mean the one's that didn't make the cut would have. It just means that they found away to include certain characters, and a beefy roster is always a good thing. One of my biggest issues is still with what's already been announced. That being the four Fire Emblem characters. I think Fire Emblem is awesome, but do we need four characters? Especially at the expense of veterans getting cut? Or veteran characters not getting another representative from their series? My other two issues are just as big, and growing. Those being the rumored inclusion of the Chorus Kids, and the axing of the Ice Climbers. I thought Sakurai stated that he didn't want one-off characters. Doesn't that describe the former? And to cut the latter because the 3DS can't handle it? Really? Then cut the character from the 3DS version only! I really don't want to see this character go. So, color me mixed.
Posted: 08/26/14, 03:46:52  - Edited by 
 on: 08/26/14, 04:15:42

Thanks for the detailed response NoName! You can put it under spoiler text, but could you or someone give me a round number (say multiple of 5) as far as how many characters are in the game now that the leak has hit? Round up or down, I don't care. I just want to know if it's double what's been announced or not. I think there's been about 30ish characters revealed between veterans and newbies.
Posted: 08/26/14, 04:01:45

Right now it's at 50, rounded up. With room, I'd say, for a few more.

Oh yeah, and I just noticed the censored eyes of the image in the original post. Nice touch!
Posted: 08/26/14, 04:13:15  - Edited by 
 on: 08/26/14, 04:20:30

Hmm, I guess that's not a shabby result. Brawl had 35 I think... so this is a leap of significance. That's exciting for me. Even if I only love 10 of them, that's a solid amount to LOVE. I saw accidentally that Andrew mentioned the character Shulk but I quickly glanced away in the other thread. I don't know if that character is in or not and I'm fine not knowing. I was hoping he would be since I'm a big fan of Xenoblade Chronicles. I'm excited to still have the excitement and unknowning sense that Nintendo and Sakurai is intending.

I kind of hope that Nintendo addresses this publicly though. Whether that's confirming the leaker and that they nabbed him, or just maybe showing us some of the leaked content in their own way sooner than later. I'd love to know what the leak is all about but I guess I'm finding myself still wanting Daddy Nintendo to be the one to unveil it all.

Edit: Thanks for the nod on my photo! I thought it would make for a bit more of a nicer themed pic. Glad you caught it and thanks for saying something.
Posted: 08/26/14, 04:41:20  - Edited by 
 on: 08/26/14, 04:49:58
You should wait. It'd be a really cool experience knowing only a select few are able to enjoy it while the rest of us are like "...fuck...yay...we knew this already".

Hold out. Maybe I can live vicariously through your reactions!

Hold out. I wish I could have for 2 of those characters.
Posted: 08/26/14, 04:49:10
I can't believe Ice Climbers would be cut (or relegated to DLC). That is the most disappointing thing of all. Otherwise, I like the roster.
Posted: 08/26/14, 04:49:20

Will do! I was planning to anyway deep down but I like the cut of your jib in that response. I think though on the next podcast Joe and I should talk about Smash Theories or Thoughts. Might be interesting since we wont know but others will. I've gotta edit the one we recorded a few days ago first though...

I really really REALLY hope Sakurai unveils at least a new character this week for us who aren't viewing the leak. Throw us that bone buddy boy-san!
Posted: 08/26/14, 04:51:54
It's one of my favorite things about the leak :)

To be honest I'd actually prefer more cuts replaced with new characters. So many returning fighters don't interest me, as well as several of the brand new ones. I mean strictly from a character standpoint by the way. I usually end up liking all Smash characters, minus a small handful.

We should discuss this in the other thread though. This is just getting weird.

To be fair, the screens are crap quality and from the 3DS version (wait...lol!), so them being revealed on the site would be exciting for everyone. I wanna see these guys in some good quality pics! Hyped for it!

Yeah, I figured my post would tantalize you ;) Nothing like the feeling of exclusivity. I'm jealous! I'm jealous of anyone with more willpower to not seek out info of games like me. I don't look at EVERYTHING though, I refuse to look at intros and certain levels, etc. And to be fair, I kind of just happened on the leaked screen so I didn't have a choice anyway. So be very careful. You don't wanna just accidentally land on it now.
Posted: 08/26/14, 04:52:11  - Edited by 
 on: 08/26/14, 04:55:54

lol there is three concurrent threads for Smash news/discussion right now. I didn't intend deep discussion in here for Smash anyway. Just reactions. When I finally know what everyone was all worked up about, it'll be interesting to come back and see how the boards felt about it and even read the reactions.

I'm glad the poll is swaying as it is. Maybe a little too in the middle but it's better than trending in the negative.


My one weakness here might...be... the music. But hopefully Nintendo doesn't reveal too much of that. The Brawl OST was so damn good. I want to feel surprise and joy as I unlock every little CD... hopefully those are back and last a little longer on the battlefield!
Posted: 08/26/14, 04:56:50  - Edited by 
 on: 08/26/14, 05:01:27
I'm pleased. So many characters.
Posted: 08/26/14, 05:05:11
Yes this is true. When you look back at EVERYONE we're getting, it's goddamn ridiculous. I'd say these reactions are PURELY based on the last few (though there could still be more) characters. Some are expected. Some are clones. Some are totally unexpected. Everyone's gonna react differently to them.

As an entire roster though, this game is insanity. I keep glossing over old characters like Yoshi, Peach, Samus, etc, etc, etc, etc. But! They're all HD, newly animated, tweaked, etc! That's not counting the AMAZING Mega Man, WFT looks awesome, Villager looks like a great addition, Lil Mac looks fun as hell, the new Fire Emblem guys are really cool and growing on me (this is the definition of Smash to me...the characters totally growing on me, even ones I had no relation to!), and we just have SO MUCH CHOICE. Then there's a few of the doozy, awesome, leaked characters, and possibly more! And on top of that, possibly EVEN more if Sakurai decides to add/change stuff!

Yeah. The roster as a whole isn't even close to disappointing. It was already a fuckin' 20/10 when Megaman was revealed.

All I need are Ridley and Simon Belmont. Then I can die happy.

Yeah I remember missing a CD once and I was livid. Those things were hard to come by after you'd collected most of them.

Haha I noticed the 3 Smash threads. Crazy. The hype is real. I'm getting more and more hyped as time goes by. Gonna reach some insane levels closer to release. I'll be rabid.
Posted: 08/26/14, 05:11:07  - Edited by 
 on: 08/26/14, 05:12:50
I'm (very) pleased.

Assuming the leak is real, Duck Hunt Dog, Shulk and Bowser Jr. are amazing additions. Seriously excited. Some really great newcomers that I didn't really think of at all, Shulk aside. I love Sakurai. If Dark Pit is a clone (likely), Dr. Mario (why) is back, and Ganondorf is still a fat/slow Captain Falcon, it doesn't detract from my hype, it just makes me less interested in said characters. The possible/probable additions outweigh any Dr. Mario hatred. BTW, how come no one is talking about Medusa? It's kind of implied that's she's in, maybe as a boss in Classic Mode...?

anyway, hype.
Posted: 08/26/14, 06:15:28  - Edited by 
 on: 08/26/14, 06:16:59
I'm pleased with the lineup overall... I wanted Pig Ganon and Simon Belmont, but those were pipe dreams, so I can't say I'm actually disappointed that they weren't included since I knew they wouldn't be.
Posted: 08/26/14, 06:28:22  - Edited by 
 on: 08/26/14, 06:29:17
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