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Which do you prefer? ALBW or SM3DW? [poll]
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (18/33 votes)
Super Mario 3D World (15/33 votes)
For those of you who have played both, which do you prefer? A Link Between Worlds or Super Mario 3D World?

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Posted: 12/02/13, 07:20:21  - Edited by 
 on: 12/02/13, 23:01:23
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Zelda. It's goddamn Zelda!

*Glares at Carlos*
Posted: 12/02/13, 07:38:11
I never thought I'd prefer Zelda over Mario but it's just so good. Mario is no slouch either. Both are absolutely fantastic.
Posted: 12/02/13, 07:47:06
Really tough to say at this point. They are both really good games. I'm really pleased with Mario's game being a big medley of all the things that worked well in passed installments. I'll have to go with Mario at this point.
Posted: 12/02/13, 07:58:46
Nope. You know what I chose.

Zelda still relies a little too much on old tropes. Funny how people disliked TP for this exact reason but I hear no complaints for this game.
Posted: 12/02/13, 09:40:56
@carlosrox TP was PURELY old tropes. LBW is "tropes" from Zelda games of yore, not the new ones, which means it's much fresher because we haven't seen it in so long. If we had 6 more games exactly like it then everyone would be sick of it.
Posted: 12/02/13, 09:47:04
Haven't played Zelda yet, can't choose.

Mario is pretty awesome though. Zelda is going to have to really wow me in a way that few handheld Zelda games have to stand a chance.
Posted: 12/02/13, 10:31:14
TP was the only game that was "so similar" to Ocarina and was like 8 years later. And it was way more different from OOT than ALBW is to LTTP. Way more.

But sure I guess it's been longer since we've had that kinda Zelda.
Posted: 12/02/13, 10:38:40  - Edited by 
 on: 12/02/13, 10:39:46
@carlosrox Every single Zelda since OoT (Sans MM, obviously.) has felt extremely similar to me. Yes, even WW.
Posted: 12/02/13, 10:47:33
There have been so many great Mario games lately, but the last time I've enjoyed a Zelda this much was in 1998. I have to say ALBW.
Posted: 12/02/13, 12:40:23
Wow, surprised to see this result, usually anything on console will destroy anything on handheld, is Negative World turning into Positive World?

I voted Zelda even though I haven't played 3D World, it's not possible for a Mario game to be better even if 3D World is better than Mario 64 and both Galaxy games put together X10, ALBW is the best Nintendo game in at least 10 years, maybe 20, heck maybe ever, this game might be better than Fusion even.
Posted: 12/02/13, 16:13:46
I'm roughly halfway through both games and they are both excellent. If I had to choose, I'd give a very slight edge to Zelda.
Posted: 12/02/13, 17:19:14
I love Super Mario 3D World.

I haven't played A Link Between Worlds yet. I want to!
Posted: 12/02/13, 17:53:03
I feel I can't vote until I finish both games. Right now I'm enjoying the hell out both of them, and it's too close to call.
Posted: 12/02/13, 18:09:13
A Link Between Worlds is fantastic! I haven't yet played 3D World.

So with that said, I'm doing a write-in vote for Pokémon X.
Posted: 12/02/13, 19:35:46
That's probably because this was originally a console game that Nintendo decided to put the sequel/remake over to the 3DS for whatever lame reason. 3DS always stealing our games. So lame.
Posted: 12/02/13, 20:46:47

Uh, no. This was always meant for 3DS.

And I loved TP. A lot of Zelda fans are just fickle jerks.
Posted: 12/02/13, 21:20:46
LTTP was a SNES game last I checked.
Posted: 12/02/13, 22:11:03  - Edited by 
 on: 12/02/13, 22:12:13

This thread's title is missing one letter:
Which do you prefer? ALBW or SM3DW?
Posted: 12/02/13, 22:15:25  - Edited by 
 on: 12/02/13, 22:16:09
carlosrox said:
LTTP was a SNES game last I checked.

It's actually a portable game too.

Posted: 12/02/13, 22:49:27
And it's sequel was on the Game Boy, Super Metroid's direct sequel was on the GBA, etc.

This was a 3DS game from inception.
Posted: 12/02/13, 22:54:35
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