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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread 17: Harvest Moon [community]

Harvest Moon (800 Points): You bought the farm, so now it's time to roll up your sleeves and try living off the fat of the land. Fresh air and the beauty of the outdoors will be fulfilling, but a successful farm needs a lot of working capital as well. There are buildings on your property, but they are in need of livestock. You have a modest house, but if things get lonely in the field, it's going to take a remodel to woo a female farming companion. Your challenge is to dig in and build your life as a farmer from the ground up. How you manage will determine the outcome, but remember, you always reap what you sow!

Why not add Harvest Moon to your collection, and indicate that you are currently playing it? And don't forget to rate it when you're done!


Got hitched (get married)

First Born (have a kid)

Second banana (have a second kid)

We got the pair (have a boy and a girl)

First Year Complete

Second Year Complete

Full Game Complete

All Power Berries got

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04/02/13, 23:41    Edited: 04/09/13, 05:32

Oh man, too bad you've had it rough man, though it doesn't sound too bad now that you've continued making progress. I wonder how I will end up doing, though I'm not far into the game yet.

Didn't have any time for any gaming today (busy busy), but we'll see about tomorrow!
04/11/13, 07:22   
I'm also trying to woo the redhead Ann. I'm at two hearts with her.
04/11/13, 07:52   
5 hearts is the minimum for Marriage but 10 hearts is probably what you should be aiming for as it is harder to get more hearts when you are married.
04/11/13, 08:01   
How do you give gifts to a girl you pursue?

Edit: Oh, just carry the item over to her and press A to give it to her. Every day I pick a wild flower from the mountain and give it to Nina, the pink-haired girl.


Oops, bought a chicken only to have it devoured at night by some creature. The guy told me to leave the chicken outside so it will eat on its own, and I even fenced the chicken in with the wooden fence for its protection. Ah, my money.
04/12/13, 20:48   
Edited: 04/13/13, 03:43
No point putting chickens outside as they don't give eggs then and you can lose them.
04/13/13, 04:52   
@roykoopa64 I was pretty pissed the first time I tried to give a gift to Ann, the readhead. I bought her a cake and threw it at her. But she moved at that very second and it landed on the floor, crumbling.
04/13/13, 06:17   
the same as your dreams...
04/13/13, 13:06   
Pokefreak911 said:
the same as your dreams...

I'm as lucky with Video game women as I am with real ones.
04/14/13, 02:31   
I'm on the 7th day of summer.
I'm growing some corn and tomato.
I've been wooing Nina the pink haired flower girl.
I have 2 chickens, 2 baby chicks, and 1 egg incubating.
No cows yet.

I'm... not sure how much I'll keep playing this. I'm starting to feel the tasks are becoming somewhat mundane. Yeah, I know I can save up and buy that cow, and after a while I'll be making more and more money. I'm just not sure there's enough gameplay here to keep me playing and keep my interest going.

I may come back to this game, but for now I want to focus on some of my other games to play given my limited free time. I certainly don't regret playing this though; I liked seeing where the series began and experiencing it for myself.


Yeah, that's messed up. Why... why do they have to move so suddenly. Girls can be tricky for sure.
04/14/13, 07:23   
@roykoopa64 I know. Every time I throw a cake at a woman in real life, they move. What the hell? How am I supposed to woo them?
04/14/13, 07:27   
Yeah I sometimes get bored when playing but as soon as my crops are done it gives me a nice sense of joy to see them all sitting there ready for harvest.

Day 22 of Spring
Year 1
House? Expanded.
Chickens? One and a chick.
Relationship Status? Maria is currently a timelord.
Money? Enough to get the Snow Flower Seed.

I have had ONE day of rain this entire season. It is infuriating.
04/15/13, 11:29   
Pokefreak911 said:

I have had ONE day of rain this entire season. It is infuriating.

Besides not having to water your crops that day (unless you plant new crops the day it's raining, oddly enough), what other benefits are there for rainy days?


It's mind-boggling.
04/15/13, 19:27   
That's basically it. It's a massive time saver until you get the sprinkler at least and then those days are slightly less wanted.
04/16/13, 06:35   
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