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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS
9.02/10 from 35 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS!

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review (Nintendo 3DS) (9.7)  by  

Animal Crossing... I still remember getting up early before heading to my high school classes just to see what Tom Nook was selling that day. This game series has always held such a dear place in my heart. I think it has to do with the fact that heading to the land of Plaisant, Tranquil, or other towns of mine always being a great escape for me. Making Bells, filling my catalog, and fishing in the ocean were always points of peace for me. While I've been very public about my discontent with AC: City Folk, I have a new-found hope once more for New Leaf. From all the information that has been dished out due to the game's release already in Japan, and Nintendo pushing more information through Nintendo Directs, I am confident this game will be a fresh take on a classic and comforting idea.

The game released in North America on June 9th, 2013 and released in other territories shortly after.

Please use this thread for all discussion on the game. If you would like to make trades or visit towns, please use the specific Animal Crossing New Leaf Trading Thread for further assistance. It makes more sense to keep this focused on the gameplay and game discussion while leaving bartering out of it. There are no Friend Codes this time around for Animal Crossing, which is a blessing! Many of us have already befriended ourselves via the 3DS Friend Codes Thread thread. That thread will be where we continue to befriend each other and trade 3DS IDs for the sake of visiting each other's towns.

Many many years ago I discovered a wonderful Animal Crossing website which has a great catalog feature set up. Now, the new game will mean it'll take time for the site to get a full correct catalog up and running but I expect it to work beautifully once more to allow anyone to track their catalog there. You can find this website at the Animal Crossing Community page. They also have forums there which are very active right now in anticipation of this game. Granted, the general age of the members of that site fall a bit lower than here, but I've found over all the years I've been there that the discussion is still mostly pleasant and easy.

Lastly, I want you all to enjoy the music from this new game or any of the games, whenever you want. The following site will allow you to hear the "Xam" or "Xpm" music that would naturally occur in your life right now as if you were in the game. You can select from any of the Animal Crossing games and the music will continually loop until the hour changes. It's pretty cool. You can find that page here. It's by default at the City Folk music.

So again, everyone enjoy this game! Enjoy this discussion! If you're interested in being negative about the title, just find your way to a different thread for that because this thread is about the experience and meant to bring the community together during the launch of one of the most community driven games Nintendo offers.

Say hello to Kapp'n, cause we're about to make it into town on June 9th.

(One more quick note; Keep an eye out for the game's review, which I will write sometime in the end of June probably.)

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A 2013 Holidays Calendar can be found on Page 4 or at the link posted.

A Reviews Round-up can be found on Page 6 or at the link posted.

A Music Appreciation segment can be found on Page 7 or at the link posted.

A Nintendo World Store Release Photo Gallery can be found on Page 9 or at the link posted.

A list of Dream Towns of note can be found on page 25 or at the link posted.

For trading turnips and turnip discussion please use the Animal Crossing New Leaf Turnip Thread thread.

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05/20/13, 01:54   Edit:  06/27/13, 00:31
Why not sign up for a (free) account?
06/27/15, 16:09
So I got pulled back into this game and have been sort of messing around. Anyways today has been a good day, I finally got a request for a police station going and then I had good old Merengue have that fun little moving talk (The town will certainly not be the same without this... unique... creature roaming the streets.)

Anyways I've waited too long to get a request for the Police Station and now I can happily place it between those two rocks so I have a permanent buffer to use when scouring for money-rocks... err I mean i will put it between those rocks for the sake security and peace in the town as a whole.

And more sharks showed up during my beetle farming trip then usual which is always nice. I got two whale sharks (one of which went to the museum) and a regular one which is nice.

The only way this would get better is if one of those Lazy Campers who can apparently be coerced into buying all your beetles for 30-50k apiece turned up in my village.

Oh for goodness sake...
10/16/15, 05:44   Edit:  10/16/15, 05:46
Apparently new updates are coming now, over 3 years after the game released?! Have they been doing regular updates or is this a completely out of nowhere thing?

11/01/16, 16:23   Edit:  11/01/16, 16:23
They announced this a long while back, although the Direct is news.
It'll be mostly amiibo support. I'm hoping there's more to it because it'll take something special to bring me back to my broken town.
11/01/16, 16:50
ploot said:

It'll be mostly amiibo sup

11/01/16, 18:43
I don't recognize that character next to K.K. so there's tgat.
11/01/16, 20:21
Yeah, we knew this update was coming a while ago, but tomorrow seems like we'll actually get to see what all the updates actually are! Neat.
11/01/16, 20:38
The update is live, for those who are interested.

All in all, it seems pretty great, although not great enough to make me want to seriously jump back in.
I've already done pretty much everything I want to with New Leaf, and new villagers aren't really going to persuade me otherwise.

I will boot it up to dabble a bit, but I can't see myself getting absorbed like I was all those years ago.

ALTHOUGH, adding PUZZLE LEAGUE to a game is always a great idea!
11/02/16, 20:26   Edit:  11/02/16, 20:28
I guess the sad future of Animal Crossing is gobs and piles of amiibo junk... :(
11/02/16, 20:30
@Mop it up
They even managed to ruin Animal Crossing's Puzzle League (the best puzzle game ever) by giving the user amiibo-powered special moves.
11/02/16, 20:40   Edit:  11/02/16, 20:40
Here's the Direct in case anyone missed it:

11/02/16, 22:56
Hm, any new non-Amiibo features?
11/02/16, 23:25

YES! Nook Homes now offers... THE SECRET STORE ROOM! Seriously, this is awesome. Or, at least, I hope it will be. I just ordered it ($158B), to be "built" tomorrow. It adds four menu layers of storage available, I think, at all times.

