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Chicago Indie Video Game Developers and Games That You Should Check Out
I love Chicago and I love indie games so I want a place to talk about them. I plan to use this as an ongoing thread to talk about various projects people that I may or may not know are involved in that are either upcoming or already released. Also, you can check out Indie City Games and IGDA Chicago for more information on the Chicago indie video game development scene.

Obviously one game everyone should know about by now is our very own Dapper Dave's Boot Hill Heroes, which you can go help Greenlight on Steam. A single player / local co-op Western (as in, taking place in the wild wild West) RPG with an SNES-flair and a Jake Kaufman soundtrack, of course it is going to be excellent.

Releasing on PC and Vita erm... soon?

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Posted: 01/30/14, 01:16:12  - Edited by 
 on: 04/23/14, 05:16:25
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Did you just delete and re-post this to make sure it was at the top of the page??

--Good luck, Dave.
Posted: 01/30/14, 01:16:53
Chicago power couple Dan Fitzgerald and Lisa Bromiel are working on the really cool looking upcoming game Dog Sled Saga, but that won't be out for a bit.

In the meanwhile Dan has created a neat little $2 game about plowing snow called Dawn of the Plow. He must like snow or something. Basically your job is to plow as much snow as you can without getting fired. Check it out here!

Available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

@Mr_Mustache No? I'd just bump it if I wanted it at the top. I think it is because I changed it from private to public. I guess that sets the "post" time to the time you made it public? Which makes sense if it was a draft made public, but if it was already a live thread... makes less sense.
Posted: 01/30/14, 01:19:11  - Edited by 
 on: 01/30/14, 01:21:24

Maybe this is for the BUGS thread. I saw it live, I read it, I told Steve to bump Chat, he went and bumped Chat, and then your thread was STILL above that one..after the bump. Now that makes NO sense..

--Good luck, Dan and Lisa! Are they NW; LURKING?!
Posted: 01/30/14, 01:24:04
No I believe it happened, once you said it I instantly realized why... the way I set up making public threads "live" just sort of automatically sets their post time to the time when they go live. I guess when I programmed it I was mostly thinking about the draft -> public process and forgot that you could make already existing private threads into live public threads. OOPS.

They could be lurking. Anyone could be lurking!
Posted: 01/30/14, 01:27:33  - Edited by 
 on: 01/30/14, 01:27:57
Cool idea for a thread. You probably know about all the ones that I do. But if you miss any I'll fill in the gaps.
Posted: 01/30/14, 03:16:01
Oh yeah it goes without saying that other people can post Chicago indie games in here too. There are too many for me to get to at the moment but I'll try to post as new news comes out on various games.
Posted: 01/30/14, 03:52:54
Octodad: Dadliest Catch releases on Steam today. 20% off until Feb. 6th!

"Itís like QWOP mixed with Splinter Cell." The sequel to the much-praised DePaul student project Octodad. I've played an early version and it's pretty interesting. Controls are definitely unique. Supposedly there is a co-op mode too, which sounds nuts.

Posted: 01/31/14, 02:31:48
I really want to play Octodad, but I'm making myself hold off for a little bit. Someone on Twitter pointed out that it's a game about imposter syndrome, which I suffer from from time to time. (I think a good portion of people probably do, actually.)
Posted: 01/31/14, 03:14:13
Yeah I think the story is that he is an octopus trying to blend in with the human world including his normal human family, but his crazy limbs make it hard for him... I love when the story and gameplay actually work together like that.
Posted: 01/31/14, 05:39:02
Yup, no one realizes that he's an octopus. What's cool is that I've been hearing that there are some touching non-comedic moments in the game too. I love it when stories do that; 90% comedy and 10% seriousness is a really effective way to make me care and pay attention.
Posted: 01/31/14, 05:56:19
My buddy Gerri's skiing game Dudeski is up on the App Store now! It's a game where, well... you are a dude who skis. Sort of an endless skier. Very tough / fun.

I totally told him to put penguins in the game and they did, so I'm basically claiming credit for that.

Posted: 03/13/14, 05:17:49

Sounds a lot like Ski Free.

Posted: 03/13/14, 07:46:39
Polygon feature about a Chicago indie developer's game about southside Chicago gang violence

It's a pretty weighty topic to take on. Interested to see how it turns out.

Posted: 03/28/14, 04:13:24  - Edited by 
 on: 03/28/14, 04:13:51
Played Samurai Gunn today! Tons of fun. TONS of fun.
Posted: 03/28/14, 06:24:32
Ooo, Jake Kaufman? Cool. Nice graphical style, too.
Posted: 03/28/14, 22:33:32
Posted: 04/16/14, 03:59:33
Voted for Boot Hill Heroes on Steam Greenlight. Too bad it's not coming on Wii U, I don't really do local multiplayer on PC.
Posted: 04/16/14, 05:10:50
Oh yeah, Dapper Dave's Boot Hill Heroes (Part One) is out on PC right now RIGHT HERE. And Playstation Mobile / Vita as well, although I'm a bit confused where it is in the PSM shop. Maybe you need to go to the shop through a Mobile device / Vita?
Posted: 04/16/14, 05:28:55
Check out the Kickstarter for Codemancer, an educational game for pre-teens / teens that teaches kids about code. Pretty neat project and Robert is a cool guy.

Posted: 04/28/14, 09:13:49
Zero said:
Oh yeah, Dapper Dave's Boot Hill Heroes (Part One) is out on PC right now RIGHT HERE. And Playstation Mobile / Vita as well, although I'm a bit confused where it is in the PSM shop. Maybe you need to go to the shop through a Mobile device / Vita?

You have to click on over to the PlayStation Mobile tab in the PSN store.
Posted: 04/28/14, 22:58:40
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