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Some new games coming to Nintendo Switch Online. I guess.
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February 10, 2021, 04:53

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Posted: 02/10/21, 04:53  - Edit:  02/10/21, 04:53
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Those are indeed some games that were not previously playable on Nintendo Switch Online

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 on: 02/10/21, 03:23
I went to go find this Rocco Botte tweet from last month...

...only to see that he made a sequel half an hour ago:

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 on: 02/10/21, 03:35
I'm cool with this, actually--I like trying out these weirdo obscure games! I've played a lot of Nintendo's stuff to death already.

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 on: 02/10/21, 07:12
Fire & Ice is actually a pretty pricey NES cart.

Psycho Dream I only know about as a game that can be beaten in under an hour normally

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 on: 02/10/21, 20:52
It's my understanding that Fire 'n Ice is actually a very underappreciated gem and is highly addictive. And yeah, the cart ain't cheap, so this is very welcome.

I don't know anything about Psycho Dream or Doomsday Warrior. And the only thing I know about Prehistorik Man is that it's a 2D platformer. I have the game on Game Boy, but I've never played the SNES version. I'll give it a spin, see if it's any good.

EDIT: What's more important, is on that same day (2/17/2021), the AMAZING SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium will be available on Switch as well! It's gonna be a big day for retro Switch gamers!

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 on: 02/11/21, 03:12  - Edit:  02/11/21, 03:14

I would be more interested in SNK vs Capcom if they'd put the greatest SNK series in it!

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 on: 02/11/21, 06:13
I thought this was some weird understated way of Zero sharing that N64 games being made available. I don't know why I got my hopes up.

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 on: 02/11/21, 11:32
TriforceBun said:

I would be more interested in SNK vs Capcom if they'd put the greatest SNK series in it!

Well, you're in luck! There is a Metal Slug game in SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium!

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 on: 02/11/21, 20:04
I don't know how fast I'll find myself going to try these, but I think it's cool to see all these niche games getting new life. It's fun to see the side of the NES and SNES histories that I never really knew about.

They need to port Mario Is Missing (SNES) to this thing.

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 on: 02/12/21, 00:04
I didn’t realize this before, but Psycho Dream didn’t get a release in North America before? Kinda cool we’re getting an “import” SNES title.

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 on: 02/17/21, 16:25

That game actually looks pretty neat in how they scaled it down to a handheld! Some smart visual design decisions to keep the characters distinct and appealing.

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 on: 02/17/21, 17:48
I appreciate the depth of these cuts, but Doomsday Warrior seems kind of dire.

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 on: 02/17/21, 20:32
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