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--[E3 2013 Predict-a-ton Results! (...it's a fix...)]--

And so with the doors firmly shut and the last of the interviews trickling out, E3 2013 goes down as a solid but unsurprising one for Nintendo - largely because a lot of potential game news had already been let out of the bag in recent Nintendo Directs.

As for the challenge, we had a pretty good showing! Of the 33 entries, 5 scored higher than last year's winner and we have a new record low! Oh yeah!

First up, here are the predictions that came true:

A) Most Likely : 2pts

01) Iwata, Shibata and Reggie all present in a Nintendo Direct
02) New 3D Mario Platformer gets a name and a 2013 release
03) Smash Bros. 4 screens or artwork are shown
04) Mario Kart U trailer
05) New footage of Monolithsoft's X
06) Bayonetta 2 trailer
07) First footage of The Wind Waker HD
08) New video of Pokemon X/Y
09) New color/s for 3DS
10) The new 3D Mario platformer is not Mario Galaxy 3

B) Maybe : 4pts
01) Teaser video of Smash Bros. 4
02) Mario Kart U confirmed for 2013
03) New Nintendo/3rd party game collaboration
04) Dragon Quest VII coming to the West

05) Wind Waker HD confirmed for 2013
06) Good Feel show a new trailer for Yarn Yoshi
07) A new Wii U bundle for the holidays
08) New system announced for the Virtual Console (U/3DS)
09) Monolithsoft's 3DS game revealed
10) Treasure's 3DS game revealed

C) I guess it's possible... : 6 pts

01) Retro Studio's game is revealed
02) One or more Smash Bros.4 newcomers are shown
03) Smash Bros. 4 gets a firm release date
04) Bayonetta 2 for 2013
05) Some kind of teaser or artwork shown for Zelda U
06) A new Near Field Communication game announced for Wii U
07) Majora's Mask remake for 3DS
08) Exclusive Wii U game from Capcom, Level-5, Mistwalker or Square-Enix
09) Wii Sports U announced
10) Earthbound collection for 3DS

D) MEGATON : 10 pts

01) 3rd exclusive Sonic game is a Mario/Sonic platformer
02) Retro's game is a new IP
03) New model of 3DS
04) GTA V, Metal Gear Solid V, Destiny or Dark Souls - Wii U version
05) NFC collectibles confirmed for Smash Bros.
06) Dragon Quest X coming to the West
07) HD remake of Metroid Prime
08) Ambassador program for Wii U
09) Return of non-specific action figure
10) Skies of Arcadia 2, Shenmue 3 or Panzer Dragoon exclusive

Bonus Prediction: (OPTIONAL) The only correct answer here was Donkey Kong Country, and nobody wrote that down.


AND NOW the results...

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Posted: 06/16/13, 01:59:49
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1ST PLACE: Infinitywave 26

2ND: V_s 24
JOINT 3RD: Secret_Tunnel and canonj 20
4TH: Renjaku 18

Layth 12
Octorockin 12
mikeD487 8
Mop it up 8
Smerd 6
nate38 2
VickiL 0
jacksrb 0
Griptor -4
TheBigG753 -6
DrFinkelstein -6
Abdooooo -6
grantimus prime -6
Tranquilo -22
Shadowlink -44
Pokefreak911 -46
ludist210 -50
Zero -56
Anand -58
sirmastersephiroth -70
deathly_hallows -80
anon_mastermind -82
vinniebrock -114
NoName -122
Mr_Mustache -152
Super_Conzo -188
missypissy -204
Luther -226
Marsh -228

BIG THANKS go out to Shadowlink for helping to speed up the score counting with his mad spreadsheet skillz!!



- The maximum possible score this year was 86 points and the worst possible was -484, so if you're in the middle of that don't feel too bad.

- The Eternal Optimist award goes to Marsh for making the most predictions: 26

- The wrong answer that was picked most often was: "Good Feel show a new trailer for Yarn Yoshi"- 27 times. Also "Iwata, Reggie and Shibata all present" was picked 22 times. Unfortunately the Global President decided to hog the limelight this year.

- The correct answer we missed the most was: "One or more Smash Bros. 4 newcomers are shown" although it was still picked 21 times! Which illustrates how few freak events there were this year.

- The most predictably correct answer turned out to be "First footage of The Wind Waker HD", it was the one thing that -everyone- guessed.

