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Posted: 05/21/14, 09:17:59 by 
Crispin Freeman (more)
Posted: 05/20/14, 04:41:03 by 
I was checking through the ACen panel programming and noticed a pretty neat sounding panel called "Create Your Own Mega Man Robot Master!" My first thought was "Who is the super cool and obviously intelligent and (probably?) sexy person who put this panel together?" And then of course I remembered that it was actually me. After my experience at ACen last year I decided to submit my own panel, and it was accepted, so here we are!.. (more)
Posted: 05/19/14, 22:10:04 by 
We're back! My ACen 2013 top 10 nintendo-related cosplay list was a pretty big hit last year, with close to 5k views, so of course I had to do another one this year! I think this list will be even better, because I actually went to some photoshoots this time, including one that was specifically for Nintendo characters. However, I want to focus on individuals and small groups of people who were clearly together, so I'll put some of the bigger group photos after my list, as well as the non-Nintendo and non-video-game stuff. Plenty of cosplay for everyone!.. (more)
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