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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread 17: Harvest Moon [community]

Harvest Moon (800 Points): You bought the farm, so now it's time to roll up your sleeves and try living off the fat of the land. Fresh air and the beauty of the outdoors will be fulfilling, but a successful farm needs a lot of working capital as well. There are buildings on your property, but they are in need of livestock. You have a modest house, but if things get lonely in the field, it's going to take a remodel to woo a female farming companion. Your challenge is to dig in and build your life as a farmer from the ground up. How you manage will determine the outcome, but remember, you always reap what you sow!

Why not add Harvest Moon to your collection, and indicate that you are currently playing it? And don't forget to rate it when you're done!


Got hitched (get married)

First Born (have a kid)

Second banana (have a second kid)

We got the pair (have a boy and a girl)

First Year Complete

Second Year Complete

Full Game Complete

All Power Berries got

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04/02/13, 23:41    Edited: 04/09/13, 05:32
roykoopa64 said:

So... there's no disadvantage to working all night long then? Seems like an oversight in the game if that's the case, but then again, this is the first in the series! So you can basically clear out your entire field if you wanted to?

So far I'm only a few days in. Planted my first potato with the little money I have, as well as the grass in my shed. I'm not sure if I wasted my time but I also checked out 'Neighbor town, Back hill.' I assume this is the mountain area where I pick flowers and berries to sell?

Only drawback is making your wife unhappy when you get one which isn't that big of a deal so yes, you can spend the whole first night clearing your yard.
You can go to the mountains to get fish and berries to sell. Fish are worth more but normally take longer to get, but are still worth it. Try to save most of your tasks till night, except for harvesting crops and harvest animals, you'll want to do them first thing in the morning. Also don't throw anything in the collection bin at night as you will lose it and not get any money from it.

And yes, she is a great Mum :)
04/09/13, 05:11   
Edited: 04/09/13, 05:12
Added some awards

I'll give it a whirl tonight. I may not play much since I have to get up early tomorrow for an interview but I'll play more tomorrow night.
04/09/13, 05:23   
I will refer you to the other ones I came up with earlier.

Pokefreak911 said:

Some possible Achievements would be completing the respective years or getting all the Power Berries.
e.g. First Year Complete
Second Year Complete
Full Game Complete
All Power Berries got
04/09/13, 05:26   
I just tried to play Harvest Moon but my Wii is acting up. It's done this before where it just shuts down. I think it may have overheated. I'll leave it alone and come back during the night.
04/10/13, 02:05   
Just started the game. I went to town, met anyone (Animal Crossing?), came back home, got a dog (Ash), planted some....something, watered it, went to sleep, woke up, watered went to sleep. A few days later I have...wheat?

I also met a cute girl named Ann. I'm going to wife her if I can.
04/10/13, 04:07   
That's grass. You should start going to the mountains to get fish to sell. You should also go buy some potatoes. Don't forget to do stuff at night.

Also in case you guys don't know, grass doesn't need to be watered.
04/10/13, 04:09   
@Pokefreak911 I'm stuck at the Flower Festival and can't get out!!!
04/10/13, 05:13   
Have you tried participating?
And woah you are ahead of me in days!
04/10/13, 06:04   

I'm just speeding up the days so I can harvest my crops. I still don't have any animals. I tried to get a chicken but it tells me I don't have enough feed.
04/10/13, 06:36   
Didn't get to play much today, but hopefully I'll continue making progress this week.

Oops, I planted my crops in 3x3 formation, and now I can't water the center crop. I should re-think my planting strategy, perhaps.

Also, I have to carry each berry or fish one at a time from the mountain back to the bin at my farm if I want to sell it, right? It takes a while, and the days are short!
04/10/13, 06:53   
@roykoopa64 Yeah. There are some moments in this game where you just wonder what the developers were thinking.
04/10/13, 07:06   
Well it is trying to create a sense of realism and it's not that bad. You can get about 2 fish a day if you are lucky and thats $600.

Yeah a C formation works best until you get the horse, then a parallel formation is best.

Yeah the more you play the game the better strategies so don't feel too stressed about getting absolutely everything, it's a fairly hard game if you are going for the best ending otherwise just relax and don't stress.

I'm almost in my second week and have a massive crop of potatoes growing currently and I should have enough feed for a chicken soon
04/10/13, 09:26   
How do you cut the grass for feed?
04/10/13, 09:41   
Use the sickle.
04/10/13, 11:39   
@Pokefreak911 Ohhhhhh...
04/10/13, 19:53   
I'm so pissed at this game right now. I was working during the summer and a hurricane blew most of my crops away and screwed up my fence. After recovering and planting new crops....Fall hits and all my crops die immediately. And my stupid chicken won't lay eggs even though I feed her every day. What am I supposed to do during the fall?
04/11/13, 01:08   
In fall you need to focus on your animals and harvest stuff from the mountains. Keep feeding your chickens and also grass still grows in the fall.
04/11/13, 05:25   
@Pokefreak911 I was finally able to get some eggs. I was putting them in the barn but not in the exact place. I've also been harvesting from the mountains. I'm in Winter right now. I'm also remodeling the house. And I got a calf that appeared in the fork in the road.

Do you guys know if the GBC, GBA, DS, or 3DS versions have set years or unlimited play like Animal Crossing?
04/11/13, 06:12   
I think they all have set years which I enjoy. Makes it more focused.
Also sounds like you are doing ok.
04/11/13, 06:14   
@Pokefreak911 Yeah. I shut off the game because I was pissed off. I came back later when I was cooled down. I can't remember the last time I was so pissed off at a game.
04/11/13, 06:22   
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