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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U) discussion [game]
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U
9.38/10 from 18 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

And here we are.


Game IS NOT Region Locked: NA + SA CAN PLAY with Europe + Australia + Africa(?)



Welcome to the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate thread! This will be our headquarters for coordinating our Hunts, sharing stories of war, and helpful hints for our brothers-in-arms, compatriots, friends, and neighbors. Please be mindful of folks' different definitions of "spoilers," and remember that not EVERYBODY played Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, though everybody totally should've.

The "burden" of running this thread has been placed upon me but...I can't do it alone. I will lean on Maxi and others to help with the heavy lifting occasionally, both in planning things and also in feeding this thread. Please keep it bumped (once we get going). If you could, let us know if you're getting this game, WHEN you're getting this game, and what your aspirations are so we can get us situated in groups with likeminded people. Do you want to barely play this game? Is this going to be your new #1? The most fun with this game is had when you get to go out with a group of guys week in week out, so if we can find someone with a schedule similar to yours, you'll have the most fun with it.

I'VE GOT IT, AND I'M HUNTING MONSTERS (Name / WiiU ID / NW / HR / Weapon of Choice)
Nova (Mop_it_up / Mop it up) HR135 / Lance
Mustache (RobSchulz / Mr_Mustache) HR125 / Sword & Shield
Cryojin (Cryojin / Cryojin) HR110 / Switch Axe
OlManZelda (OldManFromZelda) HR89 / Dual Blades
Joseph (NinSage / NinSage) HR83 / Switch Axe
Ludist210 (Ludist210 / Ludist210) HR57 / Switch Axe
Ananda (AnandX / Anand) HR54 / Gunlance
Stratos (Chronocast / Stratos) HR40 / Longsword
Munchie (brass / chackfalcon) HR40 / Jack of All Trades

Scrawnton (Scrawnton / Scrawnton) HR7 / Longsword
d_Artagnan (SMGriffith / d_Artagnan) HR7 / Hunting Horn

Davoid (DavoidXPlay / Davoid) HR6 / Switchaxe
Andrew (WindWaker99 / WindWaker99) HR6 / Assorted Blades

Mikey (Anon_Mastermind / Anon_Mastermind) HR5 / Dual Blades
Inada / Lutherian / Luther / HR4 / Dual Blades
Kaiten (kgtennispro / kgtennispro) HR4 / Bow

vinnom (vinnom / vinniebrock) HR3 / Hammer
Skyreus (FirstW / CPA Wei) HR3
Graptakular (Graptakular) HR 3 / Sword & Shield

Melia (MattB92 / Nintendo.Wii) HR2 / Switch Axe
Darius (Pokefreak911) HR2 / Great Sword

Ruby (Rokninja / Dynablade) HR0 / Hammer
DeputyVanHalen HR0
Brick HR0
Dark Weres

Scheduled Posses / Group Outings (date & military time EST - # - hunters - quest if applicable):
03/21 ------ 1/4 LUDIST
03/22 ------
03/23 ------
03/24 ------
03/25 ------
03/26 ------

NinTemple_Maxi's Section of HELP!
Weapon Tutorials!
..and a Pro / Con breakdown!

URL to share (right click and copy)
02/10/13, 01:03    Edited: 03/21/15, 09:37
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I'll be starting Luigi's Mansion, but if you guys form a group, post here and I'll hop on
03/24/13, 07:14   

I actually had my first foray online with this game tonight! I just played with a group of random people online, but we all ended up having a really good group dynamic together. They told me about how you get your HR up, and it turns out that there are actually a series of "key quests" that need to be finished in order rank up. I can't remember the exact names of the quests, but I know that you have to fight the Barroth, Quropeco, and maybe something else (You can find lists online of the key quests for each rank). Then an "Urgent Quest" will appear where you have to beat the Lagiacrus. Then, once you beat that, you'll class up to HR2. The one thing that is kind of less than intuitive is the fact that it seems only the person who paid for the quest will actually rank up when it's done. So keep that in mind!

