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Top 10 Mega Man classic series robot masters I'd pull off an Ocean's Eleven type heist with [top ten]
I warned you I'd be back. You didn't believe me, did you? You really thought my All 94 Mega Man classic series robot masters ranked! list was a standalone piece? Oh no my friend. No indeed.

Now it's time to pull off a heist! But who will I recruit onto the team?
12/08/23, 00:18    Edited: 01/22/24, 01:54
Magic Man (Mega Man & Bass)

Role: The inside man.

Before we even get started planning we need an inside man. We're obviously pulling off this heist in Vegas, and Magic Man is a regular act at all of the big venues, with an endless amount of connections and insider information. He'll help us start our planning.
Search Man (Mega Man 8)

Role: The reconnaissance.

Once we have a plan, we need to do some basic recon. Who better than Search Man? It's literally what he was created for! He can help us nail down security patterns and other details.
Plug Man (Mega Man 9)

Role: The hacker.

Recon alone isn't enough though. We need someone who can jack into their system and get us all of the up to date information, as well as hack cameras and alarms. Plug Man has us covered.
Gemini Man (Mega Man 3)


Role: The distraction.

Once it is time for the heist to begin, we need someone who can distract the key players on the opposition. Who better than a robot master that can be in two different places at once?
Ground Man (Mega Man & Bass)


Role: The tunneler.

It turns out the best way to the vault is straight through the ground. Only Ground Man can build the tunnels to get us where we need to be.
Shadow Man (Mega Man 3)

Role: The Infiltrator.

Ok so we tunneled close to the vault. But we couldn't tunnel right into the vault, we still have some ground to cover. Time to send in the infiltrator. We have a literal ninja here, ready to sneak in, knock some guards out, do whatever it takes to clear the path.
Crash Man (Mega Man 2)

Role: The safecracker.

Alright, we made it to the vault. Getting in should be a piece of cake for our safecracker. If you have bombs with drills on them, you can get into anything. Go for it, Crash Man!
Dust Man (Mega Man 4)

Role: The thief.

Once we're in, how do we quickly and efficiently gather up all of our loot? Enter Dust Man. Turns out having a giant vacuum on your head is pretty convenient at times.
Turbo Man (Mega Man 7)


Role: The getaway driver.

We got the loot! Let's split! If only we had a robot master that could turn into a high speed racing car and get us out of there asap!
Jewel Man (Mega Man 9)

Role: The fence.

Well, we did it boys. We made it out with a bunch of jewels. Now what? How do we liquidate all of this without getting ripped off? We need a fence we can trust, and Jewel Man is our guy. If anyone knows the worth of jewels, it's Jewel Man.
I'm rich now. But I'm not done. What comes next? You'll see.

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12/08/23, 00:18   Edited: 01/22/24, 01:54 
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Hard to argue with any of these, with the exception of the hacker being a perfect role for Sheep Man. He lives in a computer, I think?

Nitro Man would also make for a great decoy getaway driver. He can weave in and out of vehicular and pedestrian traffic alike!
12/08/23, 02:02   
Didn't even think of Sheep Man. But Plug Man can literally plug into stuff and from what I've seen of Star Wars that is how hacking works for a robot, you just plug in and there you go.

I actually considered Nitro Man but I think we'll have at least 2 or 3 of us at the scene who need extraction and it'd be easier to pile into a car than onto a motorcycle.
12/08/23, 02:35   
Zero has a spare afternoon.

'I could work on the mobile site....Or make new NEQ levels'

....And another Mega Man list is born.
12/08/23, 14:42   
12/08/23, 18:45   

You need to hire ten robot ma-- er, financial managers to help with the 5 billion you got from the heist.

This list would be pretty stupid considering 99% of the masters are built for fighting, and most of them just use brute force and no brains. Consider it a challenge.
12/08/23, 22:24   
Edited: 12/08/23, 22:34
Flash Man can literally stop time. Feels like that would be useful.
12/09/23, 15:06   
@r_hjort I considered this too but that almost felt like cheating and I couldn't really link it to a specific role either since it feels like it would be good for all of them really.
12/09/23, 20:38   
So you could have made it the Top 1 Mega Man classic series robot masters I'd pull off an Oceans Eleven type heist with! Even in real life Flash Man would have saved you some time!
12/10/23, 22:21   
I feel Mercury (Mega Man V Game Boy version) could really help with infiltration. Being able to become liquid metal and all.

Cool list, though! I like it.
12/14/23, 06:28   
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