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LEGO City: Undercover Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
LEGO City: Undercover on the Wii U
8.73/10 from 16 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for LEGO City: Undercover on the Wii U!

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I love Legos. Always have. Always will. As I get older and discover the little bit of disposable income, I've found that besides video games, I occasionally will splurge on a Lego set. There's just something about the miniature world of Legos. Their mimicry of the real or fantasy worlds we're used to is something special. This new game, which releases in less than a week now, looks to take the Lego concept, strip it of it's usual franchise licensing, and do something in a complete new direction.

I just read a really wonderfully thorough review from Eurogamer and I wanted to post it to start this discussion thread. The game is just a few days away... are you getting it? Tell me how you like it! (or don't like it)

In addition, an important note for those downloading. I'll let the original speaker do the talking (also seen in the thread below).

TheOldManFromZelda said:
For those interested in downloading the game, apparently you will need to have an external HD. Weird.

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03/14/13, 03:36    Edited: 03/15/13, 00:19
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if GameInformer gave this game an 8.5 then it must be pretty damn good
03/26/13, 01:27   
Just beat the game! Wow at that ending sequence!
03/26/13, 01:54   
I should be getting this game Wednesday...and half y'all have already beaten it! I'm too late for the cool kids' table.
03/26/13, 01:56   
don't worry....I'll be at the cool kids table eventually by the time the rest of them have moved on to a new building!
03/26/13, 01:59   
I just unlocked the Farmer outfit. Well, probably like a mission ago but that's the last benchmark I've got besides about to steal the T-rex. Every time I'm about to get into the heart of that mission, however, I notice something off in the distance. Which I know I won't be going back for (though I know I actually will!!!) and I go for it now so future-me doesn't have to deal with it later. Then I have to climb back up, only to notice yet another something in the distance. Then I go for that. Then I climb back up.


I am glad to hear these cheats exist. The color gun is by far one of the most annoying things to try and track down. After I beat the game, I'll start the hunt for everything. I'm over 20% now, just passed 100 golden bricks. With as much as I've gotten, to be just above 20%...it pains me.
03/26/13, 02:56   
I caved in. Game bought. Should finish downloading by Sunday. In the meantime, perhaps I can finish the billion other open world games I have and haven't touched yet.
03/26/13, 04:26   
Pretty darn epic, eh? I sort of got chills... From a LEGO game.

Nah, the story is done but I'm only at 34% finished the game. I'll be at this one for a while.

The colour gun is one of the few missteps I feel they made when designing the game. I found the whole process annoying. The red brick unlockable gun fixes the fun.

The colourfulness of this game makes it feel more accessible as an open-world game. At least for me.
03/26/13, 04:29   
Edited: 03/26/13, 04:31

Oh I got chills. I'm a sucker for "epic" scenes in games and everything here just delivered. From the music to the visuals (really, they were great!), and then to realizing that this IS a LEGO game is just incredible haha Funny seeing that tiny block character involved in such a scenario!
03/26/13, 04:33   
I'm feeling pretty shitty right now and I just need a "nice game". A game that will make me laugh and make me happy, and isn't balls hard otherwise Runner2 would fit the description. I'm just sad I haven't bought it earlier because I need it naow.
03/26/13, 04:34   

Can you hint at which area the Red Brick for that resides? Is it achieved through story or can I go hunt now? (I just finished discovering that Rex Fury has been the secret buyer for the mafia dude I'm working for. I also caught an alien in Paradise Sands where I was.


Good move. It's so good. I gush about it a bit on the next podcast.
03/26/13, 04:34   
Look for the Uptown toy store. Be sure to have GREEN in your lame, regular colour gun.
03/26/13, 04:41   

Will do! Thanks for the tip!
03/26/13, 12:52   
@Guillaume Yeah, I'm supposed to get it as a gift on Wednesday, but the purchaser said this morning, "I'll buy it tonight so maybe you can play it Wednesday." The original Wii U update didn't take days so I'm hoping it does it's thing overnight.
03/26/13, 16:42   
Edited: 03/26/13, 16:44

It took about 7 hours to download for me. Then about 20 minutes to install this morning.

It should have installed automatically, but I guess that when you go into the menu to turn off the GamePad's display, it overrides the "turn off when done downloading" option. Kind of a big oversight, I hope Nintendo fixes this eventually. Of COURSE people would want to turn off the display when the console is simply downloading stuff.
03/26/13, 16:46   
Edited: 03/26/13, 16:47

Got it last night, thanks. Going to make a world of difference. In my hunt for it, I did spoil the remaining outfits (one of which I basically figured out, though last one I didn't guess). Some of the other cheats looked nice, but I'll get those as they come.
03/26/13, 18:11   
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate?
03/26/13, 18:44   

No chance in hell!
03/26/13, 18:50   
C'mon, there has to be at least a snowball's chance in hell...
03/26/13, 18:57   
I don't imagine there is any way but is there a way to permanently turn on cheats instead of having to reactivate them every time you start up the game?
03/27/13, 01:06   
I noticed this the other day. I ran around grabbing things then realized I didn't have my dynamite. I must have collected 5-10 super bricks without the multiplier on! Grrr.
03/27/13, 01:20   
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