I had a GREAT time playing online today, and that was just with random people! So I can't imagine how much fun it would be to play with you guys! My Nintendo Network ID is WindWaker99! Hope to see you guys online!
03/24/13, 08:42   

Woops. Sorry, Ken.. d_Artagnan, myself, and Vinnom were out there. Haven't been online in a while...

--This dude named "Bad Luck" was playing with us, and he kept dying! Talk about bad luck..


Yes, each person who has an Urgent Quest will NEED to select it to get credit. This differs from every other quest out there, as far as I know. I think you only need to hunt the Big Monsters to have the Urgent come up, as both d_Artagnan and Vinnom left quests on the board, but they're each up to HR2.

Yeah man, it'll be partayyy with us!

EDIT- And UGH, stupid Lightcrystals elude me. I mined the H out of the Tundra and the Volcano. Nothin'. That is another thing you new dudes will have to get used to / try-not-to-hate-too-much; this game is NOTORIOUS for not giving you something that you're waiting on. Maybe that is their way of trying to get you to use other Weapons? I'm not sure. I remember encountering a..resource block? in Tri where I was stuck with the same weapon FOREVER. I also can't tell you how many days in a row it was where Anand and I were playing, and he was just going after a Rathian Ruby..but it would never come. Incredibly frustrating. But then you get it, and all is well, and you feel like a big man. Stay tuned..
03/24/13, 11:55   
Edited: 03/24/13, 12:00

Yeah, it took me about an hour and a half of mining to finally get the 2 lightcrystals I needed from the Tundra. But at least my Lagi armor set is now complete
03/24/13, 18:48   

Do you know what area you were in? Was it the darkest of the two up top?
03/24/13, 19:15   
I found one of them in 4, and the other one in the room with the Jaggis (I forget what number that was ;p)
03/24/13, 19:43   
HR2! thanks to @Mr_Mustache & @d_Artagnan

Haven't had a MH marathon for a while, so much fun

Sorry about the radio silence, crazy stuff was happening in my neighborhood last night. Literally a few seconds after I joined your room, it sounded like there was gunshots just a couple houses away, and sure enough the cops showed up a few minutes later. I was Monster Hunting quietly, in the dark, with my windows and blinds all closed, and paranoid as hell... I could see flashlights in my window(s) and hear them walking around with their dogs. Weird, scary night

Now to stock back up on... lots of stuff. Damn Lagi.
03/24/13, 21:04   

Wow, that is scary. No worries, man. We'll talk sometime! Could you hear everything we were saying, or we were turned down all the way, too? Yikes.

And yes yes, no problem. Glad we could get both of you dudes to HR2. Dig it! (NOW, for some better armor for all of us!) Haha, that Bad Luck guy ONLY had Leather stuff! I'm not even sure if he knows you can upgrade your armor at all. What in the planet..

Anyway, I'm on now. If no one is here (checking..Nintendo.Wii is on; will he finally play with an NW member against his wishes?! HAHA!!), I'll just do offline stuff. Swing by and say HELLO! Up for some Questeroos!
03/25/13, 05:07   
Oh snap, I just turned my Wii U on too
03/25/13, 05:09   

Hot beans and rice! Shoot me a message when you get on and I'll swing over for some rad stuff. I still gotta find Light Crystals and the like. Any HR1 guys you wouldn't mind doing again? We could alway do a rad Paw Pass, too!
03/25/13, 05:13   

I'm down for whatever ;x
03/25/13, 05:15   
03/25/13, 05:35   

We're moving into an open room now :)
03/25/13, 05:47   
I'm hoping a lan adapter fixes all my problems >.
03/25/13, 06:12   
Ho, HO MAN, just put up a 3:26 on the Arena - Grudge Match: Lagombi. SOLID. I feel great about that.
Never got a single S Rank on Tri. I'M A MACHINE.

Would like to do the Grudge: Barioth with a full boat though still.. NW's best!

