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Do you ever withhold Pokemon evolution? [poll]
Never. All Pokemon evolve if possible. (3/17 votes)
Sometimes. But mostly I let them evolve. (14/17 votes)
Sometimes. But mostly I hold back. (0/17 votes)
Always. I never let Pokemon evolve. (0/17 votes)
So I'm sitting here forcing Torchic and Chespin to stay their cute little selves... and I was wondering if anyone else waits to evolve their Pokemon or not...

Well do ya? If so, why? (I suspect a very specific response here... gut feeling... but I could be wrong.)

I had more detailed options in the poll but I didn't want to speak on anyone's behalf.... so here's a list of reasons one might choose a given response...

Never. Stronger evolved Pokemon are the best.
Never. Who cares about holding back?
Sometimes. If I find one form is nicer looking.
Sometimes. When I'm waiting for the moves I want.
Always. I like playing with the weaker forms for challenge.
Always. I don't like most evolved forms.

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Posted: 10/18/13, 04:44:17
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Never, they are meant to evolve, it's inhumane to stunt their growth.
Posted: 10/18/13, 04:51:14
Occasionally I let them get to an even level to see what moves they learn in the mean time, But i'm an impatient person so I can't be bothered pressing B most of the time.
Posted: 10/18/13, 05:02:12
I used to hold them back a while because they learn new moves at lower levels if you keep them from evolving. But once they had learned what I wanted them to, I'd let them transform.
Posted: 10/18/13, 05:07:25
There's a few pokemon out there who have alternate movesets to their evolutions- These are usually the kinds of pokemon that evolve from stones or trading or some other non-levelling up method though.

If there's a pokemon like that and there's a move I want & can only access by holding them back, I'll do so, but generally speaking I let them evolve whenever.
Posted: 10/18/13, 05:13:23

That's how I'm handling mine right now. I just want Torchic to learn Flamethrower which isn't even learned later on. As for Chespin... I don't know what his moveset even is.... so I'm just kinda hoping for the best.
Posted: 10/18/13, 05:18:30
Yeah I try to hold off until it seems they've learned some awesome moves. Thankfully you can always teach them moves at the move tutor though.
Posted: 10/18/13, 05:39:35
I'm also in the camp of only holding back for moves.

Other than that I always let them evolve.
Posted: 10/18/13, 06:48:20

You can always check Bulbapedia or similar. That's what I used to do.
Posted: 10/18/13, 06:50:08

Does Bulba have movesets for X & Y? I'm trying to withhold seeing the further evolutions of Chespin right now also. Will that be possible? At Serebii they always have the evolutions visible.
Posted: 10/18/13, 13:10:00
Bulbapedia doesn't have them yet. Serebii is most updated so far and Smogon is still doing indepth research of everything. Will be a few months before everything starts formulating.
Posted: 10/18/13, 13:15:14

That's surely the downside of the worldwide release. We're all in the dark atm.
Posted: 10/18/13, 13:50:04
gojira said:
I'm also in the camp of only holding back for moves.

Other than that I always let them evolve.

Posted: 10/18/13, 15:09:00
I haven't held one back yet, but I can't say for sure that I won't.
Posted: 10/18/13, 15:30:30
I kept my Oddish and Oddish forever. It was cuter. Period.
Posted: 10/18/13, 18:23:36
Mostly let them evolve, but NEVER Haunter. Aka the best Pokemon.
Posted: 10/18/13, 18:40:46  - Edited by 
 on: 10/18/13, 18:41:00
Man, why? Gengar is a beast.

I can only hold out on evolutions for so long before I go "Man, this Kadabra is nowhere near as good as the Alakazam he'll turn into."
Posted: 10/18/13, 20:17:41
I usually evolve those with stone evos as soon as possible. That's a difference for me between those kinds of pokes and others.
Posted: 10/19/13, 00:19:25
Yes, all of my Pokemon in Platinum were withheld from evolution... because I stopped playing.

Ba dum ching!
Posted: 10/19/13, 00:47:51

Indeed, he looks like an ugly beast. Haunter, meanwhile, is a design of joy and brilliance. Also he's all like "Haunter HAUNTer!" And what does Gengar say? Gengar. Ptth, pathetic.
Posted: 10/19/13, 00:56:42
Only for Pichu and a second Quilava.
Posted: 10/19/13, 01:23:17
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