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Posted: 12/12/15, 01:21:41 by 
I'm back, baby! And I have come bearing... a roundtable... (more)
Posted: 10/25/15, 18:56:02 by 
It seems like a longshot to me, considering that Nintendo would be kind of entrusting their hardware future to Google, but I think it would have quite a few advantages... (more)
Posted: 10/25/15, 18:41:32 by 
The Treehouse really seems to have a younger, hipper vibe these days. I don't know if I would've ever imagined the term "adorbs" popping up in a Zelda game. And the Smash 4 Trophy descriptions are fairly irreverent, as well... (more)
Posted: 10/19/15, 20:16:29 by 
"Welp" is kind of a fun word. It's got sort of this air of resignation to it... (more)
Posted: 10/17/15, 03:07:30 by 
The developers behind Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 recently revealed that all of the game's campaign missions will be available from the start without having to play them in the intended order. They called the traditional system of the next mission unlocking after you beat the previous one "archaic": (more)
Posted: 09/06/15, 00:18:12 by 
I'm going to let you define "the end" however you want, provided it makes some sense. End stage, end boss, or at least close enough. Whatever. Basically, you were close, but for one reason or another, just couldn't or didn't want to finish it off... (more)
Posted: 08/13/15, 02:26:31 by 
On a recent Radio Free Nintendo, the panel was discussing the failed Red Ash Kickstarter and they mentioned how it failed because Comcept hadn't proven anything yet. Mighty No. 9 has been subject to several delays and still isn't out. The host juxtaposed this situation to Yacht Club Games and Shovel Knight. If, and when, Yacht Club Games goes back to Kickstarter, he said, they'll be sure to find much more success... (more)
Posted: 07/23/15, 21:45:57 by 
Yep, I'm makin' it a roundtable... (more)
Posted: 07/09/15, 19:28:01 by 
I've heard rumblings that some think the writing's on the wall for the Wii U after StarFox Zero. Should we take Nintendo's "close to the chest" approach for this year's E3 as them just being secretive as usual, or do you think they really don't have much more Wii U stuff after this year?.. (more)
Posted: 07/09/15, 02:43:54 by 
The CEO of DeNA, Nintendo's partner in their new mobile gaming venture, recently explained that the partnership will initially result in five games across different genres: (more)
Posted: 07/03/15, 18:22:03 by 
When a new console generation starts there is a variable amount of time before you play something and you are truly blown away at what is possible with the new hardware. It feels like at that moment the potential of the coming years will run wild and that the medium is moving forward. So let's go generation by generation and talk about what we thought that moment or game to be... (more)
Posted: 06/29/15, 23:12:34 by 
It reoccurred to me recently that Nintendo really doesn't make games in the same way as most other current developers. I mean, if you look at it historically, we started with arcade games, which usually made the most of a single mechanic. A limited amount of content, but high replay value. Then the shift to home consoles sort of broadened the scope of a video game. Now we could have adventures (even on the 2600!). Which first meant bigger worlds in which to ply that limited set of mechanics. But soon that definition evolved to include games in which the mechanics expanded and changed over time, resulting in a more varied (but perhaps less pure) experience. In it's early history, Nintendo was a key component of this evolution from arcade games (Donkey Kong, Balloon Fight) to expanded arcade-styled games (Super Mario Bros.) to more realized worlds with more varied mechanics (The Legend of Zelda, Metroid). Over time, Nintendo has further refined its ideal of video game design. Basically, a gameplay-driven experience, in which creative level design and/or new abilities keep the experience fresh over the course of the game. We love that shit, right?.. (more)
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