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Zen Pinball 2 Discussion (Nintendo Wii U eShop) [game]
Zen Pinball 2 on the Wii U
8.3/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Zen Pinball 2 on the Wii U!

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Who else downloaded this? I need some good table recommendations.

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03/22/13, 15:58   Edit:  03/22/13, 15:59
Why not sign up for a (free) account?
I did. As of now, it appears nothing is available to buy.
03/22/13, 16:09

Huh? There are 27(ish) items of DLC in the eShop (some of which are free trials of tables). I doubt I'll try every one of those. I want to know what the best of the best are.
03/22/13, 16:11   Edit:  03/22/13, 16:11
I'm no pinball wizard by any means, but I really enjoyed the Spiderman table. I downloaded the quite a few of the trial tables, and that one clicked the most with me. I'm going to download the rest of the trial tables now.
03/22/13, 16:55
I must be igneeerent. I only noticed the trials available.
03/22/13, 16:56
At last! I'm finally going to get some friends to play against. :)

When this hit the UK I bought the 4-pack of The Avengers, Infinity Gauntlet, Fear Itself and World War Hulk, and also Plants Vs Zombies and the four classic tables (that's Eldorado, Tesla, V12 and Shaman).

These are all great tables but I'd particularly recommend those Marvel ones. I haven't tried anything else yet, so I'll be looking for your recommendations too.
03/22/13, 17:22
I wish the tables carried over from other platforms. I already have quite a few on the 360.
03/22/13, 17:49
@Anand, I guess that would be open to too much abuse. People gifting their tables to friends with different systems. That would be a cool thing to do though.

Which tables do you have on the 360?
03/22/13, 22:36
Finally! I've been waiting for Zen Pinball for Wii U for months! I downloaded 6 tables last night and getting ready to download some more.

I love how the tables can be downloaded one at a time or in blocks of four tables. I downloaded Zen Pinball as soon as it became available on my 3DS, but now....FINALLY...I can actually see all the cool/awesome artwork up close and in hi def!

Hell, with all these tables, I'll never feel like I have nothing to play.
03/23/13, 07:46
Does this game integrate your Friends List and show you their high scores for a particular table? I can't imagine they wouldn't in this day and age.
03/23/13, 17:04
Plus: These guys seem to genuinely like pinball (as opposed to going "hey, if we make a pinball video game we'll corner the market!"), and I really enjoyed Marvel Pinball 3D Demo on the 3DS, wishing it was available for Wii U instead because the shoulder buttons would be perfect.

Minus: There are so many tables available I have to wonder if they really did put all their effort into creating each one, or if there are more than a few "shovelware" tables in the mix.

Plus again: Well, they do let you download demos of just about every table, so you can see for yourself whether it'd be worth springing the 2 to 3 dollars for it, and the base software is free, so frankly everyone should have that at least if they even have a passing interest in pinball.

I've downloaded the game and a pack of tables, but I can't quite seem to tear myself away from Monster Hunter long enough to actually play them quite yet....
03/23/13, 17:38
@boodyup, yes the friends list and scores integrate automatically.

If I'm not on anyone's list already it's: InfinityWave
03/23/13, 18:22   Edit:  03/23/13, 18:22
This is probably one of those games I'll have listed as "playing" for the whole generation, or at least until a better team for developing video-pinball games comes along. I could see myself buying a new table for 5 to 10 dollars every couple of months or so.
EDIT: 3 dollars. In that case, I could even gamble on the tables I don't like at first, in hopes that they grow on me.
03/24/13, 13:42   Edit:  03/24/13, 13:43
Yeah, I think most of the tables can grow on you. I absolutely hated V12 at first, but perservered out of stubborness to get in the top ten for My Country and I ended up really liking it.

Looking forward to the Star Wars tables getting added.
03/24/13, 15:06   Edit:  03/25/13, 13:15
I bought the Plants VS. Zombies table. That's fun stuff.
03/25/13, 12:49
I wish I could buy Tesla, without having to buy the other 3 originals as well. I've played more than enough El Dorado and Shaman on both PS3 and 3DS, and V12 is a very average table with high difficulty. Tesla is just so damn good.

Which single tables do you guys recommend? I'm only looking to pick up one for now. And I'm not interested in PvZ.
03/25/13, 16:40   Edit:  03/25/13, 16:41

I wasn't interested in it either until I played it. It's pretty fun.
03/25/13, 16:46
Epic Quest gets some love, I've been meaning to try it. It actually has RPG elements and tracks your XP and loot from game to game.
03/25/13, 16:47
I'm guessing the star wars table isn't available on wii u yet for my friend to get? We didn't check yet
03/25/13, 17:48

They will be eventually (no timetable given), but not yet. I will most likely buy all of those tables.
03/25/13, 17:54
I've got to wonder how that works. Does this mean that you play for a while, get to level 5, get a game over, then come back after a few days and you'll start the game at level 5? And what if a different user starts a game on that table, will it start at level 5 for them? Can you accidentally reset your level? Can you reset your level on purpose?
03/27/13, 07:46
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