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Let's Super Mario! - Negative World Contributes! [community]
I doubt anyone has had a chance to contribute yet to this but is anyone going to add to Nintendo's request to celebrate Super Mario for the 30th Anniversary!?

I'd say we all should in some way-shape-or-form. Lets submit there but also share here! Your pics, your video, your artsy-fartsy food art, your architecture art,... anything! Lets celebrate the way Nintendo would want us to!

Let's Super Mario

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Posted: 06/20/15, 03:44:33
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I only do it if you can find me a wooden bird.
Posted: 06/20/15, 09:21:49
I think the name "Let's Super Mario " is kinda dumb, but this is otherwise a neat viral idea. I had a Mario cake for one of my birthdays a long time ago, I wonder if I still have a photo of that...
Posted: 06/20/15, 20:33:31
Gah, I'm so bad at coming up with stuff for these events! Guess I'll just get my dungarees on and go beat the shit out of a dragon.
Posted: 06/20/15, 20:38:12
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