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Finally: Boogerman Week's (lol) Fan Art Page!
Hey, remember when I said I would do a Boogerman fan art contest? Well thanks to me changing ideas three times and much waffling, I finally present you the results of my confused efforts. The contest isn't happening, but let's look at what we got.

First, I had contacted people on Deviant Art who had posted Boogerman fan art unprompted. Let's start with them because they are the true fans.

Luigi Lucarelli
Official Page

In his words:

hip hip hooray for nostalgia!!!
well since we are visiting memory lane i thought we'd take a nice stroll down boogerman land!!
we'll have a "pick and flick adventure"!!!
yes here he is in all his nasty glory :D
hope you like it...
farts are funny

Official Page

In her words:

Obrigada, Denisio. É muito bom relembrar coisas que marcaram nossas vidas. O Boogerman me proporcionou muita diversão e faço questão de homenageá-lo com desenhos. Abraço!^^

Aaaand... that's it. Only two people wrote me back to tell me I could use their art. Hence the half-assed idea of a contest here, which in the end won't happen (but don't worry, those who participated will get compensated for their troubles).

Triforcebun was the first to send me his art, and he didn't just send me one, or two, but FOUR... arts!

In his words: I was first exposed to the gooey glory of Boogerman in some revolting multi-page ad involving a long, cartoony booger with various things stuck in it. It wasn't until about a year later that I played the actual game on my cousin's Genesis, and my ten-year-old self couldn't believe the majestic, Ren-and-Stimpy-esque stickiness flowing forth onscreen. I last caught a glimpse of this phlegmatic flamboyance in Clayfighter 63 1/3, where our loogie-hocking hero threw down against Earthworm Jim and Sumo Santa. If video games were a family tree, Boogerman would be the creepy, unwashed uncle, and that's how he likes it.

Secret_Tunnel followed suit after asking me if Shops were acceptable. They indeed are! So here is his inspired take on Garfield minus Garfield.

In his words: Being held prisoner in Auschwitz, the only two things that got me through the pain were the weekly Garfield comic strips and Boogerman on my Super Nintendo. Ever since then, I've been searching for a way to repay my two lifelong heroes. Boogerman Week has finally given me that opportunity.

Secret_Tunnel is not the only one with photoshopping skills. Look at what came out of the imagination of kriswright.

Carlosrox participated as well, and here is entry, finally!

And finally, latecomer Jamie Pogue offered us his version of the classic hero (lol) in his own style.

And that's it! Sorry for the relatively bland page. It's already been surprisingly time-consuming to put up! I hope you appreciate it, and give those artists their dues! Especially given the source material they had to work with, haha!

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Posted: 08/11/11, 23:04:25  - Edited by 
 on: 08/13/11, 01:13:22
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Great job everyone!!!! You all did a much better job than I of getting something in on time, haha. Way to not be slackers everyone!

Luigi has great stuff! Is that a board member? Ugh I need to draw more.

My original intent was to have this be part of a modern cover for a Wii game. I was even going to change it from Wii to Pii!
Posted: 08/11/11, 23:10:54  - Edited by 
 on: 08/11/11, 23:14:57
Woah, a ton of great stuff here!

Posted: 08/11/11, 23:28:16  - Edited by 
 on: 08/11/11, 23:59:14

Oops. It deletes them for you too? I didn't know that. I was just trying to keep my PMs manageable. I receive way too many of them because of the podcast and stuff like this.
Posted: 08/11/11, 23:32:13

I wouldn't think that you deleting PMs would delete mine. Weird. Maybe Zero can clarify?
Posted: 08/11/11, 23:37:17
Hooray! What a great al-bum of pick-tures. This is some truly Fine Art, or f'art if you will.

Thanks for the gift too!
Posted: 08/11/11, 23:43:47
I stand proud, knowing I produced the most half-assed entry on the list.

Also, yeah, I forgot to write something for my entry. Oh well. Read my review if you want to hear what I have to say about Boogerman.

Everyone else did great. Garfield Minus Garfield Plus Boogerman is a work of genius, ST!
Posted: 08/11/11, 23:43:51
Posted: 08/12/11, 00:01:09
These are all wonderful!

TriforceBun did great portraying different versions of the legendary hero! (The third one is awesome).

Secret_Tunnel... amazing.

kriswright, I love it. Why oh why did Boogerman run out of his premium fuel? Such a sad state of affairs.

Mr. Pogue, you seemed to captured Boogerman's heroism the best. Finally, a superhero we can count on!

EDIT: I forgot to submit my masterpiece in time. It's a remarkable resemblance, dontcha think?

Posted: 08/12/11, 06:30:22  - Edited by 
 on: 08/12/11, 07:59:03
Wow. I wish I could draw better

I got this dirty comic the other day and I just might pick up the pencils again soon..
Posted: 08/12/11, 07:30:10
Congrats all on giving Boogerman far more time and effort than he really deserved.
Posted: 08/12/11, 07:36:58  - Edited by 
 on: 08/12/11, 07:37:14
And not a single entry made of boogers. I mean, I was really pulling for some kind of booger statue, but I would have settled for boogers smeared on paper.

Posted: 08/13/11, 01:02:36
Added Carlosrox's entry, finally!
Posted: 08/13/11, 01:13:56
Pogue's entry makes Boogerman look almost angelic. Damn fine piece but it needs more fart fumes.
Posted: 08/13/11, 04:09:19
@Abdooooo I was going to mess him up but I ran out of time haha. He was going to be running through a sewer with more stains on him.
Posted: 08/13/11, 04:12:09
2 years later, I've received an email from one of the game's co-creators saying he's seen this thread.
Posted: 09/04/13, 18:20:16

Amazing. Kris' first picture still owns me to this day...not sure why. It's just hilarious.

I miss Kris.
Posted: 09/04/13, 18:25:53
Haha! Nice :D What's he up to these days, still in games?

Also, overheard on the NegativeWorld Forums

"I was just trying to keep my PMS manageable."*

*quote may be slightly altered
Posted: 09/04/13, 18:29:02  - Edited by 
 on: 09/04/13, 18:29:29

That's awesome! What did he think?
Posted: 09/04/13, 18:33:59
Noooooooo I was hoping mine wouldn't make it! It's sooooo bad.

Damn! Oh well. Maybe next time I won't half ass my work. Teaches me a lesson.
Posted: 09/04/13, 18:52:11

Haha, talk about a delayed reaction.

I wonder if I could find mine.
Posted: 09/04/13, 19:04:59
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