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Little Inferno (Nintendo Wii U eShop) discussion [game]
Little Inferno on the Wii U
8.42/10 from 15 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Little Inferno on the Wii U!

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Little Inferno (Nintendo Wii U eShop) Review (9.1)  by  

I'm like 100% for sure buying this game from the developers of World of Goo and the creator of Henry Hatsworth. Figured I might as well start this thread up now because this "game"? sounds very bizarre. No goals, just... burn stuff? But there has to be more, right?

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11/18/12, 19:26   Edit:  04/08/13, 01:26
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I will be purchasing this. Sounds...hip.
12/01/12, 06:16
Well, I got stars on all of the catalogs by buying everything at least 3 times and my reward was... "the knowledge that you are a good shopper".

12/02/12, 02:23
12/02/12, 09:02
Soundtrack available for free on their site.

I'm kind of curious to see what is on there exactly, since the game itself doesn't have much music. Also the World of Goo soundtrack had some greatly expanded versions of songs, hope they did that again.
12/14/12, 00:48
Sale on in Europe until January 4th. Little Inferno is dropping to 9.99 from 13.99
12/17/12, 21:11
I have completed the game and have managed all the combos without assistance, in game time racks up to about 17hrs 30mins but there were times where I just left the game there while making dinner etc and would pop back now and again to burn stuff. I will probably find it hard to put into words just how much I enjoyed this game, it gripped me well after the game had finished and I was really happy yet sad that the game was over, it is one of those experiences that I know will stick with me much like World of Goo has. Bethan commented that over the past few years very few games have drawn me in this much and its obvious that those guys are doing something right, she is also hooked on the game at the moment too which is always nice to see.

I don't know what else too say, it seems to be a game that could be open to DLC and I would love to get some new catalogs and combos to continue burning things but the game does seem to be wrapped up nicely so who knows what the future will bring, it seems like one of those things that could be expanded over a long period of time I mean is there a limit to the interesting things you can burn?
01/07/13, 12:23
Just completed the game. I have 71 combos completed, Overall, the combos are fairly easy to figure out, with a fewvof them being a bit trickier. I will complete the rest of the combos.

Overall, the game was good, but I am glad I bought it while it was on sale. The whole 'deeper' meaning of the game, well lets just say I'm not sure how I really feel about it. Actually, from what most people have been saying, esp. alot of the reviews, I was a little let down. The ending wasn't as dramatic as what I thought it was going to be. Plus, seems kindof strange that these guys wanting to be game developers, are saying stop wasting your time on games....or whatever.

I don't know, I kind of feel life overall is a waste of time. I mean, just want to have fun and I want to be entertained. I'm not looking to do anything meaningful, though if something meaning does happen due to my existence on this planet, then so be it.

I also don't feel the game is as dark as everyone is letting on...ok, so some kids scream when a school bus catches on fire...that is the normal response, they wouldn't be laughing. Prob. the darkest moment was the syringes coming out of the can of snakes & later in the game syringes pop out of another object(i forget which one).

I'd prob. rate the game average-good, score-wise around 75-80. I did recommend the game to my brother, now I'm regretting it a little. I know he has started, but not finished the game & I feel the ending sequence will either make or break the game for most people. I thought the ending coud have been better, even with the same message being delivered...cause most people prob. will not 'get it'.
01/07/13, 14:45   Edit:  01/07/13, 14:48

Wait until you see what you get for getting all of the combos and not to mention the reward for starring all of the catalogs. You sir are in for a treat.
01/07/13, 15:43
gamewizard65 said:
Plus, seems kindof strange that these guys wanting to be game developers, are saying stop wasting your time on games....or whatever.

They're not saying that all games are a waste of time, just that it's good to take a step back every so often and say, "Wait, am I reeeally enjoying playing this game THAT much? What's it doing for me? Would practicing guitar be more rewarding? etc."
01/08/13, 03:50
BTW guys apparently the sale on this game has been extended to February in the NA eShop? If you thought you missed it... you still have a chance!

