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Little Inferno (Nintendo Wii U eShop) discussion [game]
Little Inferno on the Wii U
8.42/10 from 15 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Little Inferno on the Wii U!

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Little Inferno (Nintendo Wii U eShop) Review (9.1)  by  

I'm like 100% for sure buying this game from the developers of World of Goo and the creator of Henry Hatsworth. Figured I might as well start this thread up now because this "game"? sounds very bizarre. No goals, just... burn stuff? But there has to be more, right?

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11/18/12, 19:26   Edit:  04/08/13, 01:26
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Zero said:
Soundtrack available for free on their site.

This may interest no one, or may already be known, but I thought this was rather cool...

I was catching up on 30 Rock over the weekend and during season five's live episode, an old school NBC "technical difficulties" board was shown a couple of times and a very familiar tune played. I knew right away what it was from... Little Inferno! Or, rather, it was featured in Little Inferno, yet not the game's own to call.

It was the one song I most wanted from the soundtrack when it was made available, but sadly found it absent. Now I know why, it's an existing song that I guess is public domain. It may have been mentioned in the game's credits, but I don't recall.

Anyway, the song, "Window Gazing," is from a music compilation called, "Music for Supermarkets." Perfectly appropriate song to play whilst viewing the in-game catalog of things to set ablaze.

Awesome song, but now I feel kind of silly for liking what is, in essence, a song for a grocery store.
01/29/13, 04:10   Edit:  01/29/13, 04:16
Hmm... I didn't realize that this wasn't their own song! Interesting.
01/29/13, 04:21
Bought the game on sale, today. I am enjoying it.
01/29/13, 04:36

Oh, that explains why it's not on the soundtrack then! I figured they just left it off because it's pretty much the only song you hear for the majority of the game, and no one really wants to listen to it.
01/29/13, 06:44
Whilst trying to fall asleep, I discovered that I am bad at making combos. I tend to just load up my pit with random stuff until I cannot put anything more in. One time I had the max number in there and managed to make four different combos.
01/29/13, 13:12
So I started playing this on Saturday. I made it through the first catalog and am enjoying it for what it is. I made the first six combos, though the Generations one didn't really make sense to me until I read the item's descriptions.
02/11/13, 21:03
Finished the game last night. Played it a bit more this morning, and I'm only missing 20 combos.

I also burned my free hug ticket, but I did it by accident while trying to set several things on fire at once.
02/13/13, 16:20
Game's on sale on Steam for $4 through this weekend.
03/14/13, 23:16
Apparently the game is on sale, this weekend only. Wii U version too.

Unsure of how much? Maybe $4 like the Steam version?
03/15/13, 03:30

Don't feel bad....I accidentally did that as well.
03/15/13, 04:42
Huh, at that price I might give it a go.
03/15/13, 18:31
I'm really enjoying this game a lot more now than I was when I first started playing it. It's just so oddly fascinating keeping the cycle of burning stuff going, and I love figuring out how to get the combos. Plus, those letter exchanges are so intriguing.

44 combos done so far, and I'm about to unlock the 7th catalog! I'm still scratching my head over some of the combos, but I'll get back to any I skipped over.
03/29/13, 05:28
Got this game in some Humble Bundle and I just gave it a try. Weird. Didn't really show much reason to go back but I'll revisit it soon.
12/02/13, 04:59

The conditions you play it in will affect your enjoyment a lot. Try to make it so that you can emulate sitting in front of an actual fireplace on a cold winter's night.

12/02/13, 05:19
10 years later, they're adding an expansion. I may have to rebuy this game on Switch or something?!

11/05/22, 02:17
Had a lot of fun with that. The art always depressed me lol
11/05/22, 17:04
Weird! I'll play it.
11/08/22, 02:32
What the hell?? Which versions are they updating?

My nephew used to play this game ALL the time. In related news, he's also a pyromaniac. Chicken or egg?
11/08/22, 17:00

Did he ever set his garage on fire?
11/09/22, 03:52
I mean I wasn't going to say it but as long as it's out there now yeah, we have strong evidence that my nephew was a pyro long before this game...
11/10/22, 03:14   Edit:  11/10/22, 03:16
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