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Splatoon Final Weeks' Stats
Alrighty… last night I played what will be my last Splatoon match before Splatoon 2 comes out. I leave for a trip tomorrow and I plan to extensively play Splatoon 2's Splatfest Demo tonight but I will need to dedicate the day to preparations for my big trip. That said, I decided to log my stats for the last matches within the last month prior to Splatoon 2's release. Here's the summary of that endeavor.

I started logging my matches on June 19th, 2017 and did not stop until yesterday, July 14th, 2017. That is a total of 26 days. In that time I logged 34 hours and 28 minutes in the game. This averages out to 1 hour and 19.5 minutes in game per day (though I did miss a couple days). My lifelong total play time for Splatoon has reached 677 hours and 8 minutes with 633 total play sessions. That in itself averages out to 1 hour and 4 minutes per play session over the life of the game.

The total matches I played in this 'last month' span was 335 matches. I was the top player on my team 231 times which means I have a 'Top Dog' rating of 69%. The most points I earned in a single match occurred on July 7th, in the Urchin Underpass stage, and totaled a whopping 2,605 points. My highest Win % was 83.9% and my lowest opponent Loss % was 5.1%. That surely must have been some drops on the other team. My average points score when you factor out the 1,000 point bonus is still a 912 point average. My average with the bonus was 1,659 points.

I won 250 of the matches and lost 85 of them which means I have an overall Win % of 74.6% of matches won. My most played stages over the course of the period were Camp Triggerfish with 31 plays, Saltspray Rig with 29 plays, and Urchin Underpass with 27 plays. My least played courses over the period were Hammerhead Bridge with 13 plays, Walleye Warehouse with 12 plays, and Bluefin Depot with 7 plays. Sad that one wasn't up more when I could play. Walleye Warehouse should have been the least played because I frankly hate it so… well hate's a strong word, but it's easily my least favorite, which used to be Kelp Dome.

While that describes how often I played stages, what was my average with the wins and splats? Which stages were my best and worst? Well, I calculated that too. From a Wins vs Losses standpoint, very surprisingly Camp Triggerfish was my worst stage. It was the only stage where I lost more than I won, and here it was just by one single match. Disappointing! Also surprising was my best stage for Wins over Losses, Kelp Dome! I managed a 20 win to 2 loss rank on that one. I do have my ‘typical’ strategy on that and I do recall a few times that there were drops. Perhaps had the drops not helped, Mahi-Mahi Resort would have took the spot since I had a 20/3 ratio there and I recall there wasn’t a lot of connectivity errors on that stage. From a Splat to Death ratio standpoint, my worst stage was in fact Mahi-Mahi Resort as I took 79 people down in that stage but was splatted 72 times. Almost a one-to-one ratio. My best stage for splat-domination is naturally Kelp Dome where I had 177 splats to 41 times being splatted. However if that stage wasn’t slightly askew, Urchin Underpass with it’s 188 to 60 splat ratio would have taken the cake.

I suppose there isn’t too much more to say now but I need my sleep. The last stat I can think of right now is that the Closest Match was a whopping 0.1%. Oh! Also, my total points earned was 555,630 across the matches. Thanks for reading if you did. I had a lot of fun. I always will have a lot of fun with Splatoon. Of course, I cannot wait for Splatoon 2. **does weird body motion in shape of a 2**

To cap this post off, please enjoy this YouTube Video of my final match before I turned off the game, Match 335 on July 14th, 2017. The last minute in particular was a great come from behind moment. Thanks and enjoy. I hope you’ll all join in the fun next week when Splatoon 2 releases. Until then, go download that Splatfest Demo and play tonight! (I might just be downloading the European one now to play early… because well… Splatoon.)

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Posted: 07/15/17, 19:38:52  - Edited by 
 on: 07/15/17, 19:40:26
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Thorough, as always, Stephen! I admire your dedicaiton to the statistical arts.

Along with your win ratio, which is much, much higher than mine.
Posted: 07/18/17, 00:06:12  - Edited by 
 on: 07/18/17, 00:06:57
To be 100% fair, wouldn't a decent amount of that time be the loading screens? The game was kinda loady (including lobby waits) wasn't it?

I wanna track my Smash stats to but can't tell how much of that time is eaten away by loads and waits.

