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Little Inferno (Nintendo Wii U eShop) discussion [game]
Little Inferno on the Wii U
8.42/10 from 15 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Little Inferno on the Wii U!

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Little Inferno (Nintendo Wii U eShop) Review (9.1)  by  

I'm like 100% for sure buying this game from the developers of World of Goo and the creator of Henry Hatsworth. Figured I might as well start this thread up now because this "game"? sounds very bizarre. No goals, just... burn stuff? But there has to be more, right?

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11/18/12, 19:26    Edited: 04/08/13, 01:26
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Could they even release an update on Wii U if they wanted to...?
11/10/22, 03:50   
@Stan McStanly
Haha, he DID almost burn the whole neighborhood down one day, lighting newspaper on fire on the driveway on a super-windy day. I was, like, frantically running around the yard and stomping out the pieces.
11/10/22, 18:53   
Edited: 11/10/22, 18:55
I accidentally lit the garage up when I was 7-8, and it almost got to the gas cans by the time the fire dept. Showed up. We didn't even notice it until the heat made the automatic door opener malfunction and open the door.

Haha, Ironically our garage was packed with junk we didn't want, so we got to trash most of it afterwards.

Fun times.
11/10/22, 21:07   
Edited: 11/10/22, 21:10
@Stan McStanly
...did you guys cash out on the insurance?
11/11/22, 01:25   
Not a clue. I was 7 at the time. I assume no, becuase the garage was still standing and sturdy in the end, it was just all the junk that caught fire.
11/11/22, 18:58   
Oh, that's too bad. Fire is the only way to get even with the insurance industry.

Well, that or pushing someone off of a moving train. Then you can get even with two things at once!
11/11/22, 19:29   
Edited: 11/11/22, 19:30
But then what if you shove you insurance agent off the train by accident?
11/12/22, 00:10   
Quadruple Indemnity.
11/12/22, 17:54   
Hey, this didn't come out on Switch in time! In fact, it's still not out! Booo!

Will play next year. I mean, this year.
01/06/23, 07:26   
Hey, I need to play this this year!
11/17/23, 00:50   
I'm playing it!

It's scary!
11/30/23, 20:32   
@Secret_Tunnel Yep, that game has a one-of-a-kind not-quite-horror vibe to it. I love the mini nukes.
12/03/23, 05:17   
@Stan McStanly

Oh, I'm playing the Ho Ho Holiday expansion, which has sprinklings of straight-up-horror.
12/09/23, 01:18   
So I'm going to have to rebuy this game and then buy the dlc huh.
12/09/23, 20:39   
@Secret_Tunnel I have that. It's been a while, but I remember Santas and elves and oh my goodness gracious.

The best sandbox games are the ones with no point. Well, it's not like others have points, but I mean games like Little Inferno raise the famous question of "WHY"
12/09/23, 22:39   

The DLC is an alternate version of the main game that adds an extra Christmas-themed catalog and switches out the letters from Sugar Plumps for letters from a different character. It's pretty goofy, and the ending is the same, so if this is your first time playing it since 2012, I'd actually recommend just replaying the main story. The main arc is deflated a lot by deviations that don't go anywhere.
12/09/23, 23:46   
Yeah but I want something new!
12/10/23, 00:47   

Then you'll like it!
12/11/23, 20:52   
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