Once you buy this, and take a "class," you can start rearranging your house as easily as you can in Happy Home Designer. TOTALLY RAD.

There are also two new mini games; an island adventure (multiplayer, I think) playable via the Wii U in-game console, and a puzzle game via the in-game 3DS console. I don't know how you get these console items yet.

And, the campground, an all new area built near the town tree, is available to visit. Even without Amiibo you can visit RV guests and order items featured in their RV. You can also buy stuff at Harvey's mini shop that's not available anywhere else. You can't buy them with bells, though!

Also, new town initiatives have been added, and a MEOW CAT machine outside the town hall. You use MEOW coupons you earn via initiatives to buy stuff at Harvey's shop.

I haven't played in a year, but am super stoked to start up again.
11/03/16, 02:58   Edit:  11/03/16, 03:02
The ability to rearrange your furniture similarly to Happy Home Designer is also a very welcome addition. It and the Secret Store Room are probably my favourite "fixes."
11/03/16, 03:02   Edit:  11/03/16, 03:03

I edited that in just as you mentioned it! I don't know how I missed mentioning something this cool, as you are right... It's one of the best bits of the update. HHD was so much fun because of this.
11/03/16, 03:04

Yes. Watch the video I just embedded! You goon!
11/03/16, 05:38
Heh. Nintendo pokes fun at itself for Wii U failure with the Animal Crossing update.

Also, here is a list of all the things the update does:

Work with amiibo!

Wisp’s Wishes: By finding the magic lamp in the main game, players will unlock amiibo functionality. Once acquired, the lamp can be used once a day to summon the ghostly Wisp. Simply tap an amiibo and invite that respective amiibo character to your town, or receive a daily item. Want to live in a town full of ducks? Or cows? By using specific amiibo, that wish can come true!

New amiibo Cards: Players can pick up 50 new Animal Crossing amiibo cards that launch on 11 November, and on 25 November the Sanrio Collaboration Pack will also be available. All these cards not only include cool new villagers, but also their RVs as well! And speaking of those RVs…

New RV campground: After updating the game, players will notice a new area in their town. This new campground offers different interactions with special villagers and new shopping opportunities, as well as Harvey, a hilarious new character that will assist with all campground needs. By tapping a certain amiibo figure or card, that character will show up in their stylish custom RV. This even applies to some non-Animal Crossing amiibo like the Inklings from Splatoon and Wolf Link!

More to Play!: By finding a Wii U item or New Nintendo 3DS XL / New Nintendo 3DS item in an RV at the campground, players can unlock two new games and purchase them with MEOW Coupons. The Wii U console unlocks the Desert Island Escape game, while Animal Crossing Puzzle League can be accessed with the New Nintendo 3DS XL / New Nintendo 3DS item. The Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS items can be obtained via fortune cookies at the Nooklings’ shop, but it’s be much easier to obtain these items by scanning any of the 16 Animal Crossing amiibo figures. Certain Animal Crossing amiibo figures and cards can also be used while playing these new games.

No amiibo needed!

MEOW Coupons: By earning new MEOW (Mutual Exchange of Wealth) coupons players can get unique in-game items at the RV campground or from visiting animal friends. To earn these coupons, players must complete new Town Initiatives, like pulling a set amount of weeds or gathering certain seashells.

Say Cheese!: With the new amiibo Camera mode, you can take the coolest in-game selfies ever. By gathering your favourite villagers, you can snap a photo and save it to view whenever you like. You can even share with friends using the 3DS Image Share tool. No amiibo are needed for this mode, but by tapping an amiibo card you can take photos of any animal friends who don’t live in your town!

What Do you Do With a New Storeroom?: Store things, of course! In Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo, players can purchase a new secret storeroom for their house at Nook’s Homes. The secret storeroom can be accessed from anywhere in the house and stores tons of collectibles. Maybe it can even be used to hide a dusty old treasure map in there. Isn’t that where all dusty old treasure maps are stored?

Decorating Is Easier Than Ever!: Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo lets players customise their homes by moving around their furniture and items using the touch screen. Making setting up a perfectly styled room easier than ever.

Happy Home, Happy Transfer: Players with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer save data on their Nintendo 3DS system, can transfer it to purchase giant furniture in Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo. This new furniture is huge and will definitely make an impression in any home!
11/05/16, 17:23   Edit:  11/05/16, 17:27
@GameDadGrant Thanks for the info. I wouldn't have minded having things like the storeroom back then, but at this point it isn't enough for me to go back to the game. I'd rather just wait for the next AC game, which may not be too far off on NSwitch since this one released a while ago...!
11/05/16, 20:29   Edit:  11/08/16, 22:01
Here's some other stuff that came with the update as well:

@Mop it up

Yeah, I can see that. Hopefully the Switch game (assuming Nintendo IS making it) is more like an actual entry in the series, and not an (IMO) underwhelming spin-off like Amiibo Festival.
11/08/16, 20:05
I've been playing this game again since the update. It really is a pretty great AC game. I love that there are now some items which give you actual games within the game. Like awesome Panel de Pon! Today, I just got the Wii U from a Fortune Cookie. I was planning on save scumming until I got Panel de Pon, but I kept getting cool shit, since I've never even tried the Fortune Cookie feature before. Actually, there's a TON of shit that I haven't done in this game. Like all of the island stuff. I've really been enjoying revisiting it. It's so charming. Today, I just unlocked the Happy Home Designer interface from Nook's Homes. Looking forward to digging into that tomorrow.

The Direct was awesomely crazy, as well. I love Harvey. I love that that he's a forgetful pothead hippie, and his name rhymes with RV.

Animal Crossing!

By the way, have you guys seen the Japanese Miitopia Direct? It's also crazy. Maybe this is Nintendo's new approach.
11/11/16, 01:11
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