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Kersploosh! Discussion (Nintendo 3DS eShop) [game]
Kersploosh! on the 3DS
6.65/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Kersploosh! on the 3DS!

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Kersploosh! Review (Nintendo 3DS eShop) (7.6)  by  

This game just released for $2.99 on the eShop. It's a fun little pick up and play game, and the price is right. Let's discuss the game and post our high scores.

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03/08/13, 16:32    Edited: 03/08/13, 16:34
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If your times with the plain stone are that fast you should have no problem beating my mutagen times! My best times on the first few levels with the stone are around one minute. To get down to around 50 seconds I need the jewel.

I find those easy enough to look "through" now, but sometimes the obstacles like the cookies and spinning planks come out a bit too far and virtually poke me in the eyes. It's still easier to see what's going on with the 3D on than with it off, though, I think.

It's not like I breezed through the wells on my first go either. It takes a good while to get used to the mutagen for sure, and as the levels get more complex I get more and more scared of even trying the damn thing out. I didn't go for all the boosts on the second and third wells either, btw.


Just beat well 4 with the mutagen: 00:45.06
03/14/13, 19:46   
Edited: 03/14/13, 20:05
You are a god among men.

I can't even beat the first well with the Russian doll. I get like halfway down and bam, that's it. It's tough too because with the doll health balloons don't do anything for you. You get 5 hits, you're done, period.

The lowest HP "stone" I have been able to finish a stage with is the 80 HP gem. And even that took me some effort.

I still have two "stones" locked. Not sure how to unlock them. Probably by finishing wells with the Russian doll and the mutagen. Ug.
03/14/13, 20:46   
Oh, you flatterer, you!

I think the Russian doll is one of the harder objects to use since its shape makes it hard to fit properly through small passages, and the damn thing starts wobbling whenever I hit something, and then I just keep hitting stuff as I try to regain control.

There's one stone locked for me, the one in the top right. Not quite sure what I actually did to unlock the rest of them, does anybody know?
03/14/13, 20:59   
EDIT: by 50 seconds I meant the HIGH 50's.

It seems my memory was quite self-aggrandising.

OK - Mutagen, here I go.
03/14/13, 21:12   

@r_hjort just ruined* my Thursday night!

03/14/13, 21:59   

I just gave up on trying to beat the fifth level with the mutagen, myself. When god said "let there be light", I think he should have pushed a little harder for there being some light in the fifth well. On to the Firey Fissure instead.
03/14/13, 22:16   
Posting all my times, because I'm bored.

Well 1, First Fall: 00:41.49 with the mutagen
Well 2, Twofold Trail: 00:40.26 with the mutagen
Well 3, Terrible Trios: 00:37.49 with the mutagen
Well 4, Perilous Pit: 00:45.06 with the mutagen
Well 5, Shadowy Shaft: 00:55.33 with the jewel
Well 6, Fiery Fissure: 00:42.39 with the mutagen
Well 7, Brutal Barriers: 00:50.49 with the mutagen
Well 8, Ensnaring Edges: 00:46.43 with the jewel
Well 9, Dire Descent: 00:50.69 with the jewel (managed to beat it with the mutagen but did four seconds worse)
Well 10, Absolute Abyss: 01:44.03 with the jewel
03/15/13, 18:29   
OK, it took me all night but I managed:
Well 4, Perilous Pit: 00:43.66 with the mutagen

9 more to go...

PS. thank you for quadrupling the value of this Ł2 game.
03/15/13, 19:41   
Good job! Guess I won't be sleeping tonight then. Where did I put that 3DS...
03/15/13, 19:45   
@r_hjort Yeah I'm not posting my times now, lol.

I did manage to finally finish the first well with the Russian doll. But my time was 16 seconds worse than my best time with the jewel, because I avoided a ton of the turbo donuts.
03/15/13, 19:49   
Yeah, that's what made my mutagen time worse than the jewel one on well 9. I don't think I'm gonna bother with the mutagen on the later levels. My heart can't take it.

@Super_ConzoIt was rough, but I managed to get a new record for well 4: 00:39.79 with the mutagen.

EDIT: Updated times.

Well 5: 00:50.99

Well 7: 00:48.66

Well 8: 00:39.63

Well 10: 01:25.43

All of the above done with the jewel.
03/15/13, 20:58   
Edited: 03/16/13, 00:32

03/16/13, 01:57   
Good game, but the speed trails behind the falling object are annoying.
03/16/13, 02:09   
Aw, now I feel bad. Damn those ridiculously cute Kirby smilies.
03/16/13, 12:05   
I'm going to have to surrender Well 4 for now and try to concentrate on some other ones. You're clearly picking up boosts that I wouldn't dare.

Do you know I received Pilotwings Resort by post 2 days ago and still haven't opened it because of THIS GAME!

To be continued....
03/16/13, 12:18   
Ooooh, Pilotwings Resort! I love that game! Well, I love all the Pilotwings games. When you're done with Kersploosh! there will be plenty of high-score chasing opportunities in Resort!
03/16/13, 12:31   

Well 1 - 00:41.39
Well 2 - 00:34.83
Well 3 - 00:33.49
Well 4 - 00:39.16

I think my eyes are bleeding.
03/18/13, 02:09   
Damn fine job! Makes me want to call all obligations off so I can just sit down and go blind one well at a time.
03/18/13, 12:55   
Just wanted to bump this and apologize for not tackling your high-scores. Haven't played much of any game the past few days, but I'll come back in here to throw in the towel at some point!
03/24/13, 21:24   
Hey, don't sweat it. I had a couple of goes at Well 5 and decided to shelve the game for the sake of my sanity. I will return one day. Too many big releases on my radar.
Acivity log says I've poured over 10 hours into this game, and I never even unlocked the Jewel!
03/25/13, 10:19   
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