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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS
9.02/10 from 35 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS!

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review (Nintendo 3DS) (9.7)  by  

Animal Crossing... I still remember getting up early before heading to my high school classes just to see what Tom Nook was selling that day. This game series has always held such a dear place in my heart. I think it has to do with the fact that heading to the land of Plaisant, Tranquil, or other towns of mine always being a great escape for me. Making Bells, filling my catalog, and fishing in the ocean were always points of peace for me. While I've been very public about my discontent with AC: City Folk, I have a new-found hope once more for New Leaf. From all the information that has been dished out due to the game's release already in Japan, and Nintendo pushing more information through Nintendo Directs, I am confident this game will be a fresh take on a classic and comforting idea.

The game released in North America on June 9th, 2013 and released in other territories shortly after.

Please use this thread for all discussion on the game. If you would like to make trades or visit towns, please use the specific Animal Crossing New Leaf Trading Thread for further assistance. It makes more sense to keep this focused on the gameplay and game discussion while leaving bartering out of it. There are no Friend Codes this time around for Animal Crossing, which is a blessing! Many of us have already befriended ourselves via the 3DS Friend Codes Thread thread. That thread will be where we continue to befriend each other and trade 3DS IDs for the sake of visiting each other's towns.

Many many years ago I discovered a wonderful Animal Crossing website which has a great catalog feature set up. Now, the new game will mean it'll take time for the site to get a full correct catalog up and running but I expect it to work beautifully once more to allow anyone to track their catalog there. You can find this website at the Animal Crossing Community page. They also have forums there which are very active right now in anticipation of this game. Granted, the general age of the members of that site fall a bit lower than here, but I've found over all the years I've been there that the discussion is still mostly pleasant and easy.

Lastly, I want you all to enjoy the music from this new game or any of the games, whenever you want. The following site will allow you to hear the "Xam" or "Xpm" music that would naturally occur in your life right now as if you were in the game. You can select from any of the Animal Crossing games and the music will continually loop until the hour changes. It's pretty cool. You can find that page here. It's by default at the City Folk music.

So again, everyone enjoy this game! Enjoy this discussion! If you're interested in being negative about the title, just find your way to a different thread for that because this thread is about the experience and meant to bring the community together during the launch of one of the most community driven games Nintendo offers.

Say hello to Kapp'n, cause we're about to make it into town on June 9th.

(One more quick note; Keep an eye out for the game's review, which I will write sometime in the end of June probably.)

Pattern Creator - Turns any photo on your computer into a pattern (results may vary)

A 2013 Holidays Calendar can be found on Page 4 or at the link posted.

A Reviews Round-up can be found on Page 6 or at the link posted.

A Music Appreciation segment can be found on Page 7 or at the link posted.

A Nintendo World Store Release Photo Gallery can be found on Page 9 or at the link posted.

A list of Dream Towns of note can be found on page 25 or at the link posted.

For trading turnips and turnip discussion please use the Animal Crossing New Leaf Turnip Thread thread.

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05/20/13, 01:54    Edited: 06/27/13, 00:31
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Zero said:
Hmm, this Frog just asked me if I would rather be a pitcher or catcher. OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.

Fine it listed a few other options, but still. I think Nintendo is trying to figure some things out about me.

/EDIT Andddddddd the very next thing he does is talk about construction workers making his muscles tingle thinking about them.


It seems Nintendo is becoming more "modern." Or you checked the wrong box somewhere.
06/10/13, 07:13   
I think it's hilarious that running as a boy character in a mini skirt causes the hands to rise in a dainty fashion. Remove the skirt, and the hands fall back down to a more relaxed state. Then again, why would a boy character buy and wear a skirt...
06/10/13, 07:13   
NoName said:
I think it's hilarious that running as a boy character in a mini skirt causes the hands to rise in a dainty fashion. Remove the skirt, and the hands fall back down to a more relaxed state. Then again, why would a boy character buy and wear a skirt...

It's a kilt.
06/10/13, 07:26   
Koovaps said:

I think I remember it was something like 9000.

Edit: Just checked. Only 6000. Exactly.

Dammit! I'd either have to clean the fridge or buy a bigger card. You know if you can transfer data from one card to another and the 3DS will read its software data without problems?
06/10/13, 07:35   
Edited: 06/10/13, 08:06
@sirmastersephiroth Or was it the right box?
06/10/13, 07:35   

Yes, you can transfer from one SD card to another, easy peasy. Just swap files on a PC and you're good to go,
06/10/13, 08:04   
Zero said:
@sirmastersephiroth Or was it the right box?

If it's the right box, I think you may have some 'splainin to do to Shirley!
06/10/13, 08:04   
From Nintendo's own Facebook page:

06/10/13, 08:24   

I'm planning on fishing with the Microsoft conference in the background ;x
06/10/13, 08:40   
Wow, this game has a really great soundtrack! Liking it so far. Very simple. I can see myself playing it for a little bit every day.
06/10/13, 09:16   
kgtennispro said:

I'm planning on fishing with the Microsoft conference in the background ;x

This is exactly what I'm doing....

I played for 9 hours yesterday... 9 hours.... I am in the possession of 240k bells worth of fish and I'm just waiting for stores to open so I can make my Bells...
06/10/13, 14:16   

And I was patting myself on the back for raising the 10k for the down payment.
06/10/13, 15:34   
Well, there goes my 100k first day accomplishment. I think I've already started wearing down the grass in front of ReTail, but I can't really make paths without an axe. There's a beautiful tree right in front of my tent that I want to cut down and make into a thinkin' stump. Bit of a chair in the front yard, sort of thing. I can sit there and yell at the animals to get off my lawn.
06/10/13, 15:55   
Raised...maybe 25k bells in two hours last night? That's all without a fishing pole, and I only sold one bug. Most of my funds came from whacking the magic rock, shaking trees, and selling apples and seashells.
06/10/13, 15:57   
I was mostly trying to fill out the museum and selling the stuff Blathers didn't want. So many sea bass... I also made a terrible town tune and an off-center town flag that looks like a 6-year-old did it with tempera paints.
06/10/13, 16:07   
Edited: 06/10/13, 16:11

Ugh, Sea Bass...there wasn't a fishing pole available for me at the get-go, but I got a shovel and donated some fossils.

I also got a bug net. I went and caught every bug that I found (except for bees...got stung five times, but sold the honeycombs they left behind for 500 bells a pop) including a tarantula (which game me fits in City Folk, not looking forward to hunting down a scorpion in the near future). Found a couple of random pieces of furniture, met my townsfolk...all of whom I like so far.

Also, I didn't know Mr. Mustache was living in Clifton (my village). He's a cat that has the catchphrase "flexin" (or something similar). He goes by Leonardo in there...
06/10/13, 16:18   
Amazon updated our copies are in town (vids, wickedsymphony, & our niece). Its FedEx which does some funky stuff with ouur shipping. A lot of times they'll have UPS or USPS deliver our package which means we get it the next day its tracked in town. I HOPE it is in fact delivering today by FedEx since we spent the chunk of change for Prime.
06/10/13, 18:02   
I guess there's no way to make your name or your town name longer? 8 letters isn't a whole lot...
06/10/13, 18:03   
Yeah, Vickiville wouldn't work, which is why I'm stuck with Pancakes.
06/10/13, 18:16   
The game seems awesome so far (was watching Amanda play it) but that seems like such a silly omission. She was having a hard time putting in her character's name, and almost every town name she thought of wouldn't work. She did find a couple she liked though!
06/10/13, 18:31   
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