EDIT- Official. Looking for 2 more for the Barioth Grudge tomorrow night right before midnight. Not sure when they're cycling these things, but I'd like to get it done before they snake it. I've done everything else, so why not that? d_Artagnan will be involved already as he's getting on around then, too, and if we're going by unity numbers, I'd like to work with Ananda and Kenny..but I'll happily work with Mikey, Scrawny, Vinnom, Nintendo.Wii, or someone else I haven't had the pleasure of doing business with just yet. That'll be all for me though; one and done!

(And then you dudes can party the night away, helping each other make sweet weapons or something.)

Time for some offline..might actually see a Great Jaggi this time! (30+ hours, no such luck.)


Yeah, what the heck was that stuff about!? Ah well, we'll get 'em next time -- together!
03/25/13, 09:59   
Edited: 03/25/13, 10:06
I was online twice yesterday, but Rejanku and Scrawnton were off doing quests and Anand was playing locally. So I just went and knocked out two or three offline quests before I logged off.
03/25/13, 12:48   
Okay! I finally got the hang of the Gunlance. I figured out how to do the last couple of moves. Wyvern Fire (which is AWESOME), upward swings, upward blasts, and step reloads.

AND I found the Rusty Great Sword that I used for pretty much ALL of Tri!

Leather stuff is the best stuff!

You can just message me if you want to jump online.

I was trying to tear through as much of the single-player as I could over the weekend. Or at least get far enough to upgrade my farms and ships. Particularly the honey farm! It'll save me a lot of money and tedium (and cost me a lot of resources). I already started growing tons of sleep herbs and parashrooms for Tranquilizer. Tranq city, baby!

Next up: bitterbugs. (Maybe even the resource-intensive godbugs or might seeds?)

I am seriously convinced that this game is a hundred times easier than Tri. So far, at least.

I'm up for the Barioth. Did you do the Purple Ludroth? I need some Ag parts. And hammer dude parts for a new, non-leather helmet.
03/25/13, 14:44   
Nah it's cool, I need to farm for Hunter's Gear and try to upgrade my weapon. So far, so good.

I'm also convinced that this is a lot easier than Tri as well, at least more streamlined in the early goings. I'll wait until I hit the G-level missions.
03/25/13, 15:00   

Renjaku has it?? This..is interesting...


Why am I responding to this? Train of thought, whyyy.. OH! i found a question mark thing yesterday, and I have NO IDEA what to do with it (can't combine it, and nothing new to Forge). Is it a Rusty Thing? Possibly.

--Purple Ludroth, yes. Myself and d_Artagnan beat your guys' time. YEAHHHH. Barioth? Awesome, I'll see you tonight. If you get there before me tonight, please SELECT the mission before Midnight EST (I'm assuming this is the time it changes...) so I can get it in. Scared!

Need one more, who wants to do it!? (Ludist can do it without needing huge armor, too, since you pick a set of something).

(Who is Hammer Dude? Ohhhhhhh...)


You're waiting to get Online until you hit G-Level offline? My goodness, dude, you don't need to do that at all. They "dumbed down" the monsters online; nearly all of us have hit HR2 without anything really on us armorwise. I fear you'll spend too much time offline, and then we'll all be far ahead. I was kinda hoping that all of us (those really invested in the thread, at least) would get to that point before -I- even started working on my HR2 stuff. I haven't done any of the new quests yet that I've unlocked (and others have unlocked as well), but I have personally seen 6 of us hit that mark, myself included.

So yeah..don't worry about it! You're a monster yourself; they fear YOU.
03/25/13, 20:19   

No, I meant that Tri seems easier now, but once I get to G-Level, I'm betting things will ramp up.

I think I meant Dynablade...crap. Whoever rokninja is. Yeah, Dynablade.

I would play tonight, but y'all play waaaay after I go to bed typically. Once the Off-TV patch comes out, that might be more feasable.
03/25/13, 20:26   
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