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Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS) discussion [game]
9.31/10 from 35 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS!

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Fire Emblem: Awakening Review (Nintendo 3DS) (10.0)  by  

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Posted: 12/22/12, 01:27:20  - Edited by 
 on: 01/31/13, 16:13:32
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Demo sold me on the game, though I did not like how their feet clipped through the ground. It lookd like they were standing on their shins.
Posted: 01/18/13, 19:39:15
Loved the demo. Maybe the most fun I've had with Fire Emblem since FE5 so far. They definitely do a great job of engaging you right off the bat. It's a very effective demo.

What I liked:
- It was fast paced. It was cool to be able to fast forward through the battle animations if you want.
- Graphics looked awesome. I personally think the sprites on the field will make things easier to read, especially on the smaller screen. Maybe it could take people out of the game a little, but I'm not sure how those tiny polygons would look on the screen. Battle animations looked way livelier than in the console games, even though their stubby feet looks pretty awful. How did they let that happen?
- Music samples sounded really good. They definitely sounded higher quality than before.
- Certain gameplay tweaks are welcomed. It makes sense to choose your enemy and then cycle through your weapons, rather than pick your weapon first. I like seeing those support bonuses from adjacent allies, but I'd like to know more about how this works (if I surround an enemy on 3 sides, will they all appear in the battle?)
- CG cutscenes looked awesome, and seemed way higher quality than in Radiant Dawn. I wish the whole game could look like that!
- No more talking heads, kind of. Part of me is a little disappointed, as I kind of liked using my imagination a little, when the characters were doing stuff that couldn't really be acted out. It's nice to finally have little cutscenes though, even if it basically is the characters talking to one another. That, along with the map on the bottom screen, seems like a great way to add a sense of place to the game.
- I look forward to experimenting with the different difficulties and see what will work best for me. How easy is easy mode? How hard is hard mode?
- The character creation and interaction really reminds me of FE5, which is still my favorite of the ones I've played. I always liked in the first game when Lyn would be like "Oh, hey Jamie. Man, we sure have been through a lot together!" I always found it very endearing and engaging, and I liked how they rationalized the tactician element of the game.

What I'm iffy on:
- I don't think I like being able to traverse the world map. I kind of like the old style, because being able to zip across the map kind of takes away from that 'grand adventure' feeling. Maybe there's less to this idea than I think? It's just such a big deal in Fire Emblem to be on the opposite end of a continent. You're so far away from home. That really means a lot to me in any kind of "adventure" game (not in the categorical meaning).
- Maybe people will be disappointed that they can't rotate the camera, but I never bothered with it in the console versions.
- I still have to come to grips with the Pair Up feature. It's cool to have some more power in one space, but at the lack of an extra unit to draw fire? I'm not sure how much I'll be using that, outside of a boss battle.
Posted: 01/18/13, 19:54:02

Their feet don't clip through the ground. That's how they're designed... which I don't understand but whatever Horse humans it is!
Posted: 01/19/13, 00:23:35

Oh...could have sworn I saw feet when they started running at one point but maybe it was tired eyes playing a trick on me. Strange choice, but nothing deal breaking.
Posted: 01/19/13, 01:24:12
"I am Fire Emblemed out," Ploot repeated to himself.
"I have exhausted my Fire Embleming for at least three years." Ploot spoke these words aloud as the demo slowly crept into his mind. Like a venomous Australian death spider, it wrapped his imagination within a sturdy thread of merriment.

I was prepared to not care for this game, but the demo was super-fun. And, Marth? Really?! I am intrigued.
Posted: 01/19/13, 08:28:46

Death spiders will get you every time.
Posted: 01/19/13, 12:10:00
I let the title screen of the demo just sit there for a while so I could listen to that awesome music. SO GOOD! Can't wait for Februrary 4th!!!
Posted: 01/19/13, 15:54:21
@GameDadGrant Yeah, I was actually waiting to see if they had an attract mode, but then the music...
Posted: 01/19/13, 18:00:47
I just loaded up $40 onto my XL in anticipation of Feb. 4th. The demo is amazeballz.
Posted: 01/19/13, 21:51:22

Is that the digital equivalent to "pre-ordering" a game?!?

I've got my pre-order paid off at Gamestop (I want dat art book!) and I've got my Limited Edition Fire Emblem 3DS on reserve, too. Can't wait for the release of this game!

My body is ready.
Posted: 01/19/13, 23:18:39
I played a bit of the demo. I skipped all the story stuff since I'll go through it again when I buy the game. I can't get over the lack of feet in the game. I think the game looks good, but I don't know because I was staring at where people's feet should have been. It's almost like someone said "If we could cut x-number of polygons from every character the game would run great." And someone replied "Hey there are exactly x-number of polygons in the character's feet, we can just remove those." And no one thought that would be completely distracting. It's just weird.
Posted: 01/20/13, 01:23:58
LOL @ the "missing feet" discussion, it was the first thing I noticed!

Demo was great though, can't wait til Feb. 4th.
Posted: 01/20/13, 06:45:16

Pretty much a pre-order, yeah. Did not know about the art book, but I'll take on tap as a decent tradeoff. Plus, my wife fears my hoarding genes, so this will be one less thing for her to worry about.

Never looked at the feet. Thanks, fellas; now I won't be able to look away OR un-see them! ;p
Posted: 01/20/13, 06:54:33
The feet "issue" becomes less of a problem the more you play. You'll be more focused on the strategy and gameplay than anything else. Though, that's just based on the demo. If there are more "in-game" cut scenes, then it may be more noticeable. Maybe.


I'm a big fan of art books, so I HAD to pre-order for the physical copy. Even though I'm getting the LE Fire Emblem system which comes with the game pre-installed.
Posted: 01/20/13, 07:16:14
Hmm, can't beat the 'insanity' difficulty setting. I keep getting killed.

I'm so disappointed. In myself.
Posted: 01/20/13, 20:05:48
@GameDadGrant Yeah, I'd rather they have crappy feet and seem lively. I think the animations look way better than the console games. It was weird going from the fluid GBA animations to the more robotic console animations.
Posted: 01/20/13, 20:28:19
I really wish they'd have kept the sprites, imagine vanillaware quality 2-D artwork!
Posted: 01/20/13, 23:49:36
@deathly_hallows Yeah...that WOULD be awesome! Still, what they have is a huge improvement over the console games. I think there will be mixed opinions on the sprites in the battlefield, though like they said on RFN, Fire Emblem has a knack for having a pretty inconsistent art style.
Posted: 01/21/13, 00:54:15
Definitely, it looks great, and I like how you can switch into 1st person during the attack animations, couldn't do that with sprites!

I will definitely be putting many many hours into this game.
Posted: 01/21/13, 01:50:42

I am now finally getting around to preordering the FE system from gamestop.com and it looks like the art book comes with the system as well.
Posted: 01/21/13, 18:21:17
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