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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U) discussion [game]
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U
9.38/10 from 18 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

And here we are.


Game IS NOT Region Locked: NA + SA CAN PLAY with Europe + Australia + Africa(?)



Welcome to the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate thread! This will be our headquarters for coordinating our Hunts, sharing stories of war, and helpful hints for our brothers-in-arms, compatriots, friends, and neighbors. Please be mindful of folks' different definitions of "spoilers," and remember that not EVERYBODY played Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, though everybody totally should've.

The "burden" of running this thread has been placed upon me but...I can't do it alone. I will lean on Maxi and others to help with the heavy lifting occasionally, both in planning things and also in feeding this thread. Please keep it bumped (once we get going). If you could, let us know if you're getting this game, WHEN you're getting this game, and what your aspirations are so we can get us situated in groups with likeminded people. Do you want to barely play this game? Is this going to be your new #1? The most fun with this game is had when you get to go out with a group of guys week in week out, so if we can find someone with a schedule similar to yours, you'll have the most fun with it.

I'VE GOT IT, AND I'M HUNTING MONSTERS (Name / WiiU ID / NW / HR / Weapon of Choice)
Nova (Mop_it_up / Mop it up) HR135 / Lance
Mustache (RobSchulz / Mr_Mustache) HR125 / Sword & Shield
Cryojin (Cryojin / Cryojin) HR110 / Switch Axe
OlManZelda (OldManFromZelda) HR89 / Dual Blades
Joseph (NinSage / NinSage) HR83 / Switch Axe
Ludist210 (Ludist210 / Ludist210) HR57 / Switch Axe
Ananda (AnandX / Anand) HR54 / Gunlance
Stratos (Chronocast / Stratos) HR40 / Longsword
Munchie (brass / chackfalcon) HR40 / Jack of All Trades

Scrawnton (Scrawnton / Scrawnton) HR7 / Longsword
d_Artagnan (SMGriffith / d_Artagnan) HR7 / Hunting Horn

Davoid (DavoidXPlay / Davoid) HR6 / Switchaxe
Andrew (WindWaker99 / WindWaker99) HR6 / Assorted Blades

Mikey (Anon_Mastermind / Anon_Mastermind) HR5 / Dual Blades
Inada / Lutherian / Luther / HR4 / Dual Blades
Kaiten (kgtennispro / kgtennispro) HR4 / Bow

vinnom (vinnom / vinniebrock) HR3 / Hammer
Skyreus (FirstW / CPA Wei) HR3
Graptakular (Graptakular) HR 3 / Sword & Shield

Melia (MattB92 / Nintendo.Wii) HR2 / Switch Axe
Darius (Pokefreak911) HR2 / Great Sword

Ruby (Rokninja / Dynablade) HR0 / Hammer
DeputyVanHalen HR0
Brick HR0
Dark Weres

Scheduled Posses / Group Outings (date & military time EST - # - hunters - quest if applicable):
03/21 ------ 1/4 LUDIST
03/22 ------
03/23 ------
03/24 ------
03/25 ------
03/26 ------

NinTemple_Maxi's Section of HELP!
Weapon Tutorials!
..and a Pro / Con breakdown!

URL to share (right click and copy)
02/10/13, 01:03    Edited: 03/21/15, 09:37
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I kinda wish the L/R buttons could be switched with the triggers in the back.
02/25/13, 23:48   
It seems crazy that they can't. Do the triggers even DO anything?
02/26/13, 02:56   
Abdooooo said:

Gotcha and I'm happy that this type of functionality will exist. Hopefully they make it as seamless as possible.

I've played both demos for the Giant Man-Eating Rabbit, and it plays exactly the same. Just a resolution hit for the 3DS (naturally). Should be simple, but we all know how that kind of thinking can end up at Nintendo. :/
02/26/13, 06:58   

Get pumped!
02/27/13, 02:23   
I couldn't be more pumped. The demo is already my GOTY 2013. My take on the new(ish) weapons:

The gunlance is pretty sweet. I might try to main it. Ending a melee combo with a point-blank shot to the face is awesome.

The bow is an interesting alternative to the gun. A bit hard to aim manually.

Dual Swords are fun and spammy. Kind of like a more savage Long Sword.

The hunting horn is kind of badass! I don't really know what I'm doing, but still! I thought it would be like being a healer or a bard, but you can totally use the horn to smack monsters upside the head.

Fighting the bunny is always fun, but the Plesioth is a pain. Not because he's so lethal, but because they don't give you enough time to swim after him!
02/28/13, 03:47   
02/28/13, 18:28   
Wow, that is really good news! I'm really looking forward to getting started with this game. It'll be my first experience with Monster Hunter, and I'm really looking forward to something that I can just immerse myself in.
02/28/13, 20:02   

..Are we SURE this includes Australia? Does that mean we have Africa, too? But no Asia?

It says Europe and "all Western hunters;" Australia is right under Japan.. I...I don't know what to think about this.
02/28/13, 21:17   

We're western goddamn you, you filthy gaijin.

(Wait what?)
02/28/13, 21:20   
'Straya still counts as the Western World even though we live in the east. Go figure.
03/01/13, 01:32   

Welp, don't count your Jaggis before they hatch.

Heck, I don't even think we can do Wii U video chat with you guys. Tim and I have tried ENDLESSLY.
03/01/13, 02:10   
You can't?! That's interesting.
But we should count. There is no reason for us not to count.
03/01/13, 02:39   
Mr_Mustache said:

Thanks for never playing with us DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES WE NEEDED A HAMMER GUY?!

EDIT- Good call! Lets record our preferred Weapon Classes!

My bad my bad!

I'm officially in the Wii U crowd now, so I'm looking forward to getting in some hunting time when I'm not hunting with my own group. PRovided I can get a better capture card by month's end...
03/01/13, 10:16   
2 Weeksish, woo!
03/04/13, 20:51   
I will be there. IDK what weapon I'll use more though will be fun to find out.
03/06/13, 00:58   
Yeah, messing with the demos some more reaffirmed that I'm going Switch Axe.
03/06/13, 16:01   
Having not played a Monster Hunter game for more than half an hour, I really don't know what kind of weapon I'd like to use. I do, however, know that I DON'T want to use something that attacks really slowly. It seems like every video I see of someone playing Monster Hunter is them using a Great Sword or some other monstrous weapon that takes a year and a half to swing, and getting punished about 2/3 of the time. No, that definitely isn't for me. I'm thinking either Dual Blades, Sword and Shield, or a Lance/Gunlance.
03/06/13, 16:17   

If you dodge effectively and swing it right, those weapons can do serious damage.
03/06/13, 17:13   

What Ludist said; there is a HUGE tradeoff. You might get 5 slashes in with a Sword and Shield but only do the damage of one GreatSword slash. Definite balancing act there.
03/06/13, 23:24   
@WindWaker99 The lance would probably get you the most action. The big shield allows you to block most attacks without losing footing, so if done right you can stay right up with the monster and poke away. I was mostly a lancer in MHT and effectively managing stamina use and countering attacks feels rewarding.
03/06/13, 23:40   
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