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Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8.26/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D on the 3DS!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Anyone playing this? I'm curious how it compares to the Wii version, and I'd enjoy reading first-time-player impressions.

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Posted: 05/24/13, 21:31:31  - Edited by 
 on: 05/28/13, 21:12:34
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Pokefreak911 said:
I think that Donkey Kong Land Returns would have been a much better title for the 3DS than a Wii Port.
What is this you refer to? I've never heard of it?
Posted: 06/26/13, 19:30:47

He's saying that a new Donkey Kong Land would have been better for the 3DS, rather than a port of the Wii game.

You've played (or at least, heard of) the Donkey Kong Land game before though, right?
Posted: 06/26/13, 20:44:09  - Edited by 
 on: 06/26/13, 20:44:27
No! Never played it! It should come to VC.

About new games vs. ports I'm torn, I sort of want both. I'd love to have Twilight Princess on the 3DS with CPP support, that would blow my mind.
Posted: 06/26/13, 21:38:24  - Edited by 
 on: 06/26/13, 21:39:35
Donkey Kong 3D Land would have been awesome. It was pretty cool that they were able to get DKC-like games to work on the Game Boy. Some of the levels felt really cramped due to the smaller screen area, but it was manageable.
Posted: 06/27/13, 01:58:34
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