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Resident Evil 2 (Remake) Discussion
I'm sure a lot of you, like myself, have been secretly wishing for a truly great follow-up to the amazing Resident Evil 4. Nothing since then has quite hit that level.

Resident Evil 5 - Actually I liked it, but it was definitely not on the level of 4. Especially late in the game when it devolves to a weirdly controlled shooter. When I think of it as a multiplayer side game it feels like a neat experiment. But it's no 4.

Resident Evil 6 - Never played but I heard it sucked.

Resident Evil Revelations - Pretty fun, but kind of inconsistent. Some brilliance at times (especially during Jill parts), some mediocreness at times (especially during non-Jill parts.)

Resident Evil 7 - I'm playing it right now, it's really awesome, but it's not really much like 4 at all. More like old style Resident Evil reenvisioned in 1st person.

Other Resident Evil games - ???

So now we have the Resident Evil 2 remake. Realistically... it probably won't be the truly great follow-up to the amazing Resident Evil 4 I keep hoping will exist someday, but it does look like it is drawing inspiration from 4, especially in the camera and controls. Even if they go all out with the remake it will probably still feel more like a new take on the old style Resident Evil, being that it is based on old style Resident Evil, maybe something that feels a bit like 7 but with the controls of 4? But hey, anything even close to 4 is a good thing in my book.

Anyway here is the gameplay trailer:

And a walkthrough of the entire demo (spoilers I guess?!)

Looks sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

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Posted: 10/22/19, 05:53:01  - Edited by 
 on: 10/22/19, 05:52:56
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I'll buy it day one on the Switch!



Looks good though. I was hoping for something even more old-school, but so far so good. I hope they do Chief Irons and his wonderful insanity justice.
Posted: 06/14/18, 09:31:38
I would also buy it Day 1 for Switch, but probably pass otherwise.
Posted: 06/14/18, 17:09:05
Something I always wanted more than a RE2 remake is a mini-prequel of sorts that tells the story of how the police station was overrun. The notes you find paint such a bleak and claustrophobic picture of how it all went down, and I love it!

The Trevor family's experiences in the Spencer mansion from RE1 would make for a cool chapter as well, but it would probably not suit Resident Evil's gameplay very well. It would probably be a walking simulator that transforms into a puzzle adventure and then goes fullblown Outlast in the end. Not saying that wouldn't be awesome (I think it would be) but it probably wouldn't be anything Capcom would want or be capable of doing.

Of course, this might not be something that would be a good idea to actually make since the notes and files you found left so much up to your imagination that a canonical gameplay account of all the little details could ruin more than it enhances of the story for many people. But I think it's more interesting than a remake.

EDIT: Maybe this was a bit too much off-topic. Don't mean to distract from the actual game, it's just that it got me thinking of these things again.
Posted: 06/14/18, 18:21:40  - Edited by 
 on: 06/14/18, 18:25:21
Never played it.
Posted: 06/14/18, 19:21:47
Oh wow, that does look cool! I really enjoyed 4, couldn't get into REmake, and still need to play 7.
Posted: 06/14/18, 21:32:46
Yeah this looks really good.
Posted: 06/15/18, 03:59:25

Didn’t RE3: Nemesis basically detail how the police station (and Raccoon City as a whole) were over run?
Posted: 06/15/18, 05:48:41
It showed off more of the city and we got to revisit the police station, but pretty much everyone was dead there at that point too as far as I can remember. I want to see the whole thing, from when the first signs of the outbreak reach the town to people barricading themselves to the reactions to the chief acting weird. Stuff like that.

EDIT: Both RE2 and RE3 feature documents and people that tell the story of how the station fell, but I would like to see a game where they build the whole thing up. The increasing paranoia, horror and desperation.
Posted: 06/15/18, 08:05:25  - Edited by 
 on: 06/15/18, 09:23:46
Been waiting for REmake 2 since REmake. Up till REmake, RE2 was my favorite of the classic styled RE games so to see RE2 re-imagined is pretty exciting though I wish they'd go with the old school style with the modern graphics. I would be so all over that.
Posted: 06/15/18, 08:11:05
It looks like it might blend the gameplay I enjoy from 4 with some more survival horror elements, and I'm excited for that.

It's possible that I am just projecting these things onto the game because I want to believe them and that's not actually who she is deep down as a person no matter how real it felt.
Posted: 06/15/18, 14:42:13
Looks pretty cool. The trailer was hype!
Posted: 06/15/18, 16:09:52  - Edited by 
 on: 06/15/18, 16:10:21
This is EXACTLY what I wanted the Resident Evil 2 Remake to be. It's one of the highlights of E3 for me. I'm very excited. How many times can we actually say that actually happens in real life?
Posted: 06/17/18, 09:41:57
My greatest gaming achievement is from Resident Evil 2. I played the game in under two hours without saving and not using any first aid sprays. I think this unlocked Tofu or something. I can’t recall exactly. I LOVE all the old school RE games. REmake was incredible, and I was jazzed about the news of this remake of 2. Oddly, the reveal trailer, while a cool trailer, didn’t really endear me to the game. I think maybe I was hoping for more of a REmake style. That said, watching the gameplay trailer makes me really want to play the game. I still think I would prefer a more faithful remake (I actually love the fixed camera angles and, yes, even tank controls) but this looks great in its own right.
Posted: 06/18/18, 17:26:56
I just completed a run of Leon A yesterday with my GCN version. It is amazing how fun the game still is.
Posted: 06/19/18, 05:42:28
I am unsure if I am excited or not for this. I loved the first Resident Evil moreso for the puzzles and the way the story unfolded, and the slow approach to combat. This looks more like 4 which I haven't played. Was hoping this would be more in line with the original. So might take a bit more convincing for me to be excited for this.
Posted: 06/19/18, 06:06:27
The lack of puzzles in more modern horror games really is a downer. Ever since the survival horror genre turned into something closer to horror themed action the puzzles have gotten the short end of the stick, and that's too bad. This is part of the reason why it was so glorious to finally homebrew my Wii to play Fatal Frame IV, because even though it's ten years old it feels more like what I want current day horror to be than many other contemporary games.

But if you haven't played Resident Evil 4 you really should look into it. It's certainly heavy on the action, but it does build a pretty great atmosphere, and it often replaces the old school horror sensation with a stressed out kind of feeling that's very effective in its own way. The first third of the game is absolutely brilliant, at least.
Posted: 06/19/18, 10:34:47  - Edited by 
 on: 06/19/18, 10:35:40
I do hope that the keep the exploration that the classic RE games were known for. I personally really enjoyed them even when the puzzles made nary a lick of sense.
Posted: 06/19/18, 20:52:55
@Pokefreak911 You should play Resident Evil 4, I love the old style Resident Evil games but I LOVE Resident Evil 4. Though I wonder how it would feel to play it for the first time now. It felt pretty innovative at the time but it might feel dated now.

@chrisbg99 It looks like it is definitely keeping the general map from the game so it probably won't be linear like Resident Evil 4 was. I kind of feel like it's not actually going to be too much like Resident Evil 4 outside of camera and controls, it'll probably still feel more like the old style games at the core. For instance the old style maps tend to be more constrained... there isn't much room for an all out RE 4 village style swarm of enemies. It'll probably stay more tight and more focused on individual encounters.
Posted: 06/19/18, 22:15:52  - Edited by 
 on: 06/19/18, 22:21:18
I am v excited.
Posted: 06/20/18, 02:43:12

That's the best way to look at remakes... enjoy them for what they are and appreciate the fact that they aren't replacing the original experience. It'll always be there to go back to.
Posted: 06/21/18, 05:33:26
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