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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread 19: Zelda Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons [community]

The lands of Labrynna and Holodrum cry out for a saviour.
The forces of evil are gaining power.
The Triforce summons you.

As Link, take up your sword once more to determine the fate of two worlds, in the Game Boy Colour classics. Wield the powers of the Oracles to traverse time and control the seasons. And link your quests to reveal the hidden truth in an epic meta-adventure that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Primary Discussion Begins on page 3!

Heroes of Power
(Complete Oracle of Seasons)

Heroes of Wisdom
(Complete Oracle of Ages)

Heroes of Courage
(Complete the linked ending to both games)

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05/20/13, 17:26    Edited: 08/09/13, 02:04
VofEscaflowne said:
I've never played these before... but I hear from some people that they're not all that good and others (in this thread) that it's great. I'm confused!

They are good, just not among the best. I'd say Link's Awakening is still the best handheld one, but Ages is a pretty solid entry. I've never been much of a fan of Seasons, because it was more combat focused and I felt like the villain was pretty terrible. They are worth a purchase, I just wouldn't walk in thinking you are getting something like Link's Awakening. Together they are better than apart, but Ages is the better of the two (IMO).
05/21/13, 05:16   
I have always found LA to be mediocre in almost every respect. Good game, but people are blind.
05/21/13, 05:32   
@Pokefreak911 - I wouldn't use the word "blind", but otherwise, I'm with you. I prefer the Oracles to LA.

For me, TMC > OoA > OoS > LA > PH > ST > FS as far as the handheld games go.
05/21/13, 07:23   
Edited: 05/21/13, 07:24
Yeah, it may just be us being the blind ones and failing to see the greatness of LA.

For me it goes: OoA > OoS = LA = ST = FS > TMC > PH
05/21/13, 07:29   
05/23/13, 08:29   
I finally finished Link's Awakening two nights ago, after almost 12 years of owning it. My body is ready for Oracle of Ages.
05/26/13, 07:31   

Now convince Stephen to do the same.

He hasn't even started it yet!
05/26/13, 07:37   

Are you KIDDING? He has Halo to play, forget about it.
05/26/13, 11:09   

Hey he at least bought the game.

That puts him far ahead of MH playing handheld racists.
05/26/13, 11:11   

Eh. You guys can fool around in the Minor Leagues all you want, but until you come to The Bigs...well, you know the rest.
05/26/13, 11:13   

Speaking of things that are out of your league, is Nikki going to be joining Oracle club next week?

Ask her!
05/26/13, 11:21   

Beyond Doubtful.

She WILL be getting Animal Crossing: New Leaf though!
05/26/13, 11:21   

We wouldn't mind playing in the "big leagues" but the Wii U has no games.
05/27/13, 21:27   

I may be a bit off, I'm not exactly sure when the update is
05/28/13, 04:46   

Close enough! This whole monday holiday business is making me forget how close thursday really is!
05/28/13, 04:57   
Almost there...
05/29/13, 02:31   
05/29/13, 02:40   

I'll convert the thread over when I get home tonight
05/29/13, 23:10   
Gonna replace the batteries in my GBC. Also need to find a back for it, a piece of cardboard should suffice.
05/30/13, 03:00   

Digital copies FTW.

And we're ready to go! The titles should be up on the E-Shop soon, so go nuts whenever you're ready.

You can play these in any order you like. As has already been stated, Ages is more puzzle heavy, whilst Seasons is orientated towards combat. You do start with an extra heart in a linked game, so if you want to start one title with more of an edge, choose that as your second game.

PS. Can a mod change this to a community thread? Or can Zero just make me a mod already?
05/30/13, 11:26   
Edited: 05/30/13, 11:26
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