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The annual NWR Telethon is happening right now
NWR's annual telethon is happening right now!

As usual, NWR is doing a live podcast and for each $500 given, an extra hour of live podcasting is gonna happen. All the money goes to Child's Play.

Here's the program:

12:00pm Eastern - A Big Ol' What We've Been Playing w/ special guests Chris Kohler and Billy Berghammer! (FREE)

1:00pm Eastern - The Year That Was: The Wii U's First Report Card w/ special guest Jose Otero! ($500)

2:00pm Eastern - A Crisis on Multiple Consoles: What's Our Prognosis for the Xbox One and PS4? w/ special guests Phil Theobald and Chris Johnston! ($1000)

3:00pm Eastern - Radio Trivia Live: Can You Name That Gaming Tune? ($1500)

4:00pm Eastern - Space QA Live: Scott Thompson and Jonny Metts Answer Your Space-Related Questions! ($2000)

5:00pm Eastern - Who Wants to Be a Nintendoaire Part Deux: The Connectivity Game Show Hit Returns! ($2500)

6:00pm Eastern - 3DS Report Card 2013: Wow, They Certainly Fixed That, Didn't They? ($3000)

7:00pm Eastern - The Famicast Rides Again w/special guest Mark McDonald! ($3500)

8:00pm Eastern - A Healthy Dose of Shenanigans w/Your Live Calls! ($4000)

9:00pm Eastern - Box Office Poison Presents: Our Movie of the Forever, Super Mario Bros.($5000 Stretch Goal)

I'll be on at 1pm Eastern, and on the Shenanigans segment if all goes well. Listen in, and donate if you can. We really appreciate it!

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Posted: 11/23/13, 19:06:54
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Cool dude, tuning in!
Posted: 11/23/13, 20:12:08
OMG, you guys are talking about the exact same thing I said in another thread and got crucified for: How the Wii U is much more enjoyable if you have people to play local multiplayer with and how the games aren't really designed to be played solo or online, oh the irony!
Posted: 11/23/13, 20:43:18  - Edited by 
 on: 11/23/13, 20:44:01
But it's still fun for solo players, is the point!
Posted: 11/23/13, 20:49:18
Not as fun though, that was my point, as a solo gamer I'd always feel like I wasn't getting the true/best experience the way the hardware/game designers intended!

But anyway, great segment! Really fun marathon so far!
Posted: 11/23/13, 21:07:21
So mad I missed it! Are you editing that while thing yourself??
Posted: 11/24/13, 22:29:42
Nah, Karl Castaneda is taking care of it. I think he's aiming to have the first part ready today. It's gonna be divided like so: 3-3-2-2 hours.
Posted: 11/24/13, 23:08:56
Which parts are worth listening to?
Posted: 11/25/13, 00:40:53
I wasn't able to listen to the whole day. I guess it depends on what topics interest you.

Radio Trivia is always a blast. Nintendoaire live can be tons of fun.
Posted: 11/25/13, 19:07:30
Space toilet was the best segment!
Posted: 11/26/13, 01:47:51
Bumping a 2 year old thread, but the 2015 telethon is going on right now. And if you donate to Child's Play within the next 40 minutes (until 2:00pm EST) then Nintendo will match all donations!
Posted: 12/05/15, 20:20:22
I'm going to work but I will definitely listen to the whole thing when it gets released on iTunes!
Posted: 12/05/15, 20:25:49
Wish I could listen now. Stuck at work. I never get to hear this thing live.
Posted: 12/05/15, 21:41:13
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