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Top 10 Mega Man classic series robot masters that remind me of Capcom's other classic franchise, Resident Evil [top ten]
Mega Man is one of my favorite Capcom franchises, hence my All 94 Mega Man classic series robot masters ranked! list. But Resident Evil is right up there as well. Do they have much in common? Not really! But certain robot masters definitely remind me of certain parts of Resident Evil games, so now you get another top 10 list.

Also, I should probably note in advance that this list is going to be a bit Resident Evil 1 and 4 biased, since those are the Resident Evil games that I know the best. But I've played almost every mainline Resident Evil game, so many of the others will be in there as well.

Enter the survival horror.
01/01/24, 01:49    Edited: 01/22/24, 01:52
Junk Man (Mega Man 7)

Ok, I admit this is probably my weakest connection, but Resident Evil 4 is one of my favorite games ever and I'll never forget jumping down into the garbage disposal. Both the original and the remake have some pretty tense encounters while hanging out down around all of the trash.

Speaking of garbage, let's not forget this gem.

Garbage? Only one way to find out.
Charge Man (Mega Man 5)

Who would have thought that 11 years after my Top 10 Implementations of Trains in a Nintendo Game list I would once again be making the connection between Mega Man 5 and Resident Evil 0? Yet here we are. Resident Evil 0 uses a train as one of its main settings, and although the game is not one of my favorites, I do think it made for a unique Resident Evil setting.

Now this next image is from a mod, but it's a pretty famous mod that gets applied to a lot of the Resident Evil "stalker" villains especially, and I'd feel remiss if I did not mention it.

I bet you're hearing the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song in your head right now…
Grenade Man (Mega Man 8)

Grenades are a key weapon in basically all of the Resident Evil games, and we have seen a variety of different types over the years, including regular grenades, incendiary grenades, acid rounds and more.

And if throwing grenades is too much work for you, many of the games also include a grenade launcher.

Snake Man (Mega Man 3)

One of the most memorable bosses in Resident Evil 1 is an incredibly large snake with the (almost deceptive) name of Yawn. He's certainly not one you should let your guard down around.

Significantly smaller, the snakes in Resident Evil 4 are more of a quick way to get some health than a real threat, although they often surprise you and can get a little bit of damage in if you're not careful.

Snake are found in a variety of other Resident Evil games as well.
Fuse Man (Mega Man 11)

Its almost funny how often fuses go missing in the world of Resident Evil. They're not generally broken, mind you, just misplaced.

Over and over and over, in almost every mainline Resident Evil game.

Conveniently found, just around the next corner.
Slash Man (Mega Man 7)

Just look at these two images. THEY'RE BASICALLY THE SAME PICTURE. Garradors are one of the most iconic enemies in Resident Evil 4, introduced as a one on one boss fight before being worked into more complicated battles later on.

But they're not the only enemies in Resident Evil that have giant claws. Don't forget about the Internet's favorite 9 foot tall mommy.

I'm scaroused.
Skull Man (Mega Man 4)

This may come as a shock to you, but certain horror game series often have human skulls in them. Sometimes a lot of human skulls.

In Resident Evil Village, you get payback, of a sort. You can take defeated enemy's skulls and use them as uh… currency?

Well that's something.
Plant Man (Mega Man 6)

Another iconic enemy from the first Resident Evil game is the giant plant monster. I suspect this is a carnivorous plant, but I'd prefer not to find out.

Meanwhile, Resident Evil 2 has an entire greenhouse area filled with what are essentially plant zombies.

I'll never look at vegetables the same way again.
Knight Man (Mega Man 6)

Resident Evil 4 somehow made a suit of armor into an enemy and made it terrifying instead of laughable. Sure it's not technically the armor itself that is attacking, but the plaga inside of it controlling it. Whatever the case, these guys do not go down easy.

It's not the first time we have seen suits of armor in a Resident Evil game though. They have been there from the very start, and make appearances in many of the games.

You can even put Ashley in her own suit of armor in Resident Evil 4.
Heat Man (Mega Man 2)

Quick question, what's the most important item in the Resident Evil games? I think I could make a pretty strong argument for the lighter, which has been in many of the games, especially the survival horror ones. And Heat Man is nothing if not a really big lighter.

You see, the thing about zombies is that even when you take them down, they keep getting back up. But not if you burn them. Burn them good.

Honestly, if I lived anywhere near Racoon City I'd be carrying my own lighter with me at all times.
I think I'm starting to run out of ideas for these lists.

...or am I?

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Kinda surprised Guts Man didn’t make the list.

Since RE shows guts often. And it kinda takes guts to even play the games, to an extent.

Another fine list, regardless.
01/01/24, 05:51   
Keep 'em coming! I've enjoyed all these Mega Man lists. I'll throw in a few honorable mentions of my own:

Shade Man - Vampires are a bit different than the usual RE monster, but they keep the thirst for blood and this is as horror-centric as Mega Man ever got.

Pump Man - Almost every RE has some sort of drainage sequence, be it RE1's pool, RE2's sewer, or RE4's...uh, sewer. Although you often need the iconic Crank. But there's no Crank Man. Hm...top 10 Kongs that remind me of RE next?

Search Man - Seems spurious at first, but think about it: 1) he uses explosive weaponry, 2) the games incorporate lots of searching and puzzle-solving, and 3) he's an abomination with two heads like a number of RE foes.
01/01/24, 19:54   
@TriforceBun Those first two were actually on my planning list but didn't make the final cut! I also had Toad Man (0), Wood Man (various), Magma Man (4/5), Tundra Man (CV), and Acid Man (various) but none quite made it.
01/01/24, 22:24   
Edited: 01/01/24, 22:24
Stone Man

01/01/24, 22:54   
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