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What is your favorite core Pokemon Game? [poll]
Red, Blue, Yellow (2/17 votes)
Gold, Silver, Crystal (9/17 votes)
Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald (0/17 votes)
Diamond, Pearl, Platinum (2/17 votes)
Black, White (1/17 vote)
Black 2, White 2 (0/17 votes)
X, Y (0/17 votes)
Fire Red, Leaf Green (1/17 vote)
Soul Silver, Heart Gold (1/17 vote)
Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire (1/17 vote)
Mine is Soul Silver. It's such a fantastic remake and the ability to go back to Kanto is just the icing on the cake. After this one, I'd have to say Fire Red and then X.

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Posted: 03/03/16, 06:42:29
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I really enjoy Y and I really enjoyed Crystal. I liked Yellow a lot too.

I think I might pick Crystal because it was before things got so overboard. I really think ~150 Pokémon is a much more elegant system than ~700. So I don't mind SOME of the expansion past it, but it just seems so bloated now.
Posted: 03/03/16, 06:49:39
My personal ranking for Pokemon generations goes as follows


Gen 4 cops a lot of flack, but that game had a hell of a lot of content, more than any generation that has come since. Played the hell out of Diamond. Gen 5 failed to ever impress me, and my thoughts on Gen 6 are easy to find (I enjoyed the game a great deal and it felt very refreshing for me as someone who disliked the previous generation)
Before Gen 4 however we have 2 generations that heavily influenced my childhood (Gen 1 and 2), and one generation that heavily let me down as a kid. Generation 3 stripped a lot of good stuff from 2 and felt like a much smaller game. The story wasn't really all that interesting either, nor were the characters in my opinion.
Posted: 03/03/16, 07:03:06  - Edited by 
 on: 03/03/16, 07:07:49
I guess Platinum by default as it is the only one I have played.
Posted: 03/03/16, 07:03:45
I think the one I actually felt really into at the time was Black. I loved all of them with mybe the exception of Pokemon Diamond. I thought Diamond just didn't really leave an impact on me.

Something about Black though, I found really appealing. I liked the sprite work, even if it looked really low res. I loved the battle theme, which felt different from the others. I liked the faster text scrolling. Everything felt very fast in the game. I actually liked that I didn't see any of the old Pokemon, and instead got acquainted with new ones like Krookodile. I liked the season aspect of the game as well, which made things feel a little more alive. I just liked a lot of it and I feel like it's kind of an overlooked Pokemon game for some reason.
Posted: 03/03/16, 07:21:37
Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal added SO MUCH to the Pokemon formula, and it felt HUGE. Having Kanto to explore in the post game was a big, big, big surprise to me at the time as well.

I'm willing to bet the remakes are better versions, but my experience playing through Gold hasn't been topped yet.
Posted: 03/03/16, 09:00:45
I really enjoyed the Gold/Silver era but I feel the remakes did a fine job of retuning them to make them even better.
Posted: 03/03/16, 12:53:32
Any of the ones that first appeared on a consol...... oh, wait.
Posted: 03/03/16, 14:48:40
TheOldManFromZelda said:
Any of the ones that first appeared on a consol...... oh, wait.
Posted: 03/03/16, 16:28:49
Gold/Silver/Crystal, hands-down.

@TheOldManFromZelda, @Mr_Mustache

Guys. The games are called Pokémon. That's short for *POCKET* Monsters.
Posted: 03/03/16, 16:38:49
I never played past Gold/Silver (and their N64 proving grounds for pro players, Stadium 2). And while I don't think that generation added all that many memorable 'Mon, it did expand upon the features of the first game in so many ways, and the return trip to Kanto was a mind-blowing surprise. So those get my vote.

But Pokemon Snap is the true core of the Pokemon series.
Posted: 03/03/16, 16:41:09
nate38 said:
But Pokemon Snap is the true core of the Pokemon series.

Posted: 03/03/16, 16:45:45
Nothing touches the originals for me. Of course, I did skip Gen 2 as a kid.
Posted: 03/03/16, 20:16:04
Blue, easy. Not even close.

But I agree with Nate about Pokemon Snap. That and Puzzle League are my second two favorite Pokemon games for sure.
Posted: 03/03/16, 21:40:27
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum gets my vote. Platinum specifically is my favorite Pokemon game.

