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LEGO City: Undercover Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
LEGO City: Undercover on the Wii U
8.73/10 from 16 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for LEGO City: Undercover on the Wii U!

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I love Legos. Always have. Always will. As I get older and discover the little bit of disposable income, I've found that besides video games, I occasionally will splurge on a Lego set. There's just something about the miniature world of Legos. Their mimicry of the real or fantasy worlds we're used to is something special. This new game, which releases in less than a week now, looks to take the Lego concept, strip it of it's usual franchise licensing, and do something in a complete new direction.

I just read a really wonderfully thorough review from Eurogamer and I wanted to post it to start this discussion thread. The game is just a few days away... are you getting it? Tell me how you like it! (or don't like it)

In addition, an important note for those downloading. I'll let the original speaker do the talking (also seen in the thread below).

TheOldManFromZelda said:
For those interested in downloading the game, apparently you will need to have an external HD. Weird.

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03/14/13, 03:36    Edited: 03/15/13, 00:19
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It's also one of the more impressive games on the system, though you kind of have to see it in motion.

And then we get to the more Sci-Fi stuff in the last chapter and the game just becomes a sight to behold.

@ploot it's easier to deal with the traditional Lego gameplay when you have two different people doing Schwarzenegger impressions while telling you what to do.
04/22/16, 20:26   
Edited: 04/22/16, 20:56
LEGO City: Undercover gets ported! To Switch! And everything else!

Coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC!
11/24/16, 18:14   

I'm glad to see that. I'll pick it up on Steam. Hopefully the load times are much better.
11/24/16, 19:16   
Well I was GOING to grab it on Wii U because it finally got a re-release, but now? Probably wait for Switch version. I would love that game to take with me portably, and the 3DS one just wasn't the same.
11/24/16, 20:42   
I assume all the Nintendo references will be replaced with something else in the non-Nintendo versions.

For example, the only way to reach a certain island in the game is through a Mario warp pipe (among many other things).
We shall see...
11/24/16, 20:54   

I'm not keen on this for myself but I'm very glad for everyone else who hasn't played it. I just wish that there is more to it because I'd love a sequel and if this is all we get well, maybe there will be enough for me to dive back in.

I probably should just avoid it though and put my money elsewhere.
11/24/16, 21:16   

I also wish it was a sequel. I mean... it's been what, five years? We could have a sequel already! The first one did well, right? Over a million copies sold last time I checked, and on a "flop" system to boot!

I guess they see it as "Oh, just play all those other Lego games." But to me, Undercover was something on another level. Really special stuff.
11/27/16, 00:12   
@J.K. Riki

Agreed. It's better than other LEGO games. Different.
11/27/16, 00:54   
@J.K. Riki, @DrFinkelstein

Did you guys play the 3DS game, LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins? It's a prequel rather than a sequel, but it's a solid game in and of itself. It sold rather well too - better than the Wii U game, in fact. (though I suppose that makes sense since the install base is larger)

The LEGO City Undercover games came out in 2013, if memory serves. It's been three years since they came out, nearly four. So while not quite five years old, it does seem to be about time for a follow-up.
11/28/16, 17:20   

I didn't get to the 3DS one. Read it wasn't quite on the same level as the Wii U version, and since I was already playing the Wii U version back then (rented) I didn't jump on that one.

You're right, it's almost four years, not five. My mistake. I guess with the huge number of other Lego games released since then, it feels like more, lol. :)
11/28/16, 18:52   
@J.K. Riki

Check it out if you get the chance! It's actually pretty good. And since it serves as a prequel to the Wii U game, some of the jokes and nods and references made in the Wii U game make more sense. It's pretty cool how they made these two games at basically the same time and how well they complement each other.
11/28/16, 19:19   
Maybe they should port the 3DS one as well! Would be neat to have them be one package or something. Get the full experience for newcomers.
11/28/16, 19:24   
@J.K. Riki

Great idea!

That got me thinking; if the Switch does indeed replace BOTH Nintendo's home console and portable hardware from here on out, will that be the end of multiple/different versions of games of certain franchises?

