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3D on the 3DS revisited!! What are your current feelings about it? [roundtable]
Always on? Always off?

Do you feel like it's an essential feature? Do you want it to be in the next Nintendo handheld? Is there any chance in hell that it will be?

Nintendo seemed to be de-emphasizing it for a while, but... maybe not, judging by Zelda and Luigi's Mansion? Maybe that was just a perception thing? Or maybe these games just started development before the shift in focus.

Whatever the case, 3D still gives me a thrill. I still get excited to download a 3D trailer for a new game. The novelty may wear off once I start playing, but I'm still pro-3D. And I want to see games designed around it. That might be due more to my love of novel gameplay than 3D, though. Just like dual-screen games on the DS. I'm a fan of anything that shakes up the status quo and forces developers to design things differently. The promise of recent Nintendo platforms isn't always fulfilled, but I'm still behind the disruption, disappointing sales or not. Dare to dream!

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Posted: 05/08/13, 19:21:12  - Edited by 
 on: 05/08/13, 19:33:14
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I want a wider viewing angle.
Posted: 05/09/13, 02:58:18
I play with it on 100% of the time! I keep it at the maximum possible level with no ghosting. Why not?
Posted: 05/09/13, 05:18:25
I really like it a lot. It isn't always convenient, but I prefer it. OoT in 3D just feels more alive and believable than OoT in 2D. So I'm probably like 75% with 3D.
Posted: 05/09/13, 07:37:15
I still love the 3D effect. I always keep it on, all the way up.

I usually don't notice the ghosting, but I am a little bummed Luigi's Mansion has quite a good bit of noticeable ghosting.

Also, like someone else mentioned, it does seem the sweet spot is even smaller on the XL model. I mean, if really seems there is 'one' spot for the perfect 3D and thats it! Barely move it and the effect is f'ed! Though, I have steady hands, so I can keep the sweet spot most of the time.
Posted: 05/09/13, 10:23:51
The only reason I turn my 3D off is so that I can immediately apprectiate how much cooler it is while on.

Posted: 05/09/13, 12:08:51
Not owning a 3DS myself; even though it's part of the system's name, I honestly forgot that 3D is a feature it has.
Posted: 05/09/13, 12:39:57
Anand said:
Yeah, I was looking at passive, as well. The LG ones, specifically. It seems hard to get a new 3D TV without it being "Smart", though. I have no desire to pay an extra $700 for features that will eventually be made obsolete by a tiny $50 cube. Or a video game system. Or, I dunno, a toaster.

120 degrees is pretty decent. It's better than the big ol' rear projection TV that I'm using now, probably.

So have you hooked your PC up to that TV? Did you get one of the video cards that renders and outputs in 3D? And how is the lag, generally?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I'm in the market, and I had already kind of decided on an LG.

Speaking of which, I have to get a new receiver for the fucking Wii U, as well... I narrowed that down to Denon, Marantz, and Yamaha. And then I got tired of researching it.
For sound side I have had a Marantz AV7005 that I have been very pleased with. Not sure what model you were looking at but mine has been solid from a performance and reliability standpoint.
Posted: 05/09/13, 13:18:16
X-pert74 said:
Not owning a 3DS myself

Posted: 05/09/13, 14:58:55
I pretty much have it on 95% of the time. It just looks nice.

The other 5% is the games in which it doesn't look nice.
Posted: 05/09/13, 15:52:38
I used to keep it on all the time, but I have recently been getting strange headaches behind my left eye when I use it. I started noticing this while playing the 3DS LEGO City. It has some 3D that makes no sense, like the playtesters didn't notice it (text that melds into other things, etc. Basically unnatural 3D that doesn't make sense in real life).

Maybe there's something wrong with my head though. I really should go to the doctor.
Posted: 05/09/13, 17:34:17
I can't speak for myself, but Amanda never keeps it on. She doesn't really like how it looks and it crushes her battery life.
Posted: 05/09/13, 18:55:18
I love the 3D effect. I think it really makes game visuals, for lack of a better word, "pop." The only problem is, I can't use the 3D when my eyes get tired towards the end of the day because my eyes kind of start to relax and then the ghosting happens. So, if I'm playing right before bed, I turn the 3D off. Otherwise, it's on!!

I really hope the next handheld continues with the 3D.
Posted: 05/09/13, 20:25:11
It really depends on the game for me, with Luigi's Mansion it looks stunning so I always keep it on, same for Castlevania, a lot of the time I don't use it though, seems to save battery life and eye-strain if I keep it off, and for some games, like Mario Kart, I feel like I do better with it off.

I agree about 3-D looking better to me on the lil' 3DS, with the XL I tend to get more double images and ghosting/leaking.

canonj said:
I was recently playing Pilotwings Resort for the first time, and that game basically requires 3D. I tried playing it with 3D off and it was extremely difficult to play.
That's funny I had the exact opposite experience in that game, I thought the 3-D looked neat but when I wanted to get serious and try to complete missions I played much better with the 3-D off, in that game you have to be so precise I just don't think I could deal with those moments where things go double and out of focus, too tense!
Posted: 05/09/13, 20:39:39
I like it, but I don't use it as much as I used to, for whatever reason. Probably 60% of the time, whereas it used to be 90%.
Posted: 05/09/13, 20:54:32
I crank the 3D up all the way up, all the time. The only exception is Bit Trip cause it runs terribly in 3D. I hope Nintendo expands the viewing angle when their next handheld is out or even the inevitable 3DS revision.

I made a very crude simple drawing in Colors 3D to demonstrate to a friend how much visual information you lose in 2D vs 3D because he was one of those people who had the idea of 3D = gimmick. After seeing the drawing in 2D and 3D he was actually convinced.

The way I explain 3D to people is I compare it to surround sound. Do you NEED surround sound to enjoy what you're watching/playing? Not really, the sound is still there whether you're using a mono, stereo or surround set-up but surround set-up is the most immersive audio experience, the same is true with 3D.
Posted: 05/09/13, 23:53:23
gtarrant said:
For sound side I have had a Marantz AV7005 that I have been very pleased with. Not sure what model you were looking at but mine has been solid from a performance and reliability standpoint.
Now we're talkin'! I didn't research Marantz enough to narrow down the model, to be honest. The general impression that I got from the AVS forum was that Yamaha had great features, Marantz had great sound quality, and Denon was somewhere between. But I've never used a Marantz. How did you pick that model? And how long have you had it?

I was thinking about getting a previous year's model, but some of the new connectivity features are pretty sweet. Like streaming wirelessly from a PC. Kind of gimmicky, but kind of cool.
Posted: 05/11/13, 16:14:07
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