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LEGO City: Undercover Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
LEGO City: Undercover on the Wii U
8.73/10 from 16 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for LEGO City: Undercover on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

I love Legos. Always have. Always will. As I get older and discover the little bit of disposable income, I've found that besides video games, I occasionally will splurge on a Lego set. There's just something about the miniature world of Legos. Their mimicry of the real or fantasy worlds we're used to is something special. This new game, which releases in less than a week now, looks to take the Lego concept, strip it of it's usual franchise licensing, and do something in a complete new direction.

I just read a really wonderfully thorough review from Eurogamer and I wanted to post it to start this discussion thread. The game is just a few days away... are you getting it? Tell me how you like it! (or don't like it)

In addition, an important note for those downloading. I'll let the original speaker do the talking (also seen in the thread below).

TheOldManFromZelda said:
For those interested in downloading the game, apparently you will need to have an external HD. Weird.

URL to share (right click and copy)
03/14/13, 03:36    Edited: 03/15/13, 00:19
Why not sign up for a (free) account?

I've got 48x right now. I think there might be yet another multiplier.
04/01/13, 23:41   

I beat the game yesterday. 21 hours, ~50% collected. That ending...wow. That ranks up there as one of the coolest final sequences I've ever experienced. I really couldn't stop smiling during the entire thing.

I'm not sure how I'd rate this game to be honest. It reminds me a lot like Crackdown (one of my favorite 360 games). Open world, heavily flawed in "major" categories but for whatever reason it just clicks with me. I'm nearly 29 hours, 72% completion and I really can't see myself stopping until the end. The simplistic nature of it makes it very pick-up-and-play (even if the loading screen refuses to accept that!).

About the only thing that really bugs me (aside from loading screen and framerate) is that I can't take my helicopter and just land anywhere. I understand why it was done this way (because it would make unlockables a joke) but it still kind of irks me. Also not being able to go above the tallest buildings, but whatever.

It's somewhere in the B range. But as I mentioned before, the game just clicks with me and is the most fun I've had on the Wii U at this point.
04/07/13, 22:37   

Yeah that ending is epic. Funny how a Lego game gives me one of the most gratifying end sequences in recent memory.

I'm busy trying to 100% it. As of right now I'm at 88.6%. Do you plan to 100% it?

Also, when you were in that final sequence, did you happen to grab the Rex Fury costume coin? You'll want it in your custom costumes... it becomes relevant for the post-game situation.


Now I have the final multiplier, 10x. So I have a total multiplier of 3,840. Wow. Right now I'm sitting pretty with exactly 5,425,652,810 studs. And 756,434 bricks.
04/08/13, 00:20   
Edited: 04/08/13, 00:21
I must be close to the end. I'm done with chapter 11. I meant to further the story more last night but at this point I'm only missing one costume so I've been bogged down by the side stuff. Oh, a cat, let's go save it! Wait, there are three uncolored posts on the way, I should do those. Wait, a pig? Here piggy piggy! But on the way to the cannon, I saw a vehicle for a time trial challenge...

I also watched the girlfriend play some more of her save file and the jokes are still enjoyable the second time around, haha. During the Starsky and Hutch mission, she said "I think this is the best game I've ever played". It's probably not mine, but I understand the feeling, it's such a funny and entertaining game!
04/08/13, 00:28   

With 11 chapters down, you're officially 73.33% done with the game. Close but not quite the end.
04/08/13, 01:44   
I'm glad the jokes are now resonating with you more.

Hey! Where is that 10x? I got distracted by a couple games and I am going to dive back into this soon.
04/08/13, 03:56   

It's the red brick found in the final chapter of the game. Chapter 15, the Moon Base. When I went back into it a second time, with the Rex Fury suit in my criminal slot it was easily apparent what I needed to do for it. I now have 6 billion after playing today. I am at 97.6% completion.
04/08/13, 04:10   

Thanks for the info!!
04/08/13, 04:56   
Edited: 04/08/13, 04:56

Yeah, I picked it up on the first go around. So I've been going back through the rest of the game trying to get what I can. At about 30 hours now, almost 75% collected. The biggest concern I have right now are the Super Builds. I'm at like 59/65 and when I check the overworld I see 5/5, 6/6, 0/0, etc. All areas completed yet I'm missing some...though I did just remember Apollo Island last night but I doubt all the missing ones are there. Also have done Lady Liberty Island 100%.
04/08/13, 17:44   

You'll find em. I was missing a neat one in Festival Square or whatever its called, and one on Apollo island. Use that scanner liberally when searching in a distract. It's been amazing so far.
04/08/13, 18:08   

The drop tower? I missed that spot the entire game until I was just running around yesterday, pretty cool. Speaking of which, in the King's Square area, how do you get the token that appears when you build the Ferris Wheel? I tried riding it, couldn't. Got on one of them and just never got into an area that allowed me to get it. Tried even jumping a car off one of the ramps and still couldn't...

Scanner is awesome. Literally never used it except for where the story forced you to but now that I've got some cheat bricks that upgrade it, I can't not use it. Found a lot of those color targets with it, also those exploration ones where you have to destroy 3 of _____. Really helpful. Just kind of sucks that you can't do 360's so easily!
04/08/13, 18:16   
That certainly was one of the most spectacular ending sequences I've ever seen in a video game!

About 26 hrs, 49% completion. I'm definitely going back and exploring more, though I'm not sure if I'll 100% the sucker.
04/08/13, 18:48   

Yeah that was the one I had missed.

And the scanner is pretty awesome. The range can be too limited when you only have a few more things to find but it's rather invaluable.

As for that token, if its the one I think it is, then you do just have to ride a car to it. Using a ramp. You'll have to do it to get something else anyway. Keep working at it.


I know right?!? Chase McCain is a bad-ass. And I think its probably not too hard to 100%, but there is a time commitment to consider.
04/08/13, 18:55   
Edited: 04/08/13, 19:04

I hope I played the right song with it. At least I recognize it from the Thriller dance... I think.
04/08/13, 21:07   
Well, I've 100%ed the game.

58 hours and 44 minutes or so. Feels good. Now to start Bioshock Infinite.
04/09/13, 03:23   

Can you tell me what the 100% cheat is? I see it as an option, but I've feared looking it up. Maybe like spoiler tag it and then non-spoiler say "it's worth it" lol
04/09/13, 04:00   

The 100% Completion Cheat is: Super Minifigure. It's pretty cool though obviously won't help you find anything since you've found it all.

It's just a fun bonus that does the following... it does what a Super Mushroom might...

So mouse-over the spoiler tag everyone if you want to know what this is and what it does. Otherwise, stay away!
04/09/13, 04:18   

Haha, I just saw them as well, pretty cool.



No idea what my completion rate or time is at the moment, but I just spent over 3.5 hours going from collectible to collectible. In the process of completing one mission I usually pass three more than need to be done. I'm going nuts over here.
04/09/13, 07:41   

That's how they get ya! You're on the way to finding a pig, and then you're like, ooh, let me color that Phone Booth, but wait, maybe I should hit that gong, oh I will just after I use that teleportation machine. etc etc lol
04/09/13, 13:32   
I beat the game last night. I think my completion rate at the end of the game was right around 30% and my time was under 20 hours. I'll probably get on now and again until either (1) Pikmin 3 comes out or (2) my spouse stops holding my computer hostage for his current Civ 5 binge. As fun as the game is, I do not aspire to 100% it.
04/11/13, 17:15   
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