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#4. New Hardware
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July 30, 2012, 07:53:28
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This oldie was originally posted way before the 3DSXL came on the scene. Oh, and I will be getting one, of course. Sigh!

--Original Post--

I'll Take One! Then The Next One too!

We all know Nintendo will release a 3DS revision or two down the road. Their handhelds are almost like personal computers: The moment you take it out of the box it's obsolete. How cool would it be if their next revision was alive? And named GRANT?! Lewis up there is one lucky guy. He just needs to get over his shock.


PS - I own an original DS Fat, a DS Lite, and a DSi. I'm part of the problem! Oh yeah, and a 3DS, but that doesn't count, right? It's actually a relatively new system.
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