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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 06 - Blaster Master [community]

As soon as you will start playing Blaster Master, you will be greeted by an opening cutscene about a boy, Jason, and his pet frog who grew to gigantic size after jumping down a hole. So Jason leaps into a battle tank just lying there and proceeds to chase his frog. Yeah... Japanese games sure have weird stories.

Except that this story was dreamed up by the US localisation team. And they weren't trying to match what was on screen: those cutscenes are specially made for the NA/non-Japan version!

In the original Japanese version, the game takes place on the planet Sophia the 3rd, located near the center of the Epsilon Milky Way, in which an advanced civilization flourished. In the year 2052, the emperor Goez, who has conquered the rest of outer space and of whom Goez declared himself as a god, invades and conquers Sophia the 3rd. The only survivor of Goez's raid is the Science Academy's Nora Satellite, who has escaped and plans to build a weapon to defeat Goez's forces. They build an all-purpose tank called "Metal Attacker", commandeered by a boy named Kane Gardner, to take the lead in the counterattack. The game's opening sequence shows Metal Attacker dropped into the battlefield.

No, it doesn't make more sense at all. But why the change at all? No one knows.

Probably more important than the story, is the gameplay: Blaster Master follows in Metroid's footsteps, with a giant labyrinthine map, countless upgrades that augment your mobility and exploration capabilities, and challenging combat. Oh, and caves that "Jason" has to enter without his tank, played from an overhead perspective.

So it's definitely its own beast. But with finite (3) continues, weapon upgrades in the overhead segments that downgrade each time you get hit and a really confusing world layout, it's quite possible that this is one RGC game no one on NW will finish... At least you will get to experience excellent music, great graphics, and overall, solid action.

Why not add Blaster Master to your collection, and indicate you are currently playing it? And don't forget to rate it when you're done!

List of Awesome
Complete the game.


List of Awesomer
Complete the game, and draw your own maps! Now that's old school...

List of Awesomest
Complete the game without using continues.


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Posted: 11/01/11, 06:07:07  - Edited by 
 on: 11/29/11, 07:26:43
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You guys will have to help me find milestones for the Awesome and Awesomer lists. I think finishing the game pretty much makes you a gaming god.
Posted: 11/01/11, 06:08:15
Hah, nice List of Awesomest. This game is definitely hard as nails and I'm not sure if I'll be participating in this month's or not. I may give it a shot though, if I can get my brother to loan me his NES cart.
Posted: 11/01/11, 06:10:15

Bah. You have to play! You are the retro soul of this board! Why did you not nominate anything or vote?
Posted: 11/01/11, 06:15:03
No one will beat? I've beaten the game several times. It is hard but not impossible.

And as amusing aside I remember reading the World of Power novelization of the game. It didn't make the story make any more sense.
Posted: 11/01/11, 06:22:29  - Edited by 
 on: 11/01/11, 06:24:02
Guillaume said:

Bah. You have to play! You are the retro soul of this board! Why did you not nominate anything or vote?
Mainly because I wasn't sure if I could participate this month! I'm currently working on something that's finally gotten off the ground (a video game) and I suspect I'll be busy as heck for the next few months getting it finished. My gameplay time will be a bit limited with SM3D and SS, but I'll try to squeeze in some good time with Blaster Master. I think I've gotten around the 4th or 5th boss before losing all my lives.
Posted: 11/01/11, 06:23:10

Bah, fine then. Maybe beating the game will be the "awesomer" goal.

Help me come up with milestones for Awesome and Awesomest!

We can think outside the box here. How about... to be Awesomest, you have to draw your own maps? Eh?
I kinda like that one.


Oh wow, exciting! unless it's an iPhone game
Posted: 11/01/11, 06:48:23  - Edited by 
 on: 11/01/11, 06:54:59
I'll join this discussion thread I got a copy of Blaster Master for the first time last Christmas, but didn't get far in it. I beat the third boss, but couldn't figure out where to go after that, and since there's no save feature I lost my progress. Maybe I'll make a map this time around Or probably not. I don't know if I'll bother with that.

EDIT: I just played through Level 1; I sort of made a small, partially-inaccurate map on graph paper while playing through, but it took forever. It's so tedious, especially in an action game like this.
Posted: 11/01/11, 09:04:17  - Edited by 
 on: 11/01/11, 11:16:45

How about a no continue run?
Posted: 11/01/11, 12:10:09
Can't wait! Still haven't found Maria in Rondo though...
Posted: 11/01/11, 15:37:22
Alright, I've settled on some goals, but I kind of wonder if anyone will make the list.

People have no patience for limited continues these days. Or maybe I'm projecting...
Posted: 11/01/11, 15:44:52

First stage, you need the key to free her. Good luck.
Posted: 11/01/11, 15:52:59
This oughta be fun. I don't expect to get very far, but I'll be rockin n rolling the early levels for sure.

Also, this is the first time I'll be participating using an original NES cart. Woot!
Posted: 11/01/11, 17:16:40

Drawing a map IS pretty tedious.

Maybe there will be only Awesome and Awesomer lists this time.
Posted: 11/01/11, 19:24:21
@Guillaume I'm totally fine with limited continues I have no issue dealing with that kind of limitation. A one-credit clear would be interesting to try with this game; I dunno if I'll do it, but I'll at least attempt it, probably.
Posted: 11/01/11, 21:09:44
So.... we... just... start playing then?
Posted: 11/02/11, 00:30:33
Started playing a half hour ago......

Why did I submit this game again?
Posted: 11/02/11, 00:38:02

Sure! Knock yourself out!


I dunno, man. Haha. What's the problem exactly?

Don't be too put off by the slippery-ness, you get used to it.
Posted: 11/02/11, 01:30:09
Guillaume said:

Sure! Knock yourself out!


I dunno, man. Haha. What's the problem exactly?

Don't be too put off by the slippery-ness, you get used to it.

Haha - I'm just being a wuss basically. Is it me or do the jump and fire controls seem reversed? Also when you're out of the tank you feel so clunky. I'm just whining, I'll get used to it.
Posted: 11/02/11, 01:53:03
How are the jump and fire controls reversed? A is jump and B is fire, like most NES games.
Posted: 11/02/11, 02:53:50

I did not know there was manual map-making Metroidvania involved in this game. That really puts a damper on this for me...I'll still probably go for it, but I'll give you guys a head start and bother you if I get stuck
Posted: 11/02/11, 03:52:48
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