@Secret_Tunnel Or making games instead of just playing them, heh. Which could come off as a tad pretentious, but it doesn't feel pretentious at all. I think that there is a sort of paradox involved with enjoying the game, as I state in my review, and I think that they understand that and aren't being judgmental.

I think. Or maybe they are sitting back laughing at us, who knows.
01/08/13, 04:15

Well, I guess I'm basing my comments on what the majority of reviews are saying and what people on message boards are saying. I'll be 100% honest, if I had not read any reviews or any comments on this game and had just bought it and played it, I would have been like, "WTF"?

Seriously, I wouldn't have understood the message that the developers were trying to convey. Yes, most of the time I need stuff spelled out for me, don't go using all these metaphors, ect, that shit mostly goes over my head.

I only understood the game, cause I had read ALL of the reviews available and I did read through all the posts on NW and a few other sites, otherwise I would have been like, "Well, this was a stupid fucking game that made no sense at all!" And actually, in a way, I still feel a bit of that. I really was thinking that this game was really going to 'move' me, based on what everyone was saying. Even at the beginning of the end of the game, I thought something really awesome was going to happen.


well, I did watch a video and I know what happens once you get all the combos. I believe its the mousepad.

Though, I don't know what I get for starring all the catalogs, which I am assuming that I will need to buy each item 3 times so I get the gold border and once all the items in that catalog has a gold border, then I will get a star for that catalog. Though I still wonder, what is the deal with the delete button,(I kept that) and the thermometer(which I also kept). They do not appear to be integrated in the ending in any way.

See, in a way, for the developer to give out shit rewards for striving for 100% in this game and that is supposed to give me a message about gaming in general and the time I spend with games, well, only thing I am feeling is, I probably want to stay away from games made by the World of Goo guys and that other dude from Henry Hatsworth. Cause like I've posted previously, I wasn't impressed by World of Goo, and now here is another game from those guys that has left me empty inside, or kindof like the game has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Sure, I know I waste alot of time playing games or watching movies or shows on TV, but that is what I like to do in my free time. I work alot of hours, but throughout the years, none of the jobs I've had, would I say really benefits society. And believe me, I really would like to have a job that actually benefits others. Hell, I only work cause I have to, I've never truly 'enjoyed' any job I've ever had. Not that any of them have been bad or sucky jobs. Not sure what I am really trying to say here, I guess that I don't care that I waste my free time, since I am forced to work since I couldn't sustain myself, since I'm not a farmer or a hunter, ect. Again, don't get me wrong, if I came up with some great idea on how to improve people's lives or whatever, I would do whatever it takes to benefit society, but it appears I was just put on this planet to take up a little space and complain alot.

So yea, really, chasing down every gold idol, gold star, ect, ect in a game, can be viewed as wasting time, but hey, I usually have fun doing those things while wasting my time. I don't need a game, and one that isn't even AAA telling me that. I actually feel bad I recommended this game to my brother, even though he said the game was ok, and he doesn't regret playing it, though he did say World of Goo was a much better game. I definatly will not recommend the game to anyone else though.

I know I sound like I'm really hating on the game, and overall, I have really liked trying to figure out the combos. That part of the game, plus how the items reacted to the fire was really, really cool. I was really let down by the ending of the game though. I guess in way that is my fault for letting all the reviews and good impressions about the game and it's ending hyping me up. I just expected more from the end, just something waaay more meaningful and moving that what we got.

I am serious though, the next game from these guys will have to get top marks across the majority of reviews before I give them another chance. Hell, I only made it haldway through World of Goo, maybe I should give that another chance, my brother said the ending of that game was waaaaaay better than Little Inferno.


They probably extended it cause no one was buying it $15 and what sells they are receiving at $10, they probably want to keep those sells going, esp. at this time of the year when people tend not to spend as much.

