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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U) discussion [game]
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U
9.38/10 from 18 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

And here we are.


Game IS NOT Region Locked: NA + SA CAN PLAY with Europe + Australia + Africa(?)



Welcome to the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate thread! This will be our headquarters for coordinating our Hunts, sharing stories of war, and helpful hints for our brothers-in-arms, compatriots, friends, and neighbors. Please be mindful of folks' different definitions of "spoilers," and remember that not EVERYBODY played Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, though everybody totally should've.

The "burden" of running this thread has been placed upon me but...I can't do it alone. I will lean on Maxi and others to help with the heavy lifting occasionally, both in planning things and also in feeding this thread. Please keep it bumped (once we get going). If you could, let us know if you're getting this game, WHEN you're getting this game, and what your aspirations are so we can get us situated in groups with likeminded people. Do you want to barely play this game? Is this going to be your new #1? The most fun with this game is had when you get to go out with a group of guys week in week out, so if we can find someone with a schedule similar to yours, you'll have the most fun with it.

I'VE GOT IT, AND I'M HUNTING MONSTERS (Name / WiiU ID / NW / HR / Weapon of Choice)
Nova (Mop_it_up / Mop it up) HR135 / Lance
Mustache (RobSchulz / Mr_Mustache) HR125 / Sword & Shield
Cryojin (Cryojin / Cryojin) HR110 / Switch Axe
OlManZelda (OldManFromZelda) HR89 / Dual Blades
Joseph (NinSage / NinSage) HR83 / Switch Axe
Ludist210 (Ludist210 / Ludist210) HR57 / Switch Axe
Ananda (AnandX / Anand) HR54 / Gunlance
Stratos (Chronocast / Stratos) HR40 / Longsword
Munchie (brass / chackfalcon) HR40 / Jack of All Trades

Scrawnton (Scrawnton / Scrawnton) HR7 / Longsword
d_Artagnan (SMGriffith / d_Artagnan) HR7 / Hunting Horn

Davoid (DavoidXPlay / Davoid) HR6 / Switchaxe
Andrew (WindWaker99 / WindWaker99) HR6 / Assorted Blades

Mikey (Anon_Mastermind / Anon_Mastermind) HR5 / Dual Blades
Inada / Lutherian / Luther / HR4 / Dual Blades
Kaiten (kgtennispro / kgtennispro) HR4 / Bow

vinnom (vinnom / vinniebrock) HR3 / Hammer
Skyreus (FirstW / CPA Wei) HR3
Graptakular (Graptakular) HR 3 / Sword & Shield

Melia (MattB92 / Nintendo.Wii) HR2 / Switch Axe
Darius (Pokefreak911) HR2 / Great Sword

Ruby (Rokninja / Dynablade) HR0 / Hammer
DeputyVanHalen HR0
Brick HR0
Dark Weres

Scheduled Posses / Group Outings (date & military time EST - # - hunters - quest if applicable):
03/21 ------ 1/4 LUDIST
03/22 ------
03/23 ------
03/24 ------
03/25 ------
03/26 ------

NinTemple_Maxi's Section of HELP!
Weapon Tutorials!
..and a Pro / Con breakdown!

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02/10/13, 01:03    Edited: 03/21/15, 09:37
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Hey! I got a call from Ivy at GameStop today, and the game will be out at midnight tomorrow.
(I haven't confirmed with my location though..)

03/18/13, 04:50   
Mr_Mustache said:
Hey! I got a call from Ivy at GameStop today, and the game will be out at midnight tomorrow.
(I haven't confirmed with my location though..)


Yeah it says it is available on e-shop then as well I am excited. Why release it the same week as Lego? Nintendo does strange things with their dates. I am getting both, but spread titles out to avoid droughts... duh.
03/18/13, 05:57   
Droughts? Nintendo NEVER suffers from droughts. It's impossible for them to EVER suffer from droughts.
03/18/13, 06:19   
Tomorrow, guys! Can't wait!

Will it feature Off-TV play on day one?
03/18/13, 15:29   
ludist210 said:
Tomorrow, guys! Can't wait!

Will it feature Off-TV play on day one?
It doesn't Day 1 but it is coming with the update for connected servers in April. http://www.capcom-unity.com/dubindoh/blog/2013/02/28/monster-hunter-3-ultimate-software-update-adds-cross-region-online-and-off-tv-play
03/18/13, 19:27   
Oh man oh man oh man oh man can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait
03/18/13, 20:02   

No Off-TV play on day one? Yikes...not as urgent to purchase this one just yet then. That's almost a must for me at this point.
03/18/13, 20:20   
03/18/13, 22:38   

I don't want to read it! Disappointment or too much excitement awaits!

--And I guess Gears of Wars: Blah releases tonight, too? I'll be entrenched with those guys at GameStop, booo.
03/18/13, 22:57   
It's excitement. The TLDR version: there's a ton of content, a good bit of it is new.
03/18/13, 23:06   
...... looks like I won't have internet access at home tomorrow. ............. I'm already irate.... and will be so much more come midnight....
03/18/13, 23:14   

Did they talk about the "progression" of the game?

For example, will I be gathering mushrooms TONIGHT, or is this remixed a bit?


Why no access? Go to Mickey D's!
03/18/13, 23:40   

They didn't talk about progression, just about how much they've added. New areas, new weapons, new armor, number of quests, etc.

Probably similar progression to the original (if not identical).
03/18/13, 23:44   

I'm not worried. It'll trip my nostalgia trigger, crushing those little bugs and stealing their honeysacs.

6 hours and change, wow!

EDIT- Is anyone else getting it tonight FOR SURE? I might wanna swing on just to test out Wii U Speak and maybe do A mission (LET'S GATHER SOME F'N SHROOMS) to see if anything at all has changed.

EDIT 2- I just realized this will be a new Wii U game, and probably come with a nice Updatey deal that takes a good 20-30 minutes. Bollocks.
03/18/13, 23:50   
Edited: 03/18/13, 23:52
I'm downloading it, but probably not until tomorrow morning/afternoon.
03/18/13, 23:55   
Just talks about new areas being added, armor, weapons, a couple new monsters? Sounds like much more then a port. Def looks really good too
03/19/13, 02:34   
Wii Speak? Is that still supported?

In related news, the Wii U will never have another drought again (from my perspective, at least).
03/19/13, 03:37   
i won't have it tonight, but i'm putting my faith in Amazon to get it to me early tomorrow. I sure hope they... deliver
03/19/13, 05:12   
Edited: 03/19/13, 05:15
ALRIGHT, downloading the automatic update now (I'm aware I can start software).

It was about 15 minutes for me, and now I've got..6 to go, or so.

I'll get Nikki's laptop out..though it looks like no one else will have it tonight, so maybe not..

EDIT- Whoa! Whats a Guild Card?! And the open is pretty awesome.
03/19/13, 06:39   
Edited: 03/19/13, 06:56
The Guild Card was in past games before Tri and it was basically a way to keep track of everything you did in the game if I recall correctly from one of the podcasts I watched. Such info is this.
They were little cards that you could send to one another that showed various information about the player, such as equipment, awards, training school/arena records, weapon usages, total monster kills, and other stuff like that. Also is shows quest history, so you can see how often the said players dies in their previous hunts. I know in Tri they had Equipment,Awards, Total monster kills in various places when you pulled up menus but the guild card has those and many other things in one place.
03/19/13, 07:25   
Edited: 03/19/13, 07:29
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