- The most predictably wrong answers were D3, 7 and 10. "New model of 3DS", "HD remake of Metroid Prime" and "Skies of Arcadia 2, Shenmue 3 or Panzer Dragoon exclusive", each of which only one person thought would happen.

- If we haven't already learned this, the conservative approach was the winning one. The people who made the fewest predictions scored best again... but you never know what will happen next year!


Thanks to everyone for playing!
Posted: 06/16/13, 02:00:19  - Edited by 
 on: 06/16/13, 02:28:54
Thanks for doing this for us! -6 is two better than my -4 score as a mod so.... I'm happy?
Posted: 06/16/13, 02:04:49
Ha ha god I never even break into the positives. That's because I am too positive. I expect too much. At least I beat Anand.

And yeah, DEFINITELY A FIX. I think someone has some secret insider info...
Posted: 06/16/13, 02:20:25  - Edited by 
 on: 06/16/13, 02:21:22
Positive score! Better than I thought I would do.
Posted: 06/16/13, 02:27:00

--Renjaku is Top 3 again, but not 1st. FHL
Posted: 06/16/13, 02:43:11
Best I've ever done. And only 2 points away from the number 1 spot... So close.

Thanks for doing this again, @Infinitywave, and congratulations to you!
Posted: 06/16/13, 02:46:55
The funny thing is that I felt I was being conservative, but not enough I guess! Oh well, this is a lot better than whatever crazy negative score I got last time.

...Hey wait, this is Negative World! Aren't negative numbers actually better here?
Posted: 06/16/13, 02:55:22
@Mop it up

I tried making that argument last year. No-one believed me.

If it wasn't for LACK OF METROID, I might have won this thing.
Posted: 06/16/13, 02:57:17  - Edited by 
 on: 06/16/13, 03:03:31
Oh man, so close to being positive! Maybe someday..

Thanks for doing this again guys. It's always fun to dream.
Posted: 06/16/13, 03:01:54
Thanks for doing this! It was fun again.
Posted: 06/16/13, 03:13:09
Haha! Negative 80, woot!

Congrats Infinitywave!
Posted: 06/16/13, 03:19:31
Well, shoot. Better luck next year!
Posted: 06/16/13, 08:01:20  - Edited by 
 on: 06/16/13, 08:02:54
You're welcome, guys! I've been doing this since Spaceworld. Man, I'm old.

@Zero, we've had very similar scores up until now. This year I was curious what it'd be like to play the safest possible game, stick to what Nintendo had promised and nothing more. I actually thought the bonus question would determine the winner and that there would be more surprises to shake things up. Hooray for predictable conference?

Prudence isn't as much fun. Next year I'll be back into negative double figures!
Posted: 06/16/13, 14:52:18
Great fun. Thanks for organising.

*The only way is up, Conzo...

Posted: 06/16/13, 15:16:27
Man (negative) third place! Next year I will go for the (negative) gold!
Posted: 06/16/13, 16:16:37
Yay! Tied for 3rd is the best I've ever done. Just like Infinitywave, I tried to be as conservative as possible and only pick things that I was 95% certain would happen.

Thanks for doing this again. It was fun as always!
Posted: 06/16/13, 20:15:26
Should have just predicted DKCR2 like I've always been predicting and rofl-swept this. Doubt there'll be a win button next year.
Posted: 06/16/13, 21:39:51
Kicking myself for not predicting the Smash Bros. newcomers. Why would they not show off newcomers!?
Posted: 06/16/13, 22:52:23
Yay! Congrats Infinitywave!

I can see more people played it safe this year... I think I won with 14pts last year and if I got the new Retro/IP question right, I still wouldn't have broken into the top 4. Quite an impressive score for the podium players!

Till next year...
Posted: 06/17/13, 01:19:13
Woot I'm in the positive!

Yeah I played pretty conservatively. I'm still shocked that Mario Kart for 2013 didn't come true. I was so sure of that, especially in light of Iwata's comments on Mario Kart 7. I think it was in an Iwata Asks where he said that he basically pushed the panic button when the 3DS wasn't selling well and put addition resources at Mario Kart 7 to make sure it'll make it by the holiday season. So I figured it'll be a repeat with Mario Kart 8.
Posted: 06/17/13, 01:55:44
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