Anyways, I still have some combos to complete, plus I think I want to play this game off of my HDTV so I can experience the hi def visuals. I have been using the gamepad, which probably is the better way of playing it. I think using my finger or stylus to control the fire is the best way to experience the game, but then you lose out on the hidef visuals, which do look pretty cool on this game.
01/09/13, 10:21   Edit:  01/09/13, 10:27
If you're expecting something substantial for getting all of the catalogs starred... don't be.
01/09/13, 11:30

The whole game is basically a satire. Doesn't it feel, I dunno, Facebook-y to you? That's the deeper meaning. I think it's brilliant.
01/09/13, 16:09
Personally I don't think being a satire excuses the gameplay. You can't make the same type of unfun gameplay, point at it and say "look at how not fun this is", and suddenly it's okay.

I don't find the message particularly illuminating or subtle either, so Little Inferno left me a little bit...

01/09/13, 17:18

I agree though. Couldn't they have given the same message while having gameplay that's actually fun? Though I still find myself playing it... it just doesn't really leave myself thinking that this is a game I'd suggest others to buy. I'm glad I got it on sale anyway though I easily could have skipped it.
01/09/13, 17:24   Edit:  01/09/13, 17:24
You guys don't find burning stuff to be fun? Man, I know two people who didn't almost accidentally burn their own house down... twice... because they kept playing with fire in their room as a kid.
01/09/13, 20:12
gamewizard65 said:
So yea, really, chasing down every gold idol, gold star, ect, ect in a game, can be viewed as wasting time, but hey, I usually have fun doing those things while wasting my time. I don't need a game, and one that isn't even AAA telling me that. I actually feel bad I recommended this game to my brother, even though he said the game was ok, and he doesn't regret playing it, though he did say World of Goo was a much better game. I definatly will not recommend the game to anyone else though.

But if you have fun doing it, then that's its own reward! The mousepad is totally arbitrary. It's telling you, "Hey, we're not gonna sugarcoat this: you just spent the past few hours of your life solving these puzzles. Did you enjoy solving them, or not?" And if you did, more power to you.
01/10/13, 01:39

I'm not sure how "facebooky" is supposed to feel. I mean, I really don't use facebook other than to play Slotsmania. Seriously, I can't remember why I even signed up for a facebook acct. I don't get into facebook, twitter, ect. I really don't care about reading where so and so went to the store or to walmart.

I'm not trying to hate on facebook, its just sites like facebook are not for me. Though I do enjoy playing slotsmania. If it wasn't for that game, I would never go to facebook. I def. have not made an actual post on it in over a year.


Right. I agree with you 100%. Like I mentioned, I was let down with the actual ending of the game. So many people had said it was sooo moving and things that happened in the game was sad and it really moved them. I didn't feel that way at all. I knew the little girl next door wasn't dead, so I wasn't sad when that part of the game happened. Again, based off of what many people were saying and esp. alot of the reviews I read really hyped up the ending, that is why I felt let down.

But yes, I enjoyed figuring out the combos and I enjoyed the way the items reacted to the fire, ect. The other thing that bugged me about the game was having to wait on the items to be delivered. Again, alot of reviews mentioned that there was always an abundance of stamps for speedy mail delievery. At the beginning of the game, this is true, but later on I found myself having to wait around a good bit. Regardless of the developer's intentions and the message they were trying to convey on this wait times, it was just annoying. Sure, I could kill some time by buying earlier items, which I did from time to time, and burning then to achieve more money and more importantly more stamps, but of course the game seemed reluctant in giving me more stamps.

Yes, I know I shouldn't base my expectations on what others are saying and hey, if only 1, 2 or a few reviews had mentioned that they really liked the game's ending and thought it was really moving, then I wouldn't have put too much thought into the ending. Though, it wasn't just a couple of reviews, the majority of them really praised the ending as well as alot of people on message boards, ect.

Yes, solving the combos was fun, but I also like to be treated to really good endings when I play a game, unless I know in advance that a game's ending isn't the purpose of the game, ect. But with Little Inferno, we was playing moreso to move the story along, ect.
01/10/13, 09:57
gamewizard65 said:

I'm not sure how "facebooky" is supposed to feel. I mean, I really don't use facebook other than to play Slotsmania.
01/10/13, 21:41   Edit:  01/10/13, 21:41
@gamewizard65 I don't think the power of the story has anything to do with the characters. It's the message.
01/10/13, 21:56
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