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07/17/19, 19:05 by 
Rewind feature looks neat, no more save scumming needed! ... [more]
07/17/19, 16:52 by 
And I just bought new ones! Should have waited! ... [more]
07/17/19, 16:43 by 
One of my most anticipated games! Who else is pumped?! ... [more]
07/16/19, 23:04 by 
This is a kind of strange announcement, since Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 are generally considered much better games than Banana Blitz was. I'd hope that this leads to more new Super Monkey Ball in the ... [more]
06/11/19, 22:06 by 
Wow, what a direct, huh? Letís just jump right into it. My top 10 moments from the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct! ... [more]
06/07/19, 18:53 by 
Looks like they are doing a 3D overworld / 2D levels type thing for the sequel? Hopefully they worked out whatever kinks caused issues in the original game. ... [more]
06/07/19, 05:19 by 
Mostly just pumped to see Luigi's Mansion 3 in action. How about you? ... [more]
05/15/19, 21:08 by 
Welcome to Hidden Nindies, a (no longer very) new feature where we put the spotlight on some of the lesser known indie games on current Nintendo platforms! We donít have a strict line drawn for deter ... [more]
05/06/19, 22:06 by 
The original Devil May Cry that is. I don't have a ton of experience with the franchise but I played and enjoyed the first one! ... [more]
04/25/19, 16:15 by 
This almost feels like a massive troll, months of hype, Joker in Smash and no actual Persona 5, just some... Dynasty Warriors type game? ... [more]
04/03/19, 18:00 by 
Link ... [more]
03/20/19, 18:45 by 
Some of the notable Switch games: ... [more]
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