For example, we've been getting TWO Mario Kart games per console cycle for several generations now. One on the handheld, the other for the home system. Will we now only get one per generation from now on? Or what about unique versions of games? Sometimes a game will hit home consoles as a 3D action-adventure, and the handhelds will get a tight 2D action game to complement it. I wonder if that era is over.
11/28/16, 21:02   
I think, and a little bit hope, it is. Better to focus on making one incredible game than even two good ones, I say! :) Maybe it will mean more chances at New Super Luigi Bros. style game-upgrades? Super Mario 3D Land could be an add-on new-game to Super Mario 3D World, for example. I dunno, just spitballing.

The downside is that we may see an increase of 3D games and a lot less quirky DS stuff. Though, to be honest, the quirky DS stuff hasn't been around for a while now anyway. Seems like the Elite Beat Agents and Feel the Magics dried up.
11/28/16, 22:38   
Edited: 11/28/16, 22:39
@J.K. Riki

First of all, I FREAKING LOVE FEEL THE MAGIC and you earn yourself some Chibi-Robo branded Happy Points for bringing that up.

Second, the end of an era of two different games on two different platforms? I'm a bit hesitant on that, but I may be able to get on board just so long as the ONE product we get is actually good. Like, really good. Too many times I've seen games hit both handhelds and consoles, and one version greatly outshines the other. It's happened both ways, too. Sometimes the console version is better, other times the handheld version is clearly the better product.

If we can get one fantastic product, then I suppose it will be okay. And of course, if it does turn out that way, then I suppose our future selves won't know what we would be missing. (because it wouldn't exist!)

That all said, I do hope we get some quirky stuff still from time to time. I felt that Rhythm Thief kind of captured that EBA/FTM style vibes, and of course Rhythm Heaven is quirky as all get-out. I haven't played it, but from what I've seen, Game & Wario was pretty quirky. So was HarmoKnight. Those are all older titles though, so maybe you're right - they are dried (or drying) up.
11/29/16, 00:08   

At least we have Tadpole Treble, right?
11/29/16, 00:34   
@J.K. Riki

I do want that on a handheld! Hopefully Matthew ports it over to the Switch!
11/29/16, 22:27   

You hear that, Tbun? The fans demand it! (Though I suppose if the eShop carries over, it will be there, right?)
11/29/16, 23:34   
Last month, I decided to get back into this game. Since my old file wasn't very far into the game relatively speaking, I started from the beginning in order to refresh myself on the story. I'm glad they didn't use another licence for this game besides Lego, because it allowed them to come up with their own story and do whatever they wanted instead of just retelling something familiar with Lego figures, which isn't very interesting to me. The writing can be funny at times, but can also fall very flat, but I'd still rather have them try too hard than be bland. There are even some moments which felt like they were poking fun at video games and the sometimes ridiculous tasks in them, particularly in the mine level. Chase McCain is also more my kind of hero, he doesn't have super powers and instead relies on his wits (or lack thereof...) to get the job done, and even gets beat up now and then.

The gameplay is just as shallow as other Lego games, with the combat perhaps being even moreso. The increased focus on exploration and discovery helps make up for this, so it's still fun. Therefore, I enjoyed the city more than the missions, though they did still have their moments, often related to the story. I never did much exploration in the city until later, because I would often stumble across tasks that required disguises I didn't yet have. I waited until after completing the story and obtaining all abilities before I began tackling the city. In the beginning, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go for 100%, but they tried to make it as easy to manage as possible by separating the city into districts, as well as using the scanner to find objectives, so I appreciated the interface. I still ended up using an FAQ to find a few things, most notably a couple of the objects that are scattered around the entire city and therefore have no clues to their locations.

Overall, I'd give it a solid 8/10. Gameplay is the main thing that could be improved, as well as adding in co-op. If the Switch version has co-op, that would be the only thing which would tempt me to buy this game again. There are also performance issues, which include chuggy framerates and objectives sometimes glitching out, but it's no big deal. The couple of crashes did make me have to sit through the startup loading times when booting up again though...!
01/15/17, 22:20   
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