There are many reasons why Platinum is my favorite, but the music plays a big role. The soundtrack is so rich and nostalgic.
Posted: 03/03/16, 22:05:20
I can't seem to understand why people enjoy Pokémon Snap. Every time someone says that they like that game, I end up being baffled and enter into a state of complete confusion.

@nate38 and @J.K. Riki Use Confusion on @GameDadGrant by saying they enjoy Pokémon Snap!

GameDadGrant is confused!
Posted: 03/03/16, 22:05:36
@GameDadGrantYou just don't get it man!

Itd actually be cool if they took away the 'onrails' part of that game, replaced the camera with actually, y'know, catching Pokémon, but retained the puzzle elements of the game.

Like to catch certain Pokémon, you have to lure them out, or force others to evolve by manipulating events around them, stuff like that.

It'd be neat.

Actually just add that mechanic to my theoretical console adventure.
Posted: 03/03/16, 22:33:08
Pokemon Snap is good. I'd say like an 8/10 or so. I don't really get the cult following, but it's a fun and enjoyable and unique FPS. Yes, I called it an FPS.

Pokemon Puzzle League is really good, although it's not really Pokemon-y. More Panel de Pon with Pokemon skin. IT SKINNED POKEMON. OH MAN
Posted: 03/03/16, 22:44:00

Pokemon Snap oozes creativity. Even today, how many games are like it? Very, very few. As T-bun said, it was unique. SUPER unique. Plus it expanded the Pokemon Universe in a cool way, bringing Todd from the show into the mix. It was also fun, which is hard to say for a lot of Pokemon spin-offs sometimes.

Pokemon Snap is a shining example of what I want to see in video game development. TRYING stuff. Not playing it safe, but still making a big, meaty full-release. Even my beloved Puzzle League (as T-bun also said) was just Panel de Pon with Pokemon. Not really breaking outside any boxes. Pokemon Snap (and things like Katamari Damacy, Chibi Robo, Seaman, Parappa the Rappa...) show that you don't have to be an Indie Dev to buck trends and really stretch your creativity. They shine a bright light of imagination on an otherwise very, very derivative industry.

Posted: 03/03/16, 23:53:52
@J.K. Riki

The only real problem was that it was *short*

I borrowed the game off my cousins one Christmas and had it fully completed within a single day.
Posted: 03/03/16, 23:57:02
When it comes to an iterative series like this, my fave one is usually the one I played first. The reason is because it was the one that felt the most new and fresh. That doesn't necessarily make it the best game, just the one I enjoyed the most. Therefore, my fave is Gold because I played it first. The games are similar enough that when I feel like replaying one, I just play a new one that I hadn't played yet. I didn't play one last year, so I'll probably play Black sometime this year.

When Pokémon first came out in the US, I was 12 I think. Even at that age, I felt like the games were too kiddy, so I had no interest in them. As the popularity of it swiftly increased, I even became annoyed with the franchise and hated it, since it was everywhere and the behavior of the Monz was pretty annoying. I enjoyed beating up Pikachu and Jigglypuff in Super Smash Bros. It wasn't until I possessed the mature mind of an adult that I could actually see the games for what they were, and though some of those factors still annoy me, it's easy to ignore them.

Many years later, during a holiday family visit, my younger cousin gave me his copy of Pokémon Gold, saying that he doesn't like the game anymore and never plays it. I don't think it was until into 2006 that I would finally feel like giving the game a try, but once I did, I discovered that it was actually a very solid formula and a good execution of it, just in an annoying wrapper. Still, I liked the game a lot, so I would eventually seek out the others over the years. I went with Blue next, I figured I might as well go through the series in order from now. I appreciated what it did to get the franchise started, but it felt inferior to Gold in every way, and it was pretty primitive in the amount of stuff it didn't tell you. I was glad that I played Gold first so that I knew how stuff worked.

I wasn't into the series when the Gen III games released. I picked up a cheap copy of Emerald in late 2007, it had to have been then as I recall playing it as I camped to buy a Wii in January 2008. It wasn't as good as Gen II because of what it was missing, and I also didn't like some of the new stuff it did such as abilities. I did enjoy the Contests, though. I also did not own a DS so it wasn't until 2011 when I got my 3DS that I would get into Gen IV with Platinum. I currently own one or two games from each Gen.

My order of what I played would be:
Gold > HeartGold > X > Platinum > Blue > Emerald
Posted: 03/04/16, 00:30:39
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