Still, impressive numbers! How did you even track some of this stuff? And you got total playtime from the Wii U records right?
Posted: 07/18/17, 08:23:27  - Edited by 
 on: 07/18/17, 08:26:55
It's incredibly likely that you've played Splatoon more than I've played... any one game. You could make a possible exception for Tetris if you include every variant.

Then again, I haven't played an MMO, a MOBA, or Minecraft, the most common huge time sinks.

Posted: 07/18/17, 16:53:25

Yes, total playtime on Wii U. The rest was just tracked with my spreadsheet over 335 matches.
Posted: 07/19/17, 00:24:56
Numbers everywhere! I like how detailed all this is. I'm curious what a SSB breakdown would look like.

Also, your records make me feel woefully incompetent at Splatoon! What's your favorite weapon set?
Posted: 07/19/17, 01:49:46

I use primarily the N'Zap 89 and a specific set of gear. I'll post it this weekend when I get back home. Currently relaxing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Posted: 07/19/17, 02:31:31
Door County? Washington Island? I went camping there once. It was a trip. It's like going back a few centuries. Mackinac Island, too!
Posted: 07/19/17, 02:52:15
Not a bad set! I remember the Aerospray and its variant being far and away the best set, for me at least. My brother too. When we'd use that it wasn't even fair. I only broke it out when I wanted to all but assure a win.
Posted: 07/19/17, 03:42:30

Near Mackinac but mainland. Went to see Tahquamenon Falls yesterday. Just braved a thunderstorm this evening.


I don't think I've used that one much. I've seen it a lot though so I can see it's popular.
Posted: 07/19/17, 12:05:16
You woulda torn up with it! Its rate of fire is I think the highest in the game?
Posted: 07/19/17, 18:42:28
@carlosrox Yeah, the Aerospray line is a real beast in Turf War, in terms of painting at least. From what I've seen and used, it can soak up more paint points than any other weapon. However, it also has a wide spread and low range, so it isn't very good at combat. The N-Zap line is one of the more accurate weapons in the game, and also has fairly fast mobility, so it's quite deadly in a steady-handed player.
Posted: 07/19/17, 21:11:36
@Mop it up
I liked the N Zap when I first unlocked it but I remember disliking something about it later. Rate of fire? Spread? Maybe i just took to the Aerospray better.
Posted: 07/19/17, 21:24:39
@carlosrox The main weakness of the N-Zap is its high ink consumption, so perhaps it was that? I usually use at least one Ink Saver Main ability when I use an N-Zap. to make up for that a bit,
Posted: 07/19/17, 21:33:41
@Mop it up
Yeah that might be it. Plus didn't it come with a sub weapon that ate up a lot of ink?

Been a while since I even touched Splatoon 1 unfortunately.
Posted: 07/19/17, 22:59:04
@carlosrox The '89 model has the Sprinkler which uses a lot to throw, but the '85 version has Splat Bombs which are less than the Sprinkler but still on the higher end. The later '83 model has the Point Sensor which doesn't use much.
Posted: 07/19/17, 23:19:20
DrFinkelstein said:
@Mop it up
Check it! If someone has more time than I, I've gotta know about it. I've taken a couple of prolonged breaks over the years but despite being so into Splatoon on Wii U.
Oh yeah, I just remembered that I forgot to check this for you. Apparently I can't make Miiverse screens of the Daily Log, so I'll just have to boringly state that my time is 755:25. That's also second to Super Mario Maker. It sure is nice to participate in one mess I'm not responsible for cleaning up!
Posted: 07/22/17, 22:37:06  - Edited by 
 on: 07/22/17, 22:37:34
@Mop it up

How many play sessions is that?
Posted: 07/23/17, 06:32:33
@DrFinkelstein It's 312.

You may also find this interesting: https://splatoon.nintendo.net/profile/b915ce19e75543d33350afd8fc4da4c7

As you can see, I liked to use a wide variety of sets!
Posted: 07/27/17, 22:19:31
Impressive. There's a slew that I barely touched but when I found my N'Zap 89… you can see I well over maxed it. Well, you can see I maxed it anyway.

Posted: 07/28/17, 01:57:27
Loved the video. You even got the original game's iconic orange versus blue match-up for your last match!

My last few matches before switching to Splatoon 2 felt bittersweet. The game is only a couple years old, but having played it consistently since launch made it leave a big impression on me.
Posted: 07/28/17, 06:12:07  - Edited by 
 on: 07/28/17, 06:12:56
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