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Do you like using Amazon to buy games? Or anything? Want to help out Negative World?
Negative World has an Amazon shop now! I meant to set this up like... a year ago, but I have finally gotten around to it.

You can check it out in the menu under "more" or RIGHT HERE!

Here is how it works:

#1. You go to the shop as stated above
#2. You buy stuff at the same prices you would by going directly to Amazon
#3. Negative World gets a small cut

Simple enough. /EDIT It is now open to the entire Amazon site. Buy anything and everything that you want! Use the link above to get started.

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Posted: 11/05/12, 03:54:07  - Edited by 
 on: 11/08/12, 07:35:00
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@Mop it up

Probably. People are fickle. I don't think its a supply issue as Zero thinks it is; if that were the case, every out of print game would be going for monster bucks.

Posted: 11/07/12, 03:59:27
Um... I'd say the reverse, if it were just that people suddenly decide they want what they can no longer find, every out of print game would go for big bucks. I think it is more that in these specific cases, the supply outweighs the demand. Small shipments of games that retain some demand moving forward.
Posted: 11/07/12, 04:18:07
@Zero But if nobody wanted the game when it's in print, why would the demand increase when it's out of print? The supply didn't go down. Metroid Prime Trilogy was marked down to $20 because people weren't buying them. I guess maybe it was the distribution; perhaps these people who pay upwards of $100 never found the game in stores in their city, whereas other cities no one wanted to buy the game?
Posted: 11/07/12, 05:13:57
I *WOULD* use this link, but I scrolled through the first 5 pages and all I saw was crap for the Wii U. If there was some awesome 3DS stuff, I'd consider it, but I ain't droppin' dime on no Wii U junk! PEACE.

*picks up microphone*

*holds it out at arm's length*

*releases grip, lets fall to floor*

*walks out*
Posted: 11/07/12, 05:20:24
@Mop it up When was the Trilogy marked down to $20!? I remember it basically selling out instantly and being difficult to find thereafter. And this kind of thing happens a lot (especially with smaller RPGs) where they print out just... enough... to sell out and have people wanting more, but not enough to justify a reprint, so they just leave it at that.

@GameDadGrant You... did you see the right-side menus?! You have to select your platform!
Posted: 11/07/12, 05:46:45
Haha, Zero, maybe you could put HDTVs on there, and then use that link when you (or I) buy a TV.
Posted: 11/07/12, 05:49:11
Watch out, you may derail this thread.
Posted: 11/07/12, 05:50:48
@Zero A few months after it came out. I saw it at Best Buy and Target in their bargain bins of other games they couldn't sell. Since it was in December I had passed on it to buy gifts, but if I'd known everyone would suddenly go crazy for it later on then I would have bought it. My biggest missed deal... And over the last few years I've heard of people finding new copies in the bargain bins of places like Wal*Mart, K-Mart and Sears, in the bin of other games that didn't sell and had been sitting around in the warehouse.
Posted: 11/07/12, 06:08:49


Posted: 11/07/12, 17:43:26
Hey guys, in addition to the shop, I set up a link directly to the home page of Amazon itself. If you are interested in helping out, please bookmark this link and use it whenever you use Amazon!

And here it is! (It is also on the NW shop page.)

So basically anything and everything (with a few exceptions, apparently) that you buy on Amazon works now. Of course, you can still use the game shop I set up too.
Posted: 11/08/12, 02:47:16  - Edited by 
 on: 11/08/12, 17:22:25
@Mop it up

I think it's more of a case of people wanting to have something nobody (few others) else has.
Posted: 11/08/12, 05:36:03
sooo.... you guys can make a pretty good amount off of us huh? I love to use amazon. don't think I'll be buying any games anytime soon since I'm bah-roke heh
Posted: 11/08/12